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Falcon 3.0 update. Will update to 3.0D.
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Falcon 3.0 update. Will update to 3.0D.
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Contents of the PATCH.DOC file

* *
* VERSION 3.0d PATCH FOR FALCON 3.0 - 05/06/92 *
* *
* For use with: Release version 3.0 Date: 12-02-91 Time: 8:11 am *
* Release version 3.0a Date: 01-10-92 Time: 9:45 pm *
* Release version 3.0c Date: 02-14-92 Time: 5:17 pm *
* *

This patch will update all owners of FALCON 3.0 to version 3.0d. When the
patch program is run, it will erase all squadron and campaign data. Use the
following procedure to update your FALCON 3.0 program on your hard disk:

1. First, type "DIR FALCON3.EXE" where FALCON 3.0 is stored on your hard
disk. You should see one of the following three things:

FALCON3 EXE 1206158 12-02-91 8:11a OR
FALCON3 EXE 1225284 01-10-92 9:45p OR
FALCON3 EXE 1240010 02-14-92 5:17p

If your FALCON3.EXE file matches one of the three times and dates above,
you should proceed to step 2 below.

If your FALCON3.EXE has a date of 05-06-92, you have the latest version
and do not need to run the patch.

If your version of FALCON3.EXE is not dated 05-06-92 and does not
match one of the three times and dates above, you will need to delete
the FALCON3 directory and its subdirectories and reinstall the program
as described at the beginning of this file. You must then update the
program as described in the steps below.

2. Now copy these three files from the update disk into the directory where
FALCON 3.0 is stored on your hard disk:


3. Now from the directory where FALCON 3.0 is stored, type "PATCH" at the
DOS prompt. This will execute the patch program and make the necessary
modifications to FALCON3.EXE.

WARNING! This patch program will erase all squadron and campaign data.
If you do not want this data to be erased, you can press
CTRL-C at this point to abort the patch program. If you
abort the patch program, FALCON 3.0 will not be updated.

4. When the patch is complete, type "DIR FALCON3.EXE" again and you should
see the following:

FALCON3 EXE 1244898 05-06-92 11:49a

5. Finally, run the game by typing "FALCON3" and you will be running
version 3.0d. FALCON 3.0 has now been successfully updated.

This FALCON 3.0d update disk is publicly distributable to FALCON 3.0 owners.
Feel free to make copies of this update for fellow FALCON 3.0 pilots.

The version following 3.0a of FALCON 3.0 is 3.0c. Sphere, Inc. did not
release a version 3.0b of FALCON 3.0 because two unofficial versions
proclaiming themselves as "3.0b" were released by hackers. To avoid
potential confusion, it was decided to name that version "3.0c."


* *
* FALCON 3.0 *
* version 3.0d *
* *
* 05-06-92 *
* *

Following is a list of the changes for version 3.0d:

- On the title screen, at the bottom right you will see "V 3.0D" indicating
that you are running is version 3.0d.

- Incoming missiles are tracked in Padlock and Track Views. Now, when a
missile is fired at you, you can track its progress with these two views.
When the missile gets close to you, bank hard and drop flares or chaff to
avoid the missile.

- A-A missiles and SAMs are more realistic. They can acquire you much easier
and ECM is no longer a foolproof method of defeating them. In addition,
proximity hits from missiles are now accounted for--a missile may detonate
when it comes close to your F-16, causing minor damage from fragmentation.

- Flares and chaff are now more effective against missiles.

- ECM now works against all aircraft and radar-guided missiles, not just
ground units and SAMs.

- Computer-controlled aircraft (both friendly and enemy) will use ECM pods
with more intelligence.

- Enemy aircraft that are randomly given ECM pods will use them according
to their skill level.

- Weapons effectiveness (the High/Medium/Low settings) is more realistic.

- Enemies will use ECM to break a radar lock.

- Computer-controlled aircraft (both friendly and enemy) will fly with
greater skill.

- Jettison controls have changed:
CTRL-K jettisons all stores except for wingtip missiles and the ECM
pod (if you loaded one prior to takeoff)
CTRL-F jettisons all additional fuel tanks (both centerline and wing).
CTRL-C jettisons your ECM pod -only-. This is the only way to jettison
your ECM pod.


Following is a list of the changes for version 3.0c:

- There is now an option in Communications mode to enter modem commands
up to 60 characters directly. Simply select the "NO" option when you are
asked if you want to use the default Hayes commands. This enables you
to bypass the default Hayes AT modem setup string and use your own if
you are having difficulty establishing a connection.

- The mission criteria for Escort Bomber missions has been changed from
requiring that the B-52s hit their primary target to requiring that your
aircraft reach their target site.

- You can now calibrate correctly for setups containing joystick,
ThrustMaster WCS and MAXX pedals if you choose "Joystick" instead of
"ThrustMaster" on the Configuration screen.

- Mission debriefing is more coherent, more accurate and better organized.
New information is given about allied aircraft losses, and both allied
and enemy ground unit losses. The post-mission status of all involved
F-16 pilots is also given.

- Digitized radio messages on the Thunderboard and Sound Blaster now work
more reliably on fast machines such as 33MHz 486s and with a bus speed
faster than 8MHz.

- ACMI replays are more accurate.

- GBU-15s in autopilot mode behave correctly now, instead of behaving like

- The autopilot now realizes when it has gone winchester.

- The autopilot's bombing accuracy has been improved.

- Computer-controlled planes now jettison stores based on skill level.
Also, heavy bombers will not jettison stores under any circumstance.

