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 B:KEYHELP DESCRIPTIONHELPKEYêD€Ý About This Rack&This rack is an on-line reference cardrack. It has 5 sections:I: Main Menu CommandsII: Template (SH F5) CommandsIII: Edit (F6) CommandIV: Output Form CommandsV: Macro Language Commands*AAžD©€‘ Copyright 1986 Quickview SystemsFor use only with Zoomracks. Quickview Systems 146 Main St., Suite 404 Los Altos, CA 94022
415/965-0327*ABPDªCKeys ActionReversing CommandEach card describes a Zoomrackscommand. The first line gives the keys to press; and the command's action. The third line begins a detailed&description of that command, includingthe reversing command.%(The second field is used for command$lookup and is the sort.--ignore it.)*ACD«€
Empty card*AD9D¬€,>> I: Main Menu Commands
Empty card*AED­€
Empty card*AFõD®€åF1-Help Me Toggle Reverse: F1"Go to the rack FIRSTHELP which has"general HELP information. (If the'rack FIRSTHELP is not loaded, Zoomracks
loads it.)#Since HELP is a toggle, pressing it$twice returns you to where you were.*AG030%D¯€ Empty card*AGGàD°€ÐAlt A-Always Menu ToggleReverse: Alt A%Toggle on a menu of commands that are$always available for use. They help$you search the command menu, or stop#what your are doing and return to afamiliar place.*AH011
D±€ý SHFT F1-Key Help ToggleReverse: SHIFT HELP&Give help on the selected command. Go&to the rack KEYHELP, and find the card#for that command. (Load KEYHELP if necessary.)$Since SHIFT F1 is a toggle, pressing!it again returns you to where youwere.*AI134äD²€Ô ESC-ESCape to safety Toggle Reverse: ESC&Stop what you are doing, and escape to
a safe place.$Useful for resetting modes, aborting"macros and getting you back to themain menu in as safe a way as possible.*AJ047]D³M ESC C-Clear, Reset modes
Reverse: noneESCape clear is useful:" 1) if you want to get out of some!display mode, and don't know how. 2) if you want to ensure that$Zoomracks is in well defined displaymodes, (usually in a macro).!Escape, Clear modes forces single%rack, multicard, labels off, Menu on,edit and template off.*AK116~D´€n ESC F7- Escape, abort Macro
Reverse: none#ESC F7 aborts a macro definition ifyou make a mistake in it.*AL089ZDµ€I ESC M- Escape, Restore Menu
Reverse: noneESC M turns on the menu.*ALL203ôD¶€ä Ctrl -> -Cmnd Menu RightReverse: Ctrl <-%Move command cursor right one commandon the command line.&IF REFCARD is being displayed, move to!the card for the current command.To execute a command, press theindicated key.*AM027òD·€â Ctrl <- -Cmnd Menu LeftReverse: Ctrl ->$Move command cursor left one commandon the command line.&IF REFCARD is being displayed, move to!the card for the current command.To execute a command, press theindicated key.*AN028D¸€
Empty card*AOÜD¹€ÌAlt Z-Zoom Menu ToggleReverse: Alt Z"Toggle on a menu of Zoom commands."All the Zoom commands are toggles.&You can Zoom in on a field, a card, or a rack (possibly loading it), ortoggle on labels.*AP023èDº€Ø F2-Zoom Card Toggle Reverse: F2&Toggle the current card into or out of the rack.&Toggle between multicard mode with the&first line of several cards displayed,"and single card mode with only onecard displayed.*AQ052¼D»€¬ F5-Zoom field Toggle Reverse: F5&Zoom toggles in and out on the current Fieldscroll. If you are in Edit (F6) mode, ittoggles between line edit andfieldscroll edit.*AR053õD¼€å F3-Zoom Rack Toggle Reverse: F3$If you are on rack 0, F3 Zooms in on the selected rack, loading it if&necessary. It is the normal load rackcommand.$F3 is a toggle, and thus will toggle#back to rack 0 from any other rack.*AS012ºD½€ª F4-Multirack Zoom Toggle Reverse: F4%Toggle between displaying the current%Zoomrack full width and all Zoomracks$whose names are displayed on the topof the screen.*AT051VD¾€F N-Name Toggle
