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QuarterDeck specific interrupt calls extracted from the comprehensive interrupt listing by Ralf Brown.

Full Description of File

DESQview/QEMM Interrupt List, Release 43
A Comprehensive listing of interrupt
calls related to TopView, DESQview,
QEMM, and other Quarterdeck products,
both documented and undocumented.
Contains 110 entries and more than
200 tables.

File DVINT43.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Tutorials + Patches
QuarterDeck specific interrupt calls extracted from the comprehensive interrupt listing by Ralf Brown.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DVINT.LST 241831 59456 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 240 177 deflated
INTERRUP.1ST 81378 32167 deflated
RBROWN.TXT 22307 9790 deflated

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Contents of the RBROWN.TXT file

Public Domain/Freeware/Shareware by Ralf Brown:

The MSDOS Interrupt List
A comprehensive listing of over 6550 functions available through
interrupt calls on IBM PCs and compatibles. Includes both
documented and undocumented functions.
Current version: INTER43A (release 43, 11/6/94)
INTER43D (conversion and utility programs)

An extract of the MSDOS Interrupt List containing the DESQview
and QEMM API calls. Updated whenever there have been significant
additions to the DESQview/QEMM calls in the Interrupt List.
Current version: DVINT43 (11/6/94)

A DESQview-aware communications program which sports seamless DSZ,
PCZ, or PUMA/MPt integration for file transfers; ANSI/VT102, VT52,
and AVATAR emulation (including 132 columns); speeds to 115200 bps;
a powerful macro language; dialing directory; ANSI music; and
more. Runs in 65K with DSZ, 46K without. While it works under
plain DOS, additional features are available under DESQview.
Current version: RBCOM341 (v3.41 1/10/93)

A replacement for the Turbo C and Microsoft C spawn..() functions
which swaps the current program to disk, EMS, XMS, or raw extended
memory while the spawned program executes, leaving less than 300
bytes in memory. Also includes a variant for Turbo Pascal v4.0 or
Current version: SPWNO413 (v4.13 12/12/92)
Price: libraries free, full source code $100.

Exchange left control and CapsLock keys, as well as Esc and `/~.
Loads itself high, using just 64 bytes; needs only 128 bytes low
if no high memory is available.
Current version: RBKEYSWP (v2.0 6/22/91; v3.0 included in AMISLIB)

Public Domain library (with full source code and five sample TSRs)
for creating self-highloading TSRs which may be unloaded in any
order.Up to 256 TSRs created with AMISLIB may be installed
simultaneously, and TSRs can be as small as 128 bytes resident,
1.4K on disk. One of the sample TSRs is a popup which accesses
Current version: AMISL091 (v0.91 10/16/92)

DESQview API bindings for Turbo C.
Current version: DVGLUE10 (source)
DVGLUL10 (compiled)
DVGLU101 (update) (v1.01 8/12/88)
Note: a very early beta of the next release is available on
FTP.CS.CMU.EDU and SoundingBoard (1/3/93)

"Poor man's version" of TAME. Makes programs give up CPU time when
they are in an idle loop polling the keyboard for keystrokes.
Current version: DVKPOLL2 (6/18/88)
Note: This program has been superseded by DVPTAME.

"Not-so-poor man's version" of TAME. Tells DESQview to give the
remainder of a time slice away if the program is in an idle loop
polling the keyboard for keystrokes. Uses 0 bytes of memory.
Current version: DVPTAME (6/4/91)

Load device drivers only in those DESQview windows which need the
services of the driver, reducing the pre-DESQview overhead and thus
permitting larger DESQview windows.
Current version: DVDEVL12 (v1.20 1/3/93)
Note: as of DESQview 2.40, Quarterdeck's DEVICE.COM is able to install
drivers into the device chain in the same manner as DVdevload;
however, DEVICE uses eight times as much memory as DVdevload and
has a serious interaction with 4DOS/NDOS that can lead to system

Switch the CPU speed of an Intel Pentium motherboard using the
"Neptune" chipset. Public Domain.
Current version: RBSPEED1 (v1.00 9/8/94)

An integrated environment for Borland's Sprint word processor and
Turbo C, Turbo Pascal, Turbo Assembler, Turbo Debugger, and CDECL.
Knows which compiler to invoke based on the file's extension, and
can run MAKE for multi-file projects.
Current version: SPTURBO (v2.3 Aug 1,1989)
Note: Do not expect any updates, as I no longer use Sprint as a
programming environment.

