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1. Use compressed air and blow dust out from under the sensor light and
around the detector hole.

2. Use a sponge tip swab with a small amount of 90% isopropyl alcohol and
wipe off the read/write head.

3. Depending on the environmental surroundings, follow these steps as often
as necessary. (We suggest cleaning the drive once a month.)


The procedure required to respool DC2000 cartridges must be followed EXACTLY
as listed otherwise data can be lost. If any problems arise during the
respooling process call Colorado Memory Systems at (800) 346-9881 or (303)

1. Remove the two or three screws located on the bottom aluminum plate of
the data cartridge. Be careful not to strip the phillips heads.

2. Carefully place the cartridge on a flat surface with the metal side down.
Hold the aluminum plate firmly while gently pulling up on the sides of
the plastic top. Be careful not to lift on the swing door. If the door
is lifted with the top cover, the spring will come off causing the door
to not operate properly.

3. Now, find the end of the tape on the full spool and pull about three
inches of tape away from the spool. The tape must be routed around the
fixed tape guides, in front of the belt capstan, and in front of the
guide pin. Pull enough tape out to reach the empty spool and center it.
You may need to wet the end of the tape to make it stick to the spool.
At this point turn the drive capstan until you have secured the tape on
the empty spool with a couple of loops. Try to eliminate as much slack
in the tape as possible by firmly holding the empty spool down and
turning the full spool until the slack is gone.

4. Now using the belt drive capstan next to the swing door, place a thin
sharp object (such as an ink pen) in the hole at the top of the belt
capstan. Turn the capstan and watch the tape for a set of two holes
(about 8 turns or 12 inches). Once these holes have been located,
continue to turn the belt capstan until two more sets of holes and one
single hole pass. This should make a total of 3 sets of holes and one
single hole. The tape is now respooled.

5. Snap the top cover back on the cartridge and replace the screws on the
bottom. The process is now complete.

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