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Output of file : DOS5ED.DOC contained in archive : DOS5ED.ZIP
by Allan Zachary
San Antonio, Tx

Put into the
Public Domain
June 24, 1991

DOS5ED is a program designed solely to patch a copy of the MS DOS 5.0
editor allowing it to list *ALL* of the files in the current directory
instead of just files with the .TXT extender by default when you select
'Open' from the file menu. QBASIC.EXE serves as both a general purpose
text editor and a BASIC interpreter for DOS 5.0, and the modification is
performed on a copy of your original. DOS5ED must be executed in the
same directory that QBASIC.EXE resides in (usually C:\DOS). Here is
what happens when you execute DOS5ED.EXE:

1. Display a brief summary of DOS5ED's purpose.
2. Ask the user if she/he would like to continue or abort.
3. If the ENTER key is hit:
A. See if QBASIC.EXE exists in the current directory.
a. If QBASIC.EXE is not found, notify user & quit.
D. Search for "*.TXT" in the new QBASIC.EXE
a. If its not found notify the user,
delete the copy of QBASIC.EXE &
restore the original.
E. If found replace "*.TXT" with "*.*" (wildcards)
& notify user of success.
4. If any other key is hit, abort.

To test it, simply type 'EDIT' at the DOS prompt, (or choose edit from
the shell) and select "Open" from the file menu. You should now be able to
see all of the files in the current directory within the file selector box.
The BASIC interpreter function of the editor is unaffected by the patch.

DOS5ED was written in MS QuickBasic 4.5 using routines from Crescent
Software's Quickpak Professional Library.

DOS5ED has been thoroughly tested, however, users of the DOS5ED editor patch
utility must accept this disclaimer of warranty:

"DOS5ED is supplied as is. The author disclaims all warranties,
expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties
of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The author assumes
no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result
from the use of DOS5ED."

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Archive   : DOS5ED.ZIP
Filename : DOS5ED.DOC

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