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Informative text file on the Hercules Dynamite PRO video card.
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Informative text file on the Hercules Dynamite PRO video card.
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EXPLOSIVE 32-Bit SuperVGA acceleration for DOS and Windows

FAST DOS - Up to 500% faster than standard VGA or other GUI
accelerator chips.

FAST WINDOWS - Faster memory-to-screen transfers in Windows
provides faster scrolling and redraws.

TOTAL COMPATIBILITY - Fully backwards compatible with all
software for the ET4000.

PHOTO REALISTIC COLOR - 16- and 24-bit color for imaging

* Powerful 32-bit Tseng Labs ET4000/W32i accelerator chip
In addition to the fastest SuperVGA architecture for non-
Windows-based graphics applications, the W32i provides hardware
acceleration for the functions most used by Microsoft Windows:
- Hardware BitBLT to speed large data transfers or tasks such
as scrolling graphics text.
- All 256 Raster operations are included in hardware, freeing
the CPU from time consuming data manipulation.
- Pixel Amplification(tm) to speed text printing, color
expansion, and rectangular area fill operations.
- Hardware cursor displayed from off-screen video memory.
* 1MB (upgradeable) or 2MB of DRAM
- The ET4000/W32i maximizes the efficiency of the interface
between the SuperVGA controller and its memory. With a 32-bit,
zero wait state data path on the local bus, and the W32i's internal
cache architecture, Dynamite Pro provides faster reads/writes to
graphics memory than any previous DRAM architecture.
- With 2MB of DRAM installed the W32i employs a memory interleave
technique that doubles the bandwidth of memory. This has a dramatic
impact on Windows performance, improving memory transfer speed by
100% over the 1MB configuration.

Number of Vertical Monitor
Resolution Colors Refresh Rate Type
1280x1024 256 (2MB) 87Hz(I) 48kHz
16 87Hz(I) 48kHz
1024x768 65,536 (2MB) 87Hz(I) 35.5kHz
256 76Hz 62kHz
256 72Hz 58kHz
256 70Hz 56kHz
256 60Hz 48kHz
256 87Hz(I) 35.5kHz
800x600 65,536 72Hz 48kHz
65,536 60Hz 38kHz
65,536 56Hz 35.5kHz
256 90Hz 58kHz
256 72Hz 48kHz
256 60Hz 38kHz
256 56Hz 35.5kHz
640x480 16.7 million (2MB) 72Hz 38kHz
16.7 million 60Hz 31.5kHz
65,536 90Hz 48kHz
65,536 72Hz 38kHz
65,536 60Hz 31.5kHz
256 90Hz 48kHz
256 72Hz 38kHz
256 60Hz 31.5kHz
Extended DOS Text
132 Columns 16 60-70Hz 31.5kHz

Dynamite Pro Models:

Model # Description List Price
-------- ------------- ------------
D301 ISA bus - 1MB $249
D302 ISA bus - 2MB 299
D601 VL-bus - 1MB 249
D602 VL-bus - 2MB 299

Dynamite VL Pro Performance** Comparison - 1MB vs. 2MB

Windows DOS
Speedy WINMARK 3.11 WINTACH PC Labs Video Harmonic

D601 (1MB) 58.08 19.80 30.07 14,401.27
D602 (2MB) 75.89 32.74 40.09 14,648.16

* Fully register compatible with Tseng ET4000 - the industry's
most popular and widely supported SuperVGA chip.
* Complete VGA and VESA Extended SuperVGA support
* Compatible with OS/2, Windows NT, X Windows, NeXTStep and more.

* Windows 3.1 drivers supporting 16 colors to 16.7 million
* Hercules Picture Window(tm) software allows you to change your
Windows resolution and/or color depth with a click of a mouse
* Vibrant DL-Xpress driver for AutoCAD display list acceleration
including true color rendering for Release 12 and 3D Studio.

* High screen refresh rates from VESA standard 72Hz to industry
leading SuperStable(tm) 90Hz.
* Supports standard VGA to high resolution monitors -- ideal for
14-15" screens.

* Easy, jumper-free hardware installation
* Menu driven software installation utility
* Two year limited warranty
* FCC Class B certified for home and office use
* Free technical support via phone, fax, BBS, and CompuServe

3839 Spinnaker Ct., Fremont, CA 94538, USA
Ph: 800-532-0600 (USA and Canada)
Ph: (510) 623-6030, Fax: (510) 623-1112

** Performance measurements were gathered on a 486DX2/66 Diamond
FastBus VLB motherboard configured with 8MB of system memory,
256K secondary cache, 13ms non-caching IDE hard disk with 2MB
SMARTDRV cache. Windows tests were conducted at 1024x768x256
color resolution at 72Hz refresh rate. The ZD Labs WinBench(tm)
3.11 tests were conducted without independent verification by

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