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C:QDEMOTEXTVD‚M301 Z O O M R A C K S I I A Demonstration Personal Productivity3 P O W E R without PROGRAMMING; Fun to Use@Zoomracks is an integrated producivity tool that contains a data@base, word processor, organizer, and calculator. It is valuable9in business, at home, and in school. This is a Zoomracks>Demonstration. When you are ready, press F10 as instructed on!the list of things to try, below.To try:: - Press F10 when you are ready to continue with the demo#Copyright 1985,86 Quickview SystemsDtƒ
(02 Notes about this Demonstration@If you did not load MACDEMO to get this rack, the demonstrationsAwill not work. In this case, you must go to rack 0 by pressing Z;0 then double click on MACDEMO (atari) or use arrow keys to>highlight MACDEMO and press F3 (ibm pc). Consult your manual.?This demonstration shows you some of what Zoomracks can do. As;you run this demonstration, you learn the basic concepts of>Zoomracks and the most useful commands. The first few screens?provide background information. After reading one, look at the@"To try" list at the bottom and do what it says. Here, the only@thing to try is "Press F10 to go to the next card". After a fewSalesmen Teachers, Students, Writers@ Prospect tracking Organize research notes8 Sales order entry Lesson planningA Backorder reports Annotated bibliographies2 Expense reports Test BankA Appointments Student Grades & Records* And Much Much more.To try: - Press F10 to continueDvƒ:04 Zoomracks keeps electronic index cards in racks.processing, and arithmatic capabilities to give you a flexible6powerful tool for all your personal information needs.;Zoomracks treats everything as if it were an index card and=organizes them in racks like the racks next to time clocks in@factories. You can see the first line of many cards at the same?time or you can take out a single card to view in detail. Each>card can have up to 27 fields and each field can hold a 5 page?document. Each of the screens in this demonstration is a card.To try:$ - Press F10 to go to the next card-Dw‚$=05 What the reviewers said about Zoomracks: Version 1.@"99% of the data base needs in home and small business computers?do not require the power and programming features of DBASE III.AIn fact, by the time you learn DBASE III, you could have all your#database needs filled by Zoomracks.>For those of us with two left thumbs. It is very hard to lose>data with this well thought out system.... Less than $100 andworth 10 times that amount./ -- Don Terp ST BusinessTo try:$ - Press F10 to go to the next cardWDxƒN)06 Looking at the Zoomracks screenABefore demonstrating Zoomracks, lets tour the screen. Your cards;and racks appear here in the center of your screen. On the=top line, notice the rack numbers and names. QDEMO in rack 6@is highlighted as the current rack. Zoomracks holds 10 racks at@a time to help you organize and rapidly find the information youthen tell you how to run a demonstration of it. Each of these@demonstrations is a recording of the keys we pressed to show off>the capability to you. The "To try" list asks you to press F7@followed by a letter. F7 requests a recording and the letter is7the name of particular recording discussed in the card.>During each demo, look for a message on the bottom line of the>screen that tells you which key to press. Check to see if the@key is on the menu. Many are not because more "expert" commands=are being demonstrated to show you how easy Zoomracks can be.?Press the key and watch its results on the menu and the screen.To try:0 - Press F7 then press M to go to the next card%Dzƒ,08 Your first Zoomracks demonstration?That was the first Zoomracks demonstration in this rack. AfterF10, to step through this demonstration. This helps you learn?the commands, but is not actually necessary. You can press any@key you want. If you are showing this to a friend, you can justAhit the space bar to step through the Zoomracks demonstration and,not worry about hitting the actual commands.To try:$ - Press F10 to go to the next cardÎD{‚ª(09 Using Zoomracks demonstrations+You can use this demo rack in several ways:7 1. run it from beginning to end--a good introduction/ to Zoomracks before exploring on your own9 2. go to a card and run it--a useful demo for a friend; once you have been through the demo and know where to1 find the demonstration you want to show off; 3. start now, stop when you want, and continue later--no8 need to go through the entire rack in one sitting,8 you may even want to explore Zoomracks on your own$ before finishing the demo rack>Remember, you are in control. Do what will help you the most.To try:$ - Press F10 to go to the next card4D|ƒC10 Zoomracks lets you see one card or the first line of manyAYou have already read a number of cards in this rack and probably=noticed that the first line of each card is the title for the?card. Now lets look at the first line of each card in the rackArather than all of the lines on this card. Pressing F2 puts this=card back in the rack and lets you see the first line of thisrecognize it in multicard mode when you press F2. Remember to5watch the bottom line of the screen for instructions.To try:8 - Press F7 I to see how F2 works, try it several times$ - Press F10 to go to the next cardLD}‚C'11 Zoomracks holds up to 9 racks)Notice the numbered list of current racks%at the top of your screen. The names&may be abbreviated to fit in the space)available. You can have up to nine racks'in memory at once. You can switch from)the current mode showing a single rack to'"multirack" mode with two to nine racks(side by side with a keystroke. Lets cut&out all but two racks from our current+list of racks, then look at multirack mode.To try:' - Press F7 T to eliminate all but two* racks from multirack mode then demo it$ - Press F10 to go to the next card6D~ƒ112 Zoomracks switches easily between racksAIn the last demo, you saw the F4 command to toggle between singlerack was readable, but occasional words were abbreviated. The:other rack was probably harder to read because it was alsoIf the selected rack is already loaded, Zoomracks just goes to*it so the same rack won't be loaded twice.=Now lets load a rack of names and address. This demonstratesUse the computer to manage sort, view, find, and organize andact on the information.>Second, to use Zoomracks, think about how you would solve yourAproblem with index cards (or other paper). If you can do it with>paper, Zoomracks will let you use its 'electronic index cards'Awhich are faster, more efficient, and neater. If you can't solve@it with paper, you can't solve it with Zoomracks. But ZoomracksAlets you think with familiar things (cards and racks) rather thanunfamiliar things (computers.)To try:$ - Press F10 to go to the next cardòD‰‚é;23 Using Zoomracks for Invoices and Accounts Payable?Consider an invoice rack. Each card is an invoice. Since mostinvoices each month entering them into Zoomracks and then file@them in an accordion file. Our invoice rack has other important>information: Payments, Amount Due (Total less payments), and a2follow up date to call if the invoice is not paid.AWe have several useful output forms invoice, complete record, andAsummary forms. We also have macros to calculate the invoices and:the amounts due after payments are recorded. Payables aremanaged in a similar way.To try:2 - Press F7 V to see INVOICES and how to use them$ - Press F10 to go to the next cardWD>‚N:24 Relating information in one rack to other racks.AYou often want to relate information between racks. For example,?you may want to find all the invoices and checks along with the=name and address of a a particular customer. You can do this6with macros or use search lock in the different racks.@In search lock, only those those cards that match the search are?shown--this is usually indicated by colons at the bottom of the;rack when you are in multicard mode. We can do this with amacro.To try:" - Press F7 R to relate the racks$ - Press F10 to go to the next card%D;‚=25 What the reviewers said about Zoomracks: Version 1.4"The simplest think in the world to use... very much6recommended." -- Jerry Pournelle, Byte>"With Zoomracks you don't have to worry about doing the "wrong ---Frank Nagle, Bay Atari Area Atari Users GroupTo try:$ - Press F10 to go to the next cardPD‹‚G>26 You can change your rack template any time you want,&Zoomracks Templates are very powerful:>1. You never need to specify Zoomracks fields, types or sizes.: Any field can be up to 250 lines of 80 characters each.A2. You can move the most important fields to the first line so as to see it in multicard mode.93. You can add, delete and move fields any time you want.@As you press keys, watch the template change. At the end we use&Undo to restore the original template.To try:. - Press F7 K to see the rack template change$ - Press F10 to go to the next cardD6‚ûC27 You can make just about any type of rack format you want.9> Salesmen for example, might use one format for prospect> information, one for tickler information, one for sales call( reports and one for sales order entry.;> In the Office, you might have racks for office procedure,< various mailing lists, form letters, correspondence racks,7 check registers, payables, receivables and inventory.=> In School, you might have racks for annotated bibligraphies= with output forms for different publication styles, and for research and class notes.;> At home, use it for name and address lists, appointments,? Christmas card lists, recipes, notes, health and prescription information, and much more.To try:$ - Press F10 to go to the next cardQD‚H*28 Zoomracks has many kinds of HELP>Pressing F1 toggles to a general HELP rack. Pressing it again@toggles it back here. NOTE: This will take 20 seconds the first2time you do it as it must load the rack from disk.?Pressing SHIFT F1 toggles on a KEYHELP rack that goes to a card.that describes what the selected command does.;While most people can learn Zoomracks just from its on-line@help facilities, Zoomracks comes with a command card, a 120 card(on line tutorial, and a 180 page manual.To try: - Press F7 H for a Help Demo$ - Press F10 to go to the next card!D/29 Zoomracks has several other features:71. It lets you import and export data to and from other programs./2. You can display Degas pictures (Atari only.)83. You can move and copy fields and cards between racks.To try:$ - Press F10 to go to the next cardÒD‚É=30 What the reviewers said about Zoomracks: Version 1.A * * * * * ...the more I use Zoomracks, the more I like it, and= the more I can see to do with it.... will be with us for a< long time, finding a solid niche in both home and office.4 -Richard Keller, ST Applications< Zoomracks is an exceptional, innovative data base that is@ probably years ahead of its time... Zoomracks has established? a productivity standard in design, concept, originality, and functionality.? - Alan Glick, JBUG (Boston Computer Society)>This is the end of the demonstration. We hope you enjoyed it.To try:: - Press F10 to go to the first card in the demonstration

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