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AMI 286 and 386 BIOS
new release
Release notes

Release date : 12/15/1988

This release of AMI 286 and 386 BIOS will have the following new features
and corrections over the previous release which was 09/25/1988.

new features

Options to bypass Keyboard/Video/floppy errors for Dedicated file servers
or similar applications...

This release of AMI BIOS can be configured to do one of the following:-

- Bypass testing Keyboard and/or Video and/or Floppy controller
during Power on self test.

- Test all during Power on self test but in case of Keyboard and/or
Video and/or Floppy controller errors do not wait for user to press
the "F1" key.

To configure the BIOS as above at your facility, you need the new AMIGEN
program. You can buy the AMIGEN program from AMI if you do not have
one. If you already have an AMIGEN program you can get the updated
AMIGEN program and new release of the BIOS by paying nominal charges.
Please refer to the price list for BIOS update for details.

Support for additional serial ports...

AMI BIOS will now look for additional on board or off board serial ports
upto a maximum 4 ports. These serial ports will be assigned port numbers
3F8,2F8,3E8,2E8 as COM1, COM2, CMO3, COM4 respectively. However, the
BIOS support for COM3, COM4 is limited to integrating them into the
system. The BIOS will support data transfer and programmability for COM1
and COM2 only.

Boot up screen...

We have added a boot up screen for all types of BIOS with diagnostics
program or extended setup program. This screen will contain data pertaining
to system configuration. The boot up screen will look like the one in

Changes related to both C&T 386 chipset and NEAT Chipset

Additional memory configuration...

In this release of C&T 386 and NEAT BIOS from AMI, you can have the
following physical memory configuration which was not available in the
earlier relases:-

Bank 0,1 256KB chips Bank 2,3 1Meg chips

BIOS will automatically assign physical bank 2,3 as logical bank 0,1 and
make all the memory available to you.

Changes in POST...

In C&T 386 and NEAT BIOS the POST will always be performed with a
memory wait state of 1 and it will be changed according to the EXTENDED
CMOS settings before system boot.

Clock Switching...

The clock switching techniques for C&T 386 and NEAT is made more
general. Now the AMI BIOS will support the following:-

- Clock switching Using Keyboard controller pin
- Clock switching programming processor clock speed
- Clock switching programming processor clock and bus clock speed

In last two cases the keyboard controller pin can also be used to bring the
turbo led on or off.

Changes related to AMI NEAT BIOS only

386 SX support in the AMI NEAT BIOS...

AMI NEAT BIOS will now support 386 SX processor and the associated 387
SX co-processor. Contact AMI for an evaluation copy of this BIOS.

Future release

AMI, well known for its innovative ideas in making AMI BIOS more and
more user friendly, will add the following new features in the AMI BIOS.
The BIOS with these new features will be available in March 1989.

Midified CMOS SETUP Program

Options to bypass Keyboard/Video/Floppy errors for Dedicated file servers
and similar applications...

The AMI BIOS will now have the option to configure the BIOS to bypass
Keyboard and/or Video and/or Floppy tests through the CMOS SETUP
program. This option is at present available through the AMIGEN program.

User defined drive type...

The AMI BIOS supports 46 predefined drive parameters. There will be
occasions when you have a drive which does not match with any one of
these 46 drive types. In these cases, you can use this new feature in AMI
BIOS by which you can specify drive parameters through the CMOS SETUP
program. These parameters will be stored in the CMOS. The type of drive
will be type 47 which will be referred to as "USER DEFINED DRIVE

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