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AMI BIOS checkpoints and BIOS info.
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AMI BIOS checkpoints and BIOS info.
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Contents of the AMICKPT.TXT file


The 286 and later AMI bios's have a check point trace in them to
indicate where the code is at should a problem occur while booting.

This checkpoint code is output to port 80 as a hex code and can be
monitored with a special board costing about 50$ available in several
magazine adds. The following is a list of the codes for pre 4/9/90
286 bios's.

01____NMI is disabled, and 286 registor test about to start

02____286 registor test is finished

03____ROM checksum OK (F000:0000--->F000:FFFF)

04____8259 initialization OK

05____CMOS pending interrupt disabled

06____Video disabled and system timer counting OK

07____channel 2 of 8253 test OK

08____channel 2 delta count test OK

09____channel 1 delta count test OK

0A____channel 0 delta count test OK

0B____parity status cleared

0C____refresh and system timer OK

0D____refresh link toggling OK

0E____refresh periods on/off 50% OK


10____confirmed that refresh is on and about to start 64k memory

11____address line test OK

12____64k base memory test OK

13____interrupt vectors initialized

14____8042 keyboard controller test OK

15____CMOS read/write test is OK

16____CMOS checksum/battery check is OK

17____monochrome mode set OK

18____color mode set OK

19____start to look for optional video ROM

1A____optional video ROM control OK

1B____display memory read/write test OK

1C____display memory read/write test for alternate display is OK

1D____video retrace check is OK

1E____global equipment byte set for video OK

1F____mode set call for mono/color OK

20____video test is OK

21____video display OK

22____power on message display is OK

23---->2F ???????

30____virtual mode memory test about to start

31____virtual mode memory test started

32____processor in virtual mode

33____memory address line test in progress

34____memory address line test in progress

35____memory below 1MB calculated

36____memory size computed OK

37____memory test in progress

38____memory initialization finished below 1MB

39____memory initialization finished above 1MB

3A____display the memory size

3B____about to start memory test below 1MB

3C____memory test below 1MB OK

3D____memory test over 1MB OK

3E____about to go to real mode (shutdown)

3F____shutdown was successful and entered real mode OK

40____attempt disable A20 address ling

41____gate A20 line disabled successfully

42____about to start DMA controller test

43---->4d ????

4E____address line test OK

4F____processor in real mode after shutdown

50____DMA page registor test OK

51____DMA unit 1 base registor test about to start

52____DMA unit 1 channel OK, about to start channel 2

53____DMA channel 2 base registor test OK

54____about to test f/f latch for unit 1

55____f/f latch test both units OK

56____DMA unit 1 and 2 programmed OK

57____8259 initialization over

58____8259 mask registor check OK

59____master 8259 mask registor OK and about to start slave

5A____about to check timer and keyboard interrupt level

5B____timmer interrupt OK

5C____about to test keyboard interrupt

5D____ERROR! timer/keyboard interrupt not in proper level

5E____8259 interrupt controller error

5F____8259 interrupt controller test OK

60---->6F ????

70____start of keyboard test

71____keyboard BAT test OK

72____keyboard test OK

73____keyboard global data initialization OK

74____floppy setup about to start

75____floppy setup OK

76____hard disk setup about to start

77____hard disk setup OK


79____about to initialize timer data area

7A____verify CMOS battery power

7B____CMOS battery verify OK


7D____about to analyze diagnostic test results for memory

7E____CMOS memory size update OK

7F____about to check optional ROM C000:0

80____keyboard sensed to enable setup

81____optional ROM control OK

82____printer global data initialization OK

83____serial global data initialization OK

84____80237 check and test OK

85____about to display soft error message

86____about to give control to system ROM E000:0

87____system ROM E000:0 check over

00______controll given to INT_19 boot loader


hopefully this info helps somewhat

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