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Upgrade files for USR's Blastfax program - downloaded from USR BBS. Will not work unless you have the support files that came with version 1.00 or 1.01.
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Upgrade files for USR’s Blastfax program – downloaded from USR BBS. Will not work unless you have the support files that came with version 1.00 or 1.01.
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Download File BFP103.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

BLAST FAX PC Fixes/Changes since Version 1.02:
1) MFAX (Fax Manager) now includes a "/f" command line option which will
force removal of MFAX from memory. Using the standard "/r" option
will not remove MFAX if it is busy sending a fax.
2) The Version 1.03 BLAST FAX PC application (FAX.EXE) now requires
20K bytes less memory than previous versions.
2) BLAST FAX PC now uses language resource files for all internal
strings, making BLAST FAX PC multilingual.
3) Version 1.03 nows includes Manual Send and Recieve capabilities to
allow you to switch to fax mode on demand, providing compatibility
with older and manually operated facsimile machines and shared
phone lines.
4) Version 1.03 nows includes Maximum and Minimum Transmit speed settings
to allow you to limit attempts to transmit at speeds that might be too
high for a given phone line.
5) The Date and Time settings in Version 1.03 now take effect throughout
the software and in your fax pages.
6) Version 1.03 now includes support for DIN A4 page size conversion.
7) When sending faxes over expensive phone lines you may want to select
the Short Fax Pages option in Version 1.03. Selecting this option
will tell BLAST FAX PC to only convert the true page size and not
to "pad" the page out to a full size (such as 8.5" x 11"), thus
shortening your phone call.
8) Version 1.03 now includes support for high speed facsimile modes
when and if available in your facsimile mode. These inlcude the new
CCITT V.17 and V.33 standards for 14,400 bps fax throughput.

Memory Usage with BLAST FAX PC:
BLAST FAX PC will require a minimum of 450K of available conventional
RAM space to operate. The fax manager (MFAX.EXE) requires about 45K of
RAM space.
If you experience problems related to memory or more specifically,
during the fax conversion process, please try the following:

* Load your memory managers; either HIMEM.SYS (delivered with
MS Windows), EMM386.SYS (delivered with MS DOS 5.0), or other
3rd party memory managers.
* Make sure you have FILES= in your CONFIG.SYS program set to 30
or higher. This may have been set during installation.
* If there are no memory managers available the BLAST FAX PC will
look for a TEMP variable in the environment settings and use a disk
swap file there. The TEMP setting is created by putting a SET
TEMP=[path] in your autoexec.bat file. This is also set during
installation if a TEMP setting does not exist.
* If you don't have memory managers you can force use of a disk swap
file by adding a file under the FAXFILES directory where your copy
of BLAST FAX PC is installed. Call the file CDCFAX.CFG. NOTE: THIS

Use a text editor (such as EDLIN) to add the line
"-T[drive]:\[path_for_swap_file]" to this file
(eg. -Tc:\blastfax). If you don't have an editor
then follow these steps:
1. Go to the FAXFILES directory under the directory that BLAST
FAX PC was installed.
3. Type "-TC:\"
4. Type ^Z (control Z)

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