Delete or copy *.MSG files such that you only see those messages
from a Fidonet echomail area which interest you.
Current version: PURGEMSG (v1.00, 8/4/91)

Note: beginning 1/1/91, all packages are distributed in PKZIP archives with
authenticity verification (v1.1 before 4/1/93, v2.0 after). Please
redistribute only the original archives to preserve the authenticity
information. If you receive an archive dated after 1/1/91 which fails
the authenticity check, you should treat it with caution. If you
receive an archive which passes the PKZIP check but displays an
authenticity code other than NWS235, then the archive has been
deliberately tampered with and should be deleted IMMEDIATELY.


On the Internet, by standard anonymous FTP from FTP.CS.CMU.EDU [].
Change directly to directory /afs/ with a
single command (directories above this are not accessible via
anonymous FTP). [DV-GLUE is not available here]
Don't forget to set "binary" mode! If you are refused access to
the directory, try again later; a fileserver may have been down.

If connected to AFS, you can simply perform standard Unix/VMS/whatever
directory listing and file copies from the above directory.

On FIDOnet, from Soundingboard BBS 1:129/26 1-412-621-4604 28.8k HST, file req.
My programs are kept in file area 8 for those wishing to download

Alternate Distribution Points (new versions will be available here
usually within 24 hours of release):
Internet: SimTel Software Repository mirrors in directories /pub/msdos/X.
X is 'info' for the Interrupt List, 'modem' for RBcomm, 'c' for
SPAWNO, 'asmutl' for AMISLIB, 'desqview' for DV-GLUE/DVKPOLL/DVPTAME,
and 'sprint' for SPTURBO. Note that you must use mode "binary" to
successfully FTP the files. The SimTel mirror sites include [], [], [], [], [] and [].
FIDO: SyncPoint BBS 1:261/1008 1-410-529-2584 File Requests.

Bitnet users may also retrieve items on SimTel via the following automated
mail servers:
(in Europe) TRICKLE@AWIWUW11 (Austria)
TRICKLE@DKTC11 (Denmark)
TRICKLE@HEARN (Netherlands)
TRICKLE@EB0UB011 (Spain)
(elsewhere) TRICKLE@UNALCOL (Colombia)
Send a mail message containing the line
in the body for instructions.

DV-GLUE, DVKPOLL, DVINT, DVPTAME, DVdevload, and RBcomm are also available on
Fidonet BBSs belonging to DVNet (listed below).

The Interrupt List and SPAWNO are also available on Fidonet BBSs belonging
to the Programmer's Distribution Network. Selected PDN member boards as of
January 1, 1993:

