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Trantor CDROM driver version 3.12. Downloaded from ProAudio Spectrum's BBS on 1/28/94.
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Trantor CDROM driver version 3.12. Downloaded from ProAudio Spectrum’s BBS on 1/28/94.
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Download File 312.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.DOC file

Included in this file are the TSLCDR.SYS SCSI driver for PAS Cards, and the
file MSCDEX.EXE version 2.21.

Please note if you are using DOS 6.0, then the MSCDEX that you need to use is
located in your DOS directory. ( ver 2.22 )

Copy both files to the directory where your sound drivers are located.

To install these drivers, add to your config.sys the following as the last
line (make sure it is somewhere AFTER the MVSOUND.SYS line):

Device=c:\\TSLCDR.SYS /D:MVCD001

For example, the default for a PAS 16 card would look like this:

Device=C:\proaudio\TSLCDR.SYS /D:MVCD001

To your autoexec.bat file add the following line as the very first line:


For example:

C:\proaudio\MSCDEX.EXE /D:MVCD001 /M:10

For a DOS 6.0, or 6.2 User:


Optional Switches:

For TSLCDR.SYS - /R = reset on boot
/P:n (1-3) Seek parameter - not needed

For MSCDEX.EXE - /E - uses expanded memory if available
/L:X - forces the drive letter to the value X (A-Z valid)
/X - displays memory usage information

The /M:XX parameter is for the number of 2K buffers allocated - increasing
this number increases the amount of memory used by MSCDEX.

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