Reverse: NToggle field names (labels) on and off.*AU069 D¿€ù SHF F5-Zoom Picture file ToggleReverse: SHIFT F5%This command toggles the display of a%Degas picture on and off. It expects$the field will contain the name of a$valid Degas file with a PI1, PI2, orPI3 extension.)(Works only on the Atari.)*AV036!DÀ€
Empty card*AX!DÁAlt N-Next/Prior MenuReverse: Alt N&Toggle on a menu of commands that will%take you to adjacent (next and prior) racks, cards, fields, lines, and characters.These commands come in pairs of%inverses: the next command undoes the&related prior command, and vice versa.*AY017kD€[ F10-Next Quickcard Reverse: F9$Go down to the next Quickcard in thecurrent Zoomrack.*AZ099kDÀ[ F9-Prior Quickcard Reverse: F10#Go up to the prior Quickcard in thecurrent Zoomrack.*BA101vDÄ€f TAB-Next FieldscrollReverse: BACKTAB#Go right to the next Fieldscroll inthe current Quickcard.*BB117¶DÅ€¦ BACKTAB-Prior Fieldscroll Reverse: TAB#Go left to the prior Fieldscroll inthe current Quickcard.$BACKTAB is SHIFT TAB. Hold down theSHIFT key and press TAB.*BC032_DÆ€O Ctrl X-Next LineReverse: Ctrl EGo down to next line in the Fieldscroll.*BD079cDÇ€S Ctrl E-Prior LineReverse: Ctrl XGo up to the prior line in the Fieldscroll.*BE081LDÈ€<
] -Next rack
Reverse: [Go right to the next Zoomrack.*BF024MDÉ€= [ -Prior rack
Reverse: ]Go left to the prior Zoomrack.*BG025PDʀ@ <- Go Left Reverse: ->Move cursor left some distance.*BH045RDˀB -> Go Right Reverse: <- Move cursor right some distance.*BI177VD̀F UP-> Go UpReverse: Down ->!Move the cursor up some distance.*BK082XD̀H DOWN-> Go DownReverse: Up ->#Move the cursor down some distance.*BL080$D΀
Empty Card*BMôDÏ€äAlt G-Goto Menu ToggleReverse: Alt G%Toggle on a menu of commands that letyou go someplace else.%While the Alt Next/Prior commands let$you go to adjacent entities, the Alt%Goto commands let you traverse larger
distances.*BN009¦DЀ– Z-Show/Unshow Rack Toggle
Reverse: Z$These commands show and unshow racks#on the top line of the screen. You"can also use them to go to a rack.*BO150;Dс+ Z 0-9 -Show Rack #%Reverses: Z U turns the rack off; B Z"goes back to the rack you were on.Go to the numbered Zoomrack.$The numbers on the top of the screen"show the racks that are turned on.%You can go to any of those, or you go$to another rack and it will be addedto the top of the rack.*BP183“DÒ€ƒ Z U-Unshow Zoomrack Reverse: B Z#Turn off the current Zoomrack. Its#name will stop appearing in the topline of the screen.*BQ151ADӁ1 F8-Search ToggleReverse: F8; B Z&F8 xxx F8 (or F8 xxx RETURN) will find!the next card that has xxx in thecurrent field.&Search ignores case, and finds matches"on any line or anyplace in a line.&The Backto Quickard command (B Q) will"return you to the card you were onbefore you did the search.*BR068cDÔ€S A-z etc. Enter textReverse: backspace&Enter the text you wish to search for.*BS191‚DՁr SHFT F8-Search Lock ToggleReverse: SHIFT F8#SHIFT F8 toggles search lock on and"off. In search lock mode you only&view and navigate to cards whose fieldmatched the last search string. Search Lock mode is indicated by%colons (:) rather than periods (.) to#the right of the rack number on the&top line of the screen, and at the endof the rack in multicard mode.*BT067vDÖ€f HOME-Go Start of Toggle
Reverse: HOME%HOME goes to the beginning of a rack,card, field or line.*BU072uD×€e HOME Z-Go Start of Rack Reverse: B QGo to the beginning of (firstQuickcard in) the Zoomrack.*BV105xDØ€h HOME Q-Go Start of Card Reverse: B FGo to the beginning of (firstFieldscroll in) the Quickcard.*BW048DÙ€ END-Go End of Toggle Reverse: END%Go to the end of a rack, card, field,or line.!On the Atari, Hold down SHIFT andpress the HOME key.*BY044wDÚ€g HOME Z-Go End of Rack Reverse: B Q$Go to the end of (last Quickcard in)in the current Zoomrack.*BZ002wDÛ€g HOME Q-Go End of Card Reverse: B F&Go to the end of (last Fieldscroll in)the current Quickcard.*CA000ìDÜ€Ü B-Backto Toggle