Tustin, CA1:103/208 Homer14400 HST/V32bis
La Palma, CA1:103/234 The General Store2400
Sunnyvale, CA1:143/226 The Rabbit's Foot9600 HST
San Diego, CA1:202/302 Gandalf's9600 HST
Marysville, CA1:203/988 Amber Shadow9600 HST
Honolulu, HI1:345/2 Coconuts BBS9600 HST
Enon, OH1:110/270 The Blue Byte9600 HST/V32
Palatine, IL1:115/439 The Midrange System14400 HST/V32bis
Grove City, OH1:226/5300 MARDUK IV14400 HST/V32bis
Canton, IL1:232/26 The Proving Grounds 14400 HST/V32bis
Ottawa, ON1:163/211 Ned's Opus14400 HST/V32bis
Dumont, NJ1:107/557 County Jail ][14400 HST/V32bis
Glen Falls, NY1:267/54 The Final Frontier 9600 HST
Albany, NY1:267/169 MCS *USA*14400 HST/V32bis
Middletown, NY (HQ) 1:272/38 PRISM BBS14400 HST/V32bis
New York, NY1:278/707 The Laboratory BBS14400 HST/V32bis
Greenville, PA1:2601/513 Thiel College2400
Mercer, PA1:2601/531 Last Outpost14400 HST/V32bis
Morris Plains, NJ1:2606/583 Atrium Way14400 HST/V32bis
Kansas City, MO1:280/8 The Unicorn EIE9600 HST/V32
Boulder, CO1:104/415 World Peace BBS14400 H96/V32bis
Colorado Springs, CO1:128/60 Programmer's Playhous 14400 HST/V32bis
Merrimack, NH1:132/130 Outer Limits9600 HST/V32
Hudson, NH1:132/159 The Toy Room BBS9600 HST
Manchester, NH1:132/122 Echo Beach9600 HST
Pomfret, CT1:320/101 Brain Damaged14400 HST/V32bis
Coventry, RI1:323/105 Prometheus System14400 HST/V32bis
Providence, RI1:323/120 ChowdaNet BBS14400 HST/V32bis
Lawrence, MA1:324/121 The Business Card14400 HST/V32bis
Plainfield, CT1:327/452 The Plainfield News14400 HST/V32bis
Wenatchee, WA1:344/61 Apple Capitol BBS14400 HST/V32bis
Kindersley, Sask1:140/501 The Big Electric Cat 14400 HST/V32bis
Nanaimo, BC1:351/201 MegaByte BBS14400 HST/V32bis
Crystal River, FL1:365/12 Gulf Coast BBS14400 HST/V32bis
Miami, FL1:135/105 DevPalMiami14400 HST/V32bis
Chattanooga, TN1:362/101 STARFIRE COMMAND14400 HST/V32bis
Caparra Heights, PR1:367/15 The Island Sun14400 HST/V32bis
Watkinsville, GA1:370/510 Route 66 BBS14400 HST/V32bis
Albany, GA1:3617/3 Combat Override9600 HST
Charlotte, NC1:379/4 Programmer's Assistant 14400 HST/V32bis
Mobile, AL1:3625/454 On-Line Aft LateNight 14400 HST
Corpus Christi, TX1:160/140 Gethsemane14400 HST/V32bis
San Antonio, TX1:387/255 NUL14400 HST/V32bis
Tulsa, OK1:170/403 Software America Inc 14400 HST/V32bis
Walnut Ridge, AR1:389/10 Phil's BBS14400 HST/V32bis
Folsom, LA1:390/3 Northlake Data Xchg 14400 HST/V32bis
Slidell, LA1:390/11 The City O' Jazz9600 HST/V32
Muskogee, OK1:3813/309 Brushy Mountain BBS 9600 HST
Emmen, NL2:282/1 Garfield's Home14400 HST/V32bis
Enschede, NL2:283/100 HAMLOT Services Brd 14400 HST/V32bis
Maaseik, Belgium2:292/100 FD-Help14400 HST/V32bis
Bologna, Italy2:332/403 Active Line I14400 HST/V32bis
Pisa, Italy2:332/602 WolfNet Point's Line V32/PEP
Pisa, Italy2:332/612 WolfNet Line #19600 HST/V32


DVNet nodes as of August 1994:

DVNet node listing as of AUG 03, 1994

------------------------------ --------- ------------ --------
AK 65'North, Fairbanks 1:355/38 907-452-1460 VFCV32b
AR Phil's BBS, Walnut Ridge 1:389/10 501-886-1701 HSTV32b
AR CrossFire, N Little Rock 1:3821/2 501-791-2993 H16V32b
AR MinnTelligence, Little Rock 1:3821/6 501-664-2237 V32b
AZ Analog Gate, Sierra Vista 1:309/9 602-458-0451 HSTV32
CA Carl's Corner, San Jose 1:10/1 408-248-9704 HSTV32
CA Central Computer Banks, LA 1:102/851 213-256-0871 HSTV32b
CA Gandalf's, El Cajon 1:202/302 619-466-9505 HSTV32
CA Stingray!, Clovis 1:205/12 209-298-9461 HST
CA Bertha Board, Manteca 1:208/1 209-823-0093 HST
CO Hole in the Wall, Parker 1:104/651 303-841-5515 HSTV32b
CO Prgrmmrs Playhouse, Colo Springs 1:128/60 719-380-8813 HST
CT Treasure Island, Danbury 1:141/730 203-791-8532 HSTV32b
CT Ascii Neighborhood, W Haven 1:141/333 203-934-9852 HST
CT Death's Domain, Enfield 1:142/629 203-749-6103 HSTV32
CT Plainfield News, Plainfield 1:327/452 203-564-8579 HST
DE KnowledgeBase BBS, Wilmington 1:150/360 302-633-4797 HSTV32
FL Stan's Shack, Jacksonville 1:112/5 904-768-3854 HSTV32
FL Silicon Dreams, Bradenton 1:137/200 813-746-7788 V32
FL Jos' Lounge, Naples 1:3630/40 813-592-1535 HSTV32
FL Other World, Tallahassee 1:3605/56 904-668-1092 HST
FL The Dog House, Tamarac 1:369/54 305-720-3637 HSTV32
FL archonRAINBOW, Ft Myers 1:371/13 813-939-3394 HST
FL Strat's Asylum, Cape Canaveral 1:374/12 407-799-0390 HSTV32b
FL E.I.L.C. BBS, Palm Bay 1:374/60 407-676-2998 HSTV32b
FL Southern Systems, Tampa 1:377/9 813-977-7065 HSTV32
GA Galaxy Info System, Atlanta 1:133/411 404-671-1024 V32
GA Code Plus, Warner Robins 1:3611/15 912-953-1053 HSTV32b
GA Combat Override, Albany 1:3617/3 912-883-1421 HST
HI CocoNuts BBS Service, Honolulu 1:345/2 808-845-7054 HSTV32
IA Icarus, Iowa City 1:283/657 319-337-9878 HSTV32
IL Midrange System, Mt Prospect 1:115/439 708-439-9679 HSTV32
IL Buzzard's Roost, Peoria 1:232/17 309-691-5469 HSTV32b
IN Someplace BBS, Indianapolis 1:231/120 317-353-9981 HST
IN Joker's Wild, Indianapolis 1:231/510 317-843-1371 HSTV32
IN The Jokerman BBS, Bluffton 1:236/12 219-824-5628 ZYXV32b
LA My Secret Garden, Shreveport 1:380/5 318-865-4503 H16V32b
LA *Silver Streak RBBS, New Orleans 1:396/15 504-888-6515 HSTV32b
MA Rainbow's Edge, Westwood 1:101/1 617-551-0495 HSTV32
MA Pioneer Valley PCUG1, Amherst 1:321/109 413-256-1037 HST
MA Denis's Opus, Ayer 1:322/2 508-772-6373 HSTV32
MA Waystar BBS, Marlborough 1:322/14 508-481-7147 HST
MA The Business Card, Lawrence 1:324/121 508-682-5329 HSTV32b
MD Addict's Attic, Germantown 1:109/423 301-428-8998 V32
MD AviTechnic ,Lutherville 1:261/662 301-252-0717 HSTV32
MI The Red Eye BBS, Westland 1:2410/213 313-728-0213 V32b
MI Fast Eddies BBS, Monroe 1:2380/101 313-243-0944 ZYXV32b
MN Riverside BBS, Elk River 1:282/1008 612-241-9963 V32
MO Cheswick's, St Louis 1:100/375 314-965-5296 HSTV32
MO Summit Forum, Holt's Summit 1:289/13 314-896-5393 HSTV32
MO Cmos, St Joseph 1:294/1 816-233-1357 HSTV32b
NC Crossed Wires, Dudley 1:3660/809 919-580-7194 H16V32b
NC Psychotronic BBS, Durham 1:3641/1 919-286-7738 HSTV32
NC Programmer's Asstnt, Charlotte 1:379/4 704-544-0010 HST
NH Our BBS Yours and Mine, Derry 1:132/193 603-432-5287 HSTV32b
NJ University BBS, Eatontown 1:107/411 908-544-8193 HSTV32b
NJ Maple Shade Opus, Maple Shade 1:266/12 609-482-8604 HSTV32b