- In all flight models, airspeed will increase during dives.

- In head-to-head mode, shutting off one player's radar will remove blips
from the other player's Threat Warning Indicator.

- Video palette problems caused by bus speeds faster than 8MHz have been

- The low fuel HUD readout will appear over the Master Arm Indicator rather
than over the AGL Indicator.

- The air-to-ground M16A1 pipper in strafing mode is now easier to use.

- The CCIP bombing mechanism is more reliable and more accurate.

- In head-to-head mode, new squadrons now connect more reliably.

- Multiplayer network mode now works with more than two players.

- In Communications campaign mode, the problem with the slave system not
being able to catch up with the master in the briefing screens has been

- Aborting missions will no longer consume supplies or add to the mission

- Unused stores at the end of a mission are now restored to your inventory.

- The bug which gave certain systems erroneous "Player disconnected" messages
when exiting to DOS has been fixed.

- Pilots involved in a campaign can no longer recover fatigue by flying in
Red Flag missions.

- Wingmen now receive their assigned weapons load when the Limited Weapons
option is set to "OFF."

- Enemy aircraft can no longer detect a Sidewinder lock-on.


Following is a list of the changes for version 3.0a:

- The problem with the keyboard not responding on certain systems has
been fixed.

- The joystick calibration has been rewritten. Users of joysticks with a
throttle now have the option of turning off the joystick's throttle
control wheel and using the "+" and "-" keys on the keyboard instead.

If you are going to use the throttle wheel for throttle control, you
must first advance the throttle several clicks, then press the "+" key
on the keyboard to start the engine. You will then be able to control
the throttle with the throttle wheel on the joystick.

- All the Realism Values on the Difficulty Levels area in the Configuration
screen now add up correctly.

- All Communications modes (direct connect, modem and Novell network) work
more reliably.

- Sound glitches, including the missing IFF squawk, have been corrected.

- ECM pod, chaff and flares have greater effectiveness.

- The Threat Warning Indicator reliablity has been corrected.

- The artificial intelligence has been improved to allow for autopilot
bombing and landing (however, if you are damaged, there are no
guarantees). Enemy pilot logic has also been improved--enemy aircraft
are now more aggressive at higher logic levels.

- Glare caused by the sun now occurs at the appropriate climb and heading.

- In the Red Flag training mission LESSON 4, the F-16 now faces the correct
direction at the beginning of the lesson.

- The appropriate pilot skills will now increase upon completion of a
successful Red Flag mission.

- External fuel tanks added by the user are now loaded correctly.

- Anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) effectiveness is now greatly increased. The
amount and type of damage depends on factors such as airspeed, altitude
and distance from the artillery.



- Systems with only 1MB of total RAM and no sound card need to set Sound
and Music to PC Speaker in the Configuration screen. This will allow you
to hear guns, lock-on tones, enemy lock and launch warnings, stall
warnings and a caution tone. Digitized voices are not supported on
machines without expanded memory (EMS).

- The radio message ("Waypoint x at xxx - Angels xx - xxx miles") from
your AWACS plane describes the direction to your next waypoint: the
number of the waypoint, the compass direction you should take, the
altitude you should be at ("Angels"), and how many miles away the
waypoint is.

- .VCR files created using the ACMI feature are not compatible between
release version 3.0, 3.0a, 3.0c and 3.0d.

- .VCR files created in High Fidelity flight mode can be viewed only on
machines that are equipped with a math coprocessor.

- When playing FALCON 3.0 in Communications mode, be certain that all the
players are running version 3.0d and not version 3.0, 3.0a or 3.0c. In
Duel mode, turn off all SAMs/AAA. Even though the Master has an ECM pod,
it is not effective in Duel Communications mode.

- If the connection is broken in head-to-head mode, there is a possibility
that squadron data will get corrupted. For best results, create a brand-
new squadron when entering head-to-head mode. This will provide the most
reliable results in head-to-head mode, as well as protect existing
squadrons that are involved in a single player campaign.

- If you are using QEMM and a Logitech mouse, you may experience some
problems with moving the pointer. The pointer may move sluggishly and
draw multiple images of itself on the screen. If that is the case,
this can be corrected by entering your CMOS setup and turning off the
BIOS Shadow RAM. Consult the manual for your computer to see how to
shut off BIOS Shadow RAM.

- FALCON 3.0 works with STACKER, but STACKER must be loaded into high
memory. If you are using EMM386 as your DOS 5.0 high memory manager,
replace the DEVICE command that loads STACKER with DEVICEHIGH in your
CONFIG.SYS file. On the line that loads STACKER, simply add the four
letters HIGH after the word DEVICE. If you are using another memory
manager, read the manual to learn how to load device drivers high.



If you have any problems with either the new install program or the patch
for version 3.0d, please contact our Customer Support department at:

Spectrum HoloByte
2061 Challenger Drive
Alameda, CA 94501
Attn: Customer Support

(510) 522-1164
9:00am - 5:00pm Pacific Time
Monday through Friday

America Online: SPHERE
CompuServe: 76004,2144
Internet: [email protected]
Prodigy: TKNJ33A

Please have the following information handy so we can best help you:

- Program name and version number
- Your computer's brand and model
- Your computer BIOS's brand and version number
- Video card brand and model name
- Total RAM installed
- Mouse brand and model name
- Mouse driver's version number
- Joystick brand and model
- Sound card brand and model
- The contents of your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files
- Type MEM/C at the DOS prompt and copy down the onscreen listing

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