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B:QNAMESNAMEPHONETITLECOMPANYADDRESS1ADDRESS2DEARNAMENOTES‡n#REM Comment lines start with 'Rem'.7REM All of the Comment lines may be removed if desired.=REM The following lines up to 'HEADEREND' specify the Header. HEADERSTART|&CENTER|RACK B:QNAMES HEADEREND4REM You can Initialize your Printer Mode as follows.REM PRINTERINIT 27,773REM The above line sets an EPSON printer to 12 CPI.3REM Printer Command Values are seperated by Commas.?REM You can place as many Command Values on a line as will fit.7REM Values sent are in DECIMAL, see your printer manual4REM for the Command Values required by Your printer.#REM Now we set the page parameters.+PAGELENGTH 20 Rem Paper is 66 lines long.0PAGEOFFSET 4 Rem Left border size = 4 spaces.+PAGE# 1 Rem Set first page number. 1REM CARDEJECT Rem Print one QuickCard per page.:REM SINGLESHEET Rem Specify when using Single Sheet paper.REM Now we specify the Footer. FOOTERSTART|&CENTER|Page |&PAGE| FOOTERENDEREM This section begins the Actual visual representation of the Form.FORM0|NAME |2|TITLE |.|COMPANY |G|ADDRESS1 | G|ADDRESS2 | F|NOTES |
|| FORMEND/All lines following the Above line are ignored,2so additional forms could be defined here and moveabove as needed.9The Right margin is set to 81, to allow full width forms.JSet margin to 65 when making a Form Letter, to avoid LINE TOO LONG errors.4The extension .? can be added to the name of a field,to cause it to be printed as wide as needed.2The extension .R will cause a field to be printed +RIGHT JUSTIFIED in the field space allowed. Major Strasse1Major Strasse, or it's to the concentration camp.ŠD— Mr. BryanDA6-0170District AttorneyDistrict Attorneys OfficeHall of JusticeSan Francisco, CaliforniaDistrict Attorney Bryan“D˜Mr. Casper GutmanMY7-1100 PresidentGutman Enterprises,The Alexandria Hotel, Geary & Taylor StreetsSan Francisco, California
Mr. GutmanbD™Mr. Corrine WonderlyAT3-4325General DeliverySan Francisco, California
Miss Wonderly*DšMr. Floyd Thursby????FloydjD›Mr. Joel CairoBE5-3341 AssociateGutman Enterprises Geary StreetSan Francisco, CaliforniaJoellDœMr. Miles ArcherAL3-7845PartnerSpade & Archer111 Sutter StreetSan Francisco, CaliforniaMilesrDMr. Rick BlaineCA3-1871Owner Rick's CafeDowntownCasablanca, Morocco€!RickEveryone calls him Rick.“DžMr. Sam DooleyCA3-1871 Piano Player Rick's PlaceDowntownCasablanca Morocco€<Sam4His playing of "As time goes by" has set a standard.jDŸMr. Samuel SpadeAL3-7845PartnerSpade & Archer111 Sutter StreetSan Francisco, CaliforniaSamuD  Mr. Sid WiseLE5-1299Attorney at LawWise, Mirican & Wise1200 Market StreetSan Francisco, CaliforniaSidD¡Mr. Tom PolhausDA1-2020Detective SargentDetective BureauHall of JusticeSan Francisco, CaliforniaSargent PolhousÈD¢Mr. Victor LaszloCA3-2897Anti Nazi LeaderHis own SomeplaceCasablanca, Morocco€m
Mr. LaszloAVictor is ok, but the more formal so the Gestapo won't suspect weare more than acquaintances.lD£Mr. Wilmer Cook-EnforcerGutman EnterprisesAlexandria HotelGeary & Taylor Streets, S.F.WilmeruD¤Ms. Brigid O'ShaughnessyVO8-3985Loner The Coronet1201 California StreetSan Francisco, CaliforniaBrigidnD¥Ms. Effie PerineAl6-6845 SecretarySpade & Archer111 Sutter StreetSan Francisco, CaliforniaEffieyD¦
Ms. Ilsa LundCA3-2897Legendof Lazlo Victor SomeplaceCasablanca, Morocco€$IlsaI'll always remember Paris.

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Archive   : ZMRAK-D1.ZIP
Filename : QNAMES.ZRX

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: