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Tech notes for Colorado Memory Systems backup software.
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Tech notes for Colorado Memory Systems backup software.
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AMI (Quatel) BIOS
AMI Bios dated 4/91 or later will not have any of the
handshaking problems with IDE controllers and hard drives.
The problem seen with earlier versions of Bios and IDE hard
drives was that our tape software had to run in non-concurrent
mode to solve timing issues.

To run the Jumbo tape drives you need to have AT&T Bios 1.21
or greater.

Our tape software must run non-concurrent mode when using
Award Bios previous to version 3.05 with our tape software.
1. Award Bios 3.05 solved the Conner hard drive/IDE
handshaking problem.
2. Can run our tape software in concurrent mode.
3. These problems are only relevant to DOS (No effect on
To purchase upgrades for Award Bios you may contact the
1. Pennacoe Sales -- 408-249-7400
2. Komputer Werks -- 412-782-0384
3. Unicore -- 800-686-6468 or 509-686-6468
4. Award Canada -- 416-890-2727

There is a timing issue when DTK Bios version 4.26 rev. 4 or
earlier was used in conjunction with IDE hard drives. This
showed up with our tape software and drives as "Error reading
drive C" during total backups.
DTK Bios can be identified by serial number. Example: After
the # sign, the first number designates the CPU type (2 is for
286, 3 is for 386, etc.). The second number designates
revision number. Revision 3 or higher is recommended for use
with IDE. Revision 5 has corrections for the timing problems
seen with IDE hard drives.
Upgrades of this bios are available through Barlett Computers
of Chicago at 708-830-4222.

To run the Jumbo tape drives you will need IBM PC Bios dated
later than October 1984. If earlier bios is used you will see
lockups during installation of software.

Phoenix Bios dated previous to 1989 will have problems with
IDE controllers and tape drives. 386 version 1.10 runs from
January 1988 through December 1989 and was updated in May of
1989 to handle IDE's. The 286 Bios versions are up to 3.10
but still falls into the same time constraints as the 236 Bios

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