Dec 122017
Microsoft's Updates For Smart drive, Himem.sys Emm & Ramdisk.
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Microsoft’s Updates For Smart drive, Himem.sys Emm & Ramdisk.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EMM386.EXE 115294 42402 deflated
HIMEM.SYS 14224 8015 deflated
RAMDRIVE.SYS 5873 3043 deflated
README.DOC 525 325 deflated
SMARTDRV.EXE 42073 11685 deflated

Download File DOSUDAT.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.DOC file

These are the latest updated driver files for MS DOS 5.0 / Windows 3.1
that I downloaded from the Microsoft BBS and Microsoft forum on Compuserve

This zip file contains the following files.

SMARTDRV.EXESmart Drive Disk Caching UtilityVersion 4.16
HIMEM.SYSHimem XMS Memory DriverVersion 3.09
EMM386.EXEUMB, and EMS Memory DriverVersion 4.45
RAMDRIVE.SYSRam Drive creation utilityVersion 3.07

All of these are updated as of 2/12/1993.

Please update your files with these updated versions.

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