Reverse: B%Toggle on a menu of places to go backto.!The back to commands are designed$to be inverses of the goto commands.#They are toggles, so if you are not%sure where they go, try and find out.*CC092°DÝ€  B Z-Backto Rack Toggle Reverse: B Z%Go back to the last Zoomrack you were$on when you did one of the following commands:Z #: Show Rack Z U: Unshow Rack*CD130ÐDÞ€À B Q-Backto Card Toggle Reverse: B Q$Go back to the Quickcard you were on!when you last executed one of thefollowing commands. HOME Z END Z F8 B Q Edit Sort Field Insert New Card*CE106D߀ñ B M-Backto Mark Toggle Reverse: B M Backto Mark 1) goes to the last set mark,& 2) set the mark to where was when youdid Backto Mark.$ Backto Mark is a toggle and its owninverse.To set the mark the firsttime use Backto mark set.*CF014|Dà€l B S-Set Mark
Reverse: none&Set MARK sets a mark so you can return#there with the BACKTO mark command.*CG016!Dá€
Empty card*CH$DâAlt C-Change/Add ToggleReverse: Alt C&Toggle on a menu of commands that lets#you modify the form or substance of your cards.!These commands let you create new"racks and cards, edit your fields,#format your racks and cut, copy and replace fields, cards, racks andlines.*CI015ƒDã€s INS-Create and Insert ToggleReverse: Cut (DEL)&The INSert command lets you create andinsert a card or rack.*CJ152æDä€Ö INS Q-Create and Insert CardReverse: DEL Q"Insert a blank Quickcard and beginediting its first field.%After entering the first field, pressTAB to enter the next field,#RETURN to finish entering the card.*CK018]DåM INS Z-Create and Insert RackReverse: DEL Z$INSert a new Zoomrack and define its template."Zoomracks asks for a rack name and%field names which you can continue to$put on one line, or move to the nextline.!Don`t expect to get your template&exactly right. Use the Template (SHFT&F3) to change the template anytime youwant.*CL137ÈD怸 INS A-Add Field to LineReverse: SHIFT F3$Add a new fieldscroll to the rack to$the right of the field on this line.%Use Template (SHIFT F5) to change theformat if not right.*CM139Dç€ô INS N-Field to Next LineReverse: SHIFT F3%Add a new field as the first field onthe next line.$If you want to skip lines or correct"mistakes, use the template command!(SHIFT F5) to change the template!after you finish making the rack.*CN140îDè€Þ F6-Edit Field Toggle Reverse: F6#F6 zooms in on the current line andlets you edit it.The F5 Zoom fieldscroll command%toggles between editing a single lineand the whole Fieldscroll.See Section III for commands.*CP058;Dé+ SHIFT F3-Change Template ToggleReverse: SHIFT F3SHIFT F3 lets you change your%template, adding, deleting, or moving&fields around for all the cards in therack.$It also lets you change field names,(and their display width, and it lets youchange the rack name.See Section II for commands.*CQ142îDê€Þ DEL-Cut ToggleReverse: P-Paste#DEL lets you cut a rack, card, or a$field. The cut entity is put into a#buffer from which you can paste it.$To move something, cut it from where%it is and paste to where you want it.*CR039 Dë€ù DEL Z-Cut Zoomrack Reverse: P Z
Cut Zoomrack:$1. Removes the Zoomrack from the set&of loaded racks, renumbering all racks$to the right by subtracting one. It$puts the rack in the rack buffer for paste rack. 2. It backs up the rack on disk.*CS022ëDì€Û DEL Q-Cut Quickcard Reverse: P Q"Cut the current Quickcard from thecurrent Zoomrack and put it inQuickcard buffer."Paste Quickcard (P Q) will put the card in back in this rack (or inanother rack you move to).*CT029òDí€â DEL F-Cut Field Reverse: P F$Cut the current Fieldscroll from the#current Quickcard and put it in theFieldscroll Buffer.&Paste Fieldscroll (P F) puts the field%back in this Quickcard (or in anotherrack you moved to).*CU154ìDî€Ü DEL L-Cut Line Reverse: P L%Cut the current line from the current"fieldscroll and put it in the linebuffer.!The Paste line (P L) will put the%field in back in this Fieldscroll (orany other place you move it to.*CV085ŸD DEL O-Cut Output Format Reverse: R O#Cut the Output Form that the Output&commands use to the Fieldscroll bufferfor replacing elsewhere.*CW173,Dð C-Copy ToggleReverse: none-buffer destroyed$Copy the current Zoomrack, Quickcard!or Fieldscroll to the appropriatebuffer.A Copy command is a cut command&immediately followed by the equivalentPaste command.#A copy command has no effect exceptthrough a later paste command.*CX035ÂDñ€² C Z-Copy ZoomrackReverse: none-buffer destroyed Copy the current Zoomrack to theZoomrack buffer.Used in conjunction with Paste"Zoomrack (P Z) to make a duplicaterack.*CY034¾Dò€® C Q-Copy Quickcard Reverse: none - buffer destroyed!Copy the current Quickcard to theQuickcard buffer.Used in conjunction with PasteQuickcard (P Q) to copy a card.*CZ037ËDó€» C F-Copy Fieldscroll Reverse: none - buffer destroyed#Copy the current Fieldscroll to theFieldscroll buffer.Used in conjunction with paste&fieldscroll (P F) to copy fieldscroll.*DA043oDô€_ C L-Copy Line Reverse: none - buffer destroyed!Copy the current line to the linebuffer.*DB046Dõ C T-Copy Rack Template Reverse: none - buffer destroyed#Copy a rack's template and just oneblank card to the rack buffer.#This command is used in conjunction%with Paste Zoomrack (P Z) to create a%new rack with the same template as an
existing one.*DC144Dö€q C O-Copy Output Format Reverse: none - buffer destroyedCopy of the Output Form to theFieldscroll buffer.*DD055bD÷€R P-Paste ToggleReverse: Cut (DEL)$Paste a copy of the indicated bufferhere.*DE095©Dø€™ P Z-Paste ZoomrackReverse: Cut Z%Paste a copy of the rack buffer here, giving it the current Zoomrack's"number. Renumber all racks to theright.*DF057×Dù€Ç P Q-Paste QuickcardReverse: Cut (DEL) Q$Paste a copy of the Quickcard bufferinto current Zoomrack&You can copy a card from one and paste#it in another rack. The fields arecopied in order.*DG060`Dú€P P L-Paste LineReverse: Cut (DEL) L%Paste a copy of the line buffer here.*DH163dDû€T R-Replace Toggle
Reverse: R&Replace the current field or card with its buffer.*DI108Dü€€ R F-Replace Fieldscroll Reverse: none - buffer destroyed#Replace the the current Fieldscrollwith the Fieldscroll buffer.*DL066{Dý€k R L-Replace Line Reverse: none - buffer destroyed%Replace the the current line with the line buffer.*DM071³Dþ€£ R C-Replace Calculator Reverse: none - buffer destroyedReplace the right register#(calculator) into the current line.$Normally, the line is deleted first.*DN170›Dÿ€‹ R O-Replace Output Format Reverse: none - buffer destroyedReplace the Output Form for the!current rack with the Fieldscrollbuffer.*DO073!D€
Empty card*DPJD:Alt O-Output Menu ToggleReverse: Alt O#Alt O toggles on a menu of commands#that let you output to the printer,the display, ASCII files or a Fieldscroll."These commands use an Output Form.$You can create an Output form with T$INS, and edit it with T F6. You canhave several output formsfor the same rack.*DQ019RD€B T-prinTer Output
Reverse: T PrinT from the current Zoomrack.*DR120’D€‚ T Z-prinT-ZoomrackReverse: ESC stops it&Output to the prinTer all the cards in%the current Zoomrack using the outputform.*DS174†D€v T Q-prinT QuickcardReverse: ESC stops it&Output to the prinTer the current cardusing the current output form.*DT176D T INS-Create Output Form Reverse: R O