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DosEA 5 -- All About MS-DOS 5

by Chet Langin

Langin Software
532 W. 3rd St.
Centralia, IL 62801
CIS: 73770,615

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DosEA 5 -- All About MS-DOS 5
Copyright (c), 1991
by Chet Langin, all rights reserved

MS-DOS is a registered trademark of the Microsoft

Users of "DosEA 5 -- All About MS-DOS 5" must accept this
disclaimer of warranty:

"DosEA 5 -- All About MS-DOS 5" is supplied as is. The
author disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied,
including, without limitation, the warranties of
merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The
author assumes no liability for damages, direct or
consequential, which may result from the use of it.

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Table of Contents

Welcome 4
What is DosEA? 4
Who is DosEA for? 5
What is DosEA 5? 6
Installation 6
Tutorial 7

Appendix A -- A list of files 8
Appendix B -- Troubleshooting 8

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** Welcome **

Welcome to "DosEA 5 -- All About MS-DOS 5."

** What is DosEA? **

The series name, "DosEA," is a play on words which means
a dossier on DOS.

But, what is it?

Specifically, DosEA is a series of hypertext programs
which explain DOS. The series, so far, consists of . . .

DosEA 1 -- For Absolute Beginners
DosEA 2 -- What is DOS?
DosEA 3 -- 10 Easy Commands
DosEA 4 -- Find That Command!
DosEA 5 -- All About MS-DOS 5

More programs are under development.

A key element in the presentation of the DosEA series is
hypertext. Once you get the idea behind hypertext, you
can read and comprehend material extremely fast.
Hypertext lets you select just what you want to read. If
you understand what you are reading, just keep at it.
Otherwise, the hypertext leads you immediately to further

Understanding hypertext is so crucial to the DosEA series,
that the first program, "For Absolute Beginners," is all
about how to use hypertext. Even though the DosEA series
is about DOS, the first program isn't about DOS, at all.
Rather, it's about using hypertext.

The second program in the series, "What is DOS?", then
uses hypertext to introduce DOS. This and the succeeding
programs in the series also use hypertext to explain
further details about DOS.

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** Who is DosEA for? **

DosEA is for people who want an easy way to learn about
DOS. It is for people who need to use personal computers,
but do not have the time to get a degree in Computer

This includes . . .

> Business people who need to get business done.
> Employees who need to get work done.
> Students wanting to get ahead fast.
> Home computer users trying to get up to speed.
> User groups helping new members.

Experienced computer users may find this program helpful
in another way. When you are asked those endless streams
of questions about . . .

"how does this . . . "
. . . or . . .
"why is it that . . ."

. . . just pass along this program. The recipient will be
grateful and you will save yourself a lot of explanations.

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** What is DosEA 5? **

"DosEA 5 -- All About MS-DOS 5" is a hypertext explanation
of the additions, deletions, and changes in MS-DOS 5.

It makes feature-by-feature, command-by-command,
switch-by-switch comparisons between MS-DOS 5 and
representative earlier versions of DOS.

It is not a tutorial on all of the features of DOS 5.
Rather, it is an explanation of the many ways DOS 5 is
different than earlier versions of DOS.

** Installation **

What this program needs:

> 512K of memory
> Any monitor
> MS-DOS 2.0 or higher

No installation is required. However, all of the program
files should be in the default directory.

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** Tutorial **

You should already know about hypertext before you use
DosEA 5. If you need a hypertext tutorial, one is
provided with DosEA 1, which you can get with the order
form in the ORDERFRM.TXT file.

What follows is a brief tutorial on how to get started
with DosEA 5. It is assumed that DosEA 5 is located
on a disk in the "A" disk drive.

Goal: You have heard that MS-DOS 5 allows the DIR command
to display all of the files in a directory, even the
hidden and system files. You would like to know exactly
how to do this.

Solution: The solution is a series of numbered steps.

1. Make the "A" disk drive the default.

Enter: A:

2. Start the program.

Enter: DOSEA5

3. Press after reading the title page.

4. Press after reading the disclaimer.

5. Press after reading the trademark notices.

6. Select "Introduction" from the Table of Contents.

7. You read that you can select a command from the index
to learn about changes to that command. You select "Index."

8. From the Index, you select DIR.

9. While reading about the DIR command, you learn that you
can enter "DIR /a" to list all of the files, even the
hidden and system files.

10. Press to exit the program.

11. Press "y" to continue to exit the program.

12. Press any key to proceed after the ending message.

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** Appendix A **

The files included with DosEA.

DosEA5.EXE The program, itself.
DosEA5.OVL An overlay.
MANUAL.TXT This file!
PRINTMAN.BAT A batch file to print the manual.
README.TXT A file with important information about DosEA.
README.BAT A batch file which displays README.TXT.
ORDERFRM.TXT The order form to register.
REGISTER.BAT A batch file which prints the order form.
VENDOR.DOC A text file with information for vendors.

** Appendix B **


>>> You get a "file not found" message.

The default disk drive and directory may not be correct.
Assuming that the program is installed on the "A" disk
drive in the DOSEA directory . . .

Enter: A:
Enter: CD \

Otherwise, you did not get all of the program files. See
Appendix A for a list of files.

>>> You get a "window failed" message.

Probably the defaults are not set correctly. The program
must be able to access the DOSEA5.OVL file. See the
explanation directly above on how to set the defaults.

Otherwise, you may not have enough memory in your

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