NJ APFL- The BBS, Tenafly 1:2604/306 201-567-6994 HSTV32b
NJ Fleet Street, Somerville 1:2605/625 908-722-8962 V32
NJ Atrium Way, Morris Plains 1:2606/583 201-984-5555 HSTV32
NM Construction Net #6, Los Alamos 1:15/20 505-662-0659 HST
NV $in City Bit Pit, Las Vegas 1:209/711 702-647-4427 HSTV32
NV Danger Zone, Reno 1:213/720 702-828-4907 HSTV32
NY Rivendell * TAP/1, Syracuse 1:260/1 716-646-0227 HSTV32
OH The Mountain Top, Cincinnati 1:108/107 513-921-5568 HST
OH Blue Byte BBS, Enon 1:110/270 513-864-1143 HST
OH Nerd's Nook, Rocky River 1:157/3 216-356-1882 HSTV32b
OH NHampton Data, Cuyahoga Falls 1:157/533 216-928-8565 HSTV32
OH Computer Room, Pickerington 1:226/110 614-861-8377 HSTV32
OH Steel Valley BBS, Girard 1:237/500 216-545-2318 HSTV32
OH The Outer Limits, Chillicothe 1:2220/10 614-772-5520 H16VFC
OH South of the Bauder, Chillicothe 1:2220/70 614-773-2423 H16V32b
OK Ascension, Norman 1:147/46 405-360-4261 HST
OR Bink of an Aye, Portland 1:105/42 503-297-9043 PEPV32
OR Atarian BBS, Portland 1:105/10 503-245-9730 HSTV32
OR Busker's Boneyard, Portland 1:105/14 503-771-4773 PEP
OR Dimension 7, Eugene 1:152/7 503-461-2219 HST
PA The Other BBS, Harrisburg 1:270/101 717-657-2223 HST
PA Walsh Microsys, Philadelphia 1:273/917 215-725-9134 HST
PA Optical Illusion, Allentown 1:273/603 215-797-7409 HSTV32
PA U.S.S. Intrepid, Spring House 1:273/703 215-641-0270 HST
PA Programmer's Haven, Allentown 1:2607/103 610-797-9378 V32BVFC
PA Cheyenne BBS, Upper Darby 1:2614/409 215-544-0819 HSTV32b
PR Island Sun, Caparra Heights 1:367/15 809-783-9542 HST
SC Dreadnaught BBS, Columbia 1:376/50 803-731-3884 V32
SC Special Projects, Beech Island 1:360/13 803-827-1725 HSTV32b
SC Carolina Collections, Sumter 1:3647/1 803-499-4316 HSTV32b
TN EET BBS, Nashville 1:116/24 615-353-3476 HSTV32
TX Conch Opus, Houston 1:106/357 713-667-7213 HSTPCP
TX Inns of Court, Dallas 1:124/6101 214-458-2620 HSTV32
TX Spare Parts, Bedford 1:130/38 817-540-3527 HST
TX Southern Crossroads, Dallas 1:124/4115 817-481-8984 ZYXV32b
TX The Gas Company, Arlington 8:930/201 817-265-8938 HST
TX Wireline, Corpus Christi 1:160/40 512-241-1120 HST
TX Middle Earth, San Antonio 1:382/19 512-835-4848 HST
TX Hair of the Dog, Austin 1:382/44 512-219-9446 V32b
TX Last Chance TBBS, San Antonio 1:387/800 512-822-7519 HST
TX TSTI INFO NET, Waco 1:388/1000 817-799-1570 HST
TX Direct Connect!, Victoria 1:3802/213 512-573-0245 HSTV32b
VA Diving Board, Richmond 1:264/180 804-965-9082 HST
VA Host D, Newport News 1:271/295 804-887-0577 V32b
VA Host D, Newport News 1:271/296 804-887-2490 ZYXV32b
VA Host D, Newport News 1:271/294 804-887-8235 HST
VA ThunderBolt BBS, Fredericksburg 1:274/13 703-373-9289 HST
VA Terrapin Station, Norfolk 1:275/13 804-489-7450 HSTV32b
VT The Ozone Layer, Williston 1:325/118 802-862-5058 HSTV32b
WA Pacifier BBS, Vancouver 1:105/103 206-253-9770 HSTV32
WA Seattle/Everett Hub, Seattle 1:343/300 206-244-8860 HST
WA Sno-Valley SW Exchange, N Bend 1:343/108 206-888-9249 HSTV32
WA Sleepy Hollow BBS, Wenatchee 1:344/78 509-664-4021 V32b
WA Gecko Control, Fairchild AFB 1:346/26 509-244-0944 V32
WA SunDial BBS, Pasco 1:347/7 509-545-1789 HST
WI County Line BBS, W Allis 1:154/100 414-476-8468 HSTV32b
WI The Inn, Chippewa Falls 1:2300/10 715-723-3552 HSTV32b
WY Oregon Trail XRoads, Casper 1:303/5 307-472-3615 H96V32
WY Black Diamond, Greybull 1:15/24 307-682-6944 H14V32b

------------------------------ --------- ------------ ----------
AB Logical Solutions, Calgary 1:134/10 403-299-9917 HST
AB Information Corner, Edmonton 1:342/20 403-483-1896 HST
BC Kiwi-Land, Surrey 1:153/909 604-536-0831 H16V32b
MB Polar Bear Heaven Winnipeg 1:348/405 204-837-9704 HST
NB Atlantic Access, St John W 1:255/2 506-635-1964 HST
ON AFI Comm, Nepean 1:163/115 613-829-0282 HST
ON Ned's Opus HST Ottawa 1:163/211 613-523-8965 HST
ON Alpha City BBS, Oshawa 1:229/2 416-579-6302 H14V32b
ON The Aardvark, Burlington 1:259/110 905-332-4127 H16V32b
PQ Arcane BBS, Laval 1:167/116 514-687-9586 HST
SK The DataForce, Regina 1:140/72 306-585-1958 HST

--------------------------------- --------- -------------- -------
AU ZAP #3/Cuckoo's Nest 2:310/3 43-1-454330 HSTV32b

BE The Optimist, Antwerpen 2:292/856 32-3-2811450 ZYXV32b

DE The 49er's, Wuppertal 2:243/7801 49-202-305803 HST
DE Median, Berlin 2:2410/305 49-30-735148 H16V32Terbo
DE BoersenBox, Friedrichshafen 2:246/8501 49-7541-53191 HSTV32b

FR The Lys Valley, Comines 2:322/2 33-20631262 HSTV32Terbo

GB Enigma Variations, Worcester 2:2/544 44-905-795002 HST
GB GABBS, Gosport Hants 2:251/16 44-705-524805 HSTV32b
GB Komputer Knowledge, Cheddington 2:252/7 44-296-668148 HSTV32
GB Aureal, Market Harborough 2:254/153 44-858-466594 HST
GB Trinity I, Exeter 2:255/112 44-392-495899 HSTV32b
GB Dog & Duck, Hull 2:2503/3 44-482-444650 HSTV32
GB Power BBS, Wrexham Clwyd 2:442/78 44-978-824278 HSTV32b
GB Piston Popper's, Hastings 2:441/80 44-424-853361 HSTV32

IL Small BBS, Jerusalem 2:402/777 V32b

IT Venus, Pavia PV 2:331/318 39-382-575369 V32bZYX
IT Genova 2000, Genova 2:332/201 39-10-3770080 V32b
IT SUBALPINA's_Hub, Torino 2:334/300 39-11-6624400 HSTV32

NL TouchDown, Hoofddorp 2:280/414 31-2503-52030 H14V32b
NL Interface HQ, Den Haag 2:281/506 31-70-3360698 V32b
NL Kiss Software, Almelo 2:283/314 31-5490-13932 ZYXV32b
NL Programmers Support, Helmond 2:2802/108 31-4920-13558 H14V32b
NL Byteline! Systems, Hardinxveld 2:285/101 31-1846-17611 H14V32b
NL DOSSBoss Twente, Delden 2:500/149 31-5407-64701 ZYXV32b
NL The HEKOM Board 2:500/223 31-3483-4072 V32b
NL MotherBoard 2:512/197 31-50-187669 H14V32b

SE Capital City BBS,Haninge 2:201/111 46-8-53043088 H14V32
SE Fenix, Viksj 2:201/298 46-8-58011629 V32b

------------------------------ --------- ------------- -------
AU Marwick's MadHouse, Brisbane 3:640/820 61-7-870-2972 PEPV32
AU Sentry, Lane Cove NSW 3:711/401 61-2-428-4687 PEPV32
AU Sentry's Shadow, Lane Cove NSW 3:711/501 61-2-418-6682 V32bTerbo
AU Revelstone BBS, Doveton Vic 3:632/348 61-3-741-2353 PEP
AU Southern Mail CBCS Croyton Vic 3:632/386 61-3-725-1621 PEP
AU COMPUlink, Perth WA 3:690/628 61-9-451-7288 2400
AU Phone Box,Inglewood SA 3:800/854 61-8-3805505 V32
AU OZ-Board, Townsville Qsnlnd 3:640/715 61-77-21-3592 PEPV32RE

------------------------------ --------- ------------- -------
HK TAIC Maximus Kowloon 6:700/1 85-2-789-1267 PEPV32

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