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IBM DOS 5.0 Corrective Services Disk-Qbasic.Exe, Command.Com,Xcopy.Exe.
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IBM DOS 5.0 Corrective Services Disk-Qbasic.Exe, Command.Com,Xcopy.Exe.
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Contents of the README file

General Information for DOS 5.0 Corrective Service Installation


The following information can be found on the corrective service diskette #1
in the file: \DOCUMENT\README. If you have a printer attached to your
system, you can print this file using the PRINT command.

To install corrective service, insert the first corrective service
diskette into drive A and restart your system (press Ctrl+Alt+Del).
Instructions and prompts appear on the screen.

If you have OS/2 and you use the Dual Boot feature, make sure
you restart your system in DOS 5.0 (not the OS/2 compatibility mode)
before continuing with corrective service installation.

During installation you will see the following prompt:

"Do you want to replace the DOS files in all directories?"

Do one of the following:

1. If you have a DOS-only system, answer Y (Yes) to replace all
occurrences of these files.

- OR -

2. If you have OS/2 installed on your system, answer N (No).

a. At the next prompt, enter the name of the directory that
contains the DOS files.

b. If you have applications that have copies of DOS files in
their own directories, such as PC LAN 1.3, make sure that
the files are replaced by specifying the name of that directory.
Rerun the installation for each directory containing DOS files.

c. If you have made a DOS 5.0 Startup Diskette, rerun the
corrective service installation to update the DOS files on
the Startup Diskette.

The message "Corrective Service has been successfully installed" will
appear on the screen when installation is complete.


A list of APARS and a brief description of each is included in the
file \DOCUMENT\APARLIST on the corrective service diskette #1.
This information is provided for technical service personnel.

This is the end of the README file.

To begin installation, follow the instructions on the screen.

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