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11 September, 1989

Z-UPS-BA.COM is a small utility that converts U.S. postal zip codes to UPS
zones. The conversions are valid only for the shippers in the Baltimore and
immediate surrounding area. For use in other areas, the look-up table in the
source code would need to be altered.

To use the program, simply type z-ups-ba (you may wish to REName it to
something simpler). Enter the first 3 digits of the zip code you are
shipping to when prompted to do so. Again, the conversions are only for
shipping from the BALTIMORE, MD area.

You may find this program a useful addition to the programs that calculate
UPS shipping charges, but that require entry of the UPS zone. Such programs
are likely available for download from your favorite BBS.

ZUPSBA is written in Turbo Assembler, version 2.0, a well-documented and
fairly easy to use package.

ZUPSBA bears a copyright notice since this is required by Borland for all
programs written with their products. Nevertheless, there is no restriction
upon usage and/or distribution of this program. If you modify (improve) the
program, please give me credit for the original code and send me a copy of
the modified source.

Feel free to use ZUPSBA without sending me your any of your hard-earned
shekels. If you would like me to modify the program to calculate rates from
a shipping point other than Baltimore, there would of course be a (relatively
modest) charge for that. Write for details.

I would of course like to receive user input: praise, brickbats, suggestions
for improvements, etc. No offers of marriage, please.

3138 Foster Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21224-3934