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Last of a Series of Tips on Using DOS.
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Last of a Series of Tips on Using DOS.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DOS4MAT 3968 1640 deflated
DOSBATCH 19200 7394 deflated
DOSCOLOR 5248 2128 deflated
DOSCOPY 2560 1123 deflated
DOSDISK 13056 4983 deflated
DOSFIND 3712 1776 deflated
DOSKYBD 3072 1477 deflated
DOSMISC 20480 7615 deflated
DOSPART 5760 2119 deflated
DOSPRINT 2176 910 deflated
DOSPRMPT 1920 847 deflated
DOSSCRN 4096 1967 deflated
DOSSCTY 4352 1931 deflated
DOSTIME 2816 1275 deflated
EGAPRINT 6016 2559 deflated
READ.ME 2048 978 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


Over the past year and a half, I distributed to various BBS's
a series of files named DOSTIPS1.ARC, DOSTIPS2.ARC, DOSTIPS3.ARC,
DOSTIPS4.ARC and DOSTIPS5.ARC. Users of these files will recall
that I compiled and editted a variety of articles from various
computing magazines and other sources which I had found to be useful
in using DOS.

DOSTIPS6.ARC file is a continuation of the series. Regrettably
it will be my last for a while. Of necessity, I'm going "off-line"
and won't be able to continue the DOSTIPS files for a time. While
I'm in this state, I will continue to catalog and, as time permits,
consolidate the various articles and pieces that I've used in the past
to prepare the TIPS files. Sorry folks.

The tips, hints, tricks and techniques in this file are taken
from a variety of magazine articles and other sources over the first
few months of 1987. As before, I take NO personal credit for authoring
any of the items. I did take certain liberties in editting the items.
Nevertheless, attribution is properly given in all instances.

The various files contained within DOSTIPS6.ARC were all prepared
using WordStar in nondocument (ASCII) mode. This DOSTIPS file is
arranged in the following categories.

DOSBATCHCreating and using DOS batch files
DOSCOLORChanging colors from DOS
DOSCOPYUsing the DOS COPY command
DOSDISKCluster sizes
DOSFIND Better use of the DOS FIND command
DOSKYBDEnhancing the keyboard
DOSMISCMiscellaneous DOS tips
DOSPARTHard disk partitioning
DOSPRINTPrinting from DOS
DOSPRMPTManipulating the prompt from DOS
DOSSCRNControlling the screen from DOS
DOSSCTYSimple DOS security procedures
DOSTIMESetting time via DOS
EGAPRINTPrinting EGA graphics displays (untested; no EGA
on my system)


Dean Wood

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