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Key: Appendix, Author list (*.zip)
Author: Prof. Timo Salmi
Program: Author list: How to submit your information
Subject: How to submit your information to the author list

Invitation to the list of MsDos PD and shareware authors:

What is

In case you are not familiar with MsDos archives here
is first a brief outline. University of Vaasa, Finland, Sun IPX
SPARCstation has a large collection of PD and
shareware PC programs available by anonymous FTP (File Transfer
Protocol) or mail server. This repository is used extensively. For
example in 1992 the total number of downloads from our archives was
over 2,600,000. The number of different MsDos files was about 3200
at the end of 1992. The Garbo archives are also available on a

The downloads are made worldwide by users from InterNet sites in
Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. There are some 2000
universities connected to InterNet, and there is also a great number
of business enterprises which have an access. The UseNet newsgroup
where the files are announced which are uploaded to FTP archives
such as was subscribed by over 70000 readers at the
count made at the end of September 1993.

General information to the authors

If you are an MsDos utility PD or SW author who wishes to get
included on this list you are most welcome to email me your
submission. Please note that your program(s) should be reasonably
well established and must be non-trivial to merit an inclusion on
this list.

You must have a sufficiently stable email address that is reachable
on or from InterNet. For example authors without an InterNet address
but with a Compuserve address are reachable from InterNet. You can
send me email from Compuserve by applying send to
">INTERNET:[email protected]".

Your program should preferably fall within the eligible MsDos PD & SW categories. In practice this means that
the addresses of the authors of (solely) recreational games are not
solicited. I am hoping that someone else would take it upon
him/herself to compile a similar list for games authors. A
corresponding Windows' program authors list is maintained by Chris
Marriott ([email protected]).

Having your program on archives or submitting it to
us is *NOT* a precondition for the inclusion of your information to
this authors' address list. Naturally we hope, however, that you
will keep us up to date about the updates of your program if it is
on the Garbo archives.

The file has information on uploading
to our MsDos FTP archives. If you wish to have it and you do not
know how to go about getting it, you are most welcome to email me
for further, prerecorded information.

If you for some reason should later wish your name to be removed
from this list, please just let me know then.

On the information to be entered

- Please fill in. That way the possibility of me making errors
is diminished.
- This is above all an address list. Therefore the "Program:" line
should have your major or preferred product including a suitable
description in a manner that does not exceed column 68 on the
single line reserved for this purpose. (Thus only one line).
- Yet, if possible, be specific about your product. Rather than
just stating e.g.
Program: GISMO
you might want to state
Program: GISMO Global International Simulator MOdelling utilities
- When you kindly fill this in for me, please do not use tabs, and
start from column 13 as the ruler indicates.
- Fill in just one "sheet". Do not send in several. If you have
many products, please choose.
- If you are correcting or changing an entry I already have, please
be sure to fill in all the items, nevertheless. Not just the
changed one.
- I have to retain full rights to choose and edit the submitted

--------------------- please cut here ------------------------------
3456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 12345678
Other info:
--------------------- please cut here ------------------------------

An example
Key: Derr, James (The key is just for sorting)
Author: James (Jim) Derr
Program: SHEZ Compression Companion
Company: California Software Design
Email: [email protected]
Address: P.O. Box 15248, Santa Rosa, Ca. 95402, USA
Voice: (707) 575-9868
BBS: (707) 538-8710
Fax: -
Other info: -

The "Key" is for indexing and should usually contain the author's
last name, first name, just like in the example above.

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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