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Program: "DosEA 5 -- All About MS-DOS 5"
CIS Filename: DEA5.ZIP
CIS ID: 73770,615
BBS filenames: DEA5.*
Registration fee: US $10.00
User support: CompuServe, and mail.
Requires: 512K, any monitor, DOS 2.0 or greater, keyboard or mouse.

"DosEA 5 -- All About MS-DOS 5" is copyrighted and you must have
permission to distribute it. Permission is hereby granted to:

1) Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) approved vendors.
2) All computer bulletin board services.
3) Anyone who distributes the program for non-commercial reasons.
4) Anyone else with special permission.

Distributors should advise Langin Software, 532 W. 3rd St., Centralia, IL
62801, so that the distributor can be kept up-to-date with the latest
update to the program.

** The DosEA System **

DosEA is a series of hypertext tutorials on MS-DOS. Each program can be
"mixed or matched" with the other programs in the series. This means that
each one can be distributed separately, or they can be distributed as a
group. Each program stands on its own and covers certain aspects of DOS.

This is an open ended system. Additional programs are under development.

The name of the series is:


The individual programs in the series, so far, are:

DosEA 1 -- For Absolute Beginners
DosEA 2 -- What is DOS?
DosEA 3 -- 10 Easy Commands
DosEA 4 -- Find That Command!
DosEA 5 -- All About MS-DOS 5

Programs 1 through 4 are for beginning computer users. Program 5 is for
experienced computer users.

** DosEA 5 **

DosEA 5 is the fifth program in the series. It assumes that the user
already knows how to use hypertext, and that the user already knows something
about DOS and DOS commands. DosEA 5 is a hypertext explanation of the
additions, deletions, and changes in MS-DOS 5.

** Program History **

DEA5.ZIP "DosEA 5 -- All About MS-DOS 5"
Version 1.00, July 5, 1991, the original release.

This is Version 1.00.

Note: The "5" in DEA5.ZIP means that this is the fifth in the series.
It has nothing to do with the version number.

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Archive   : DEA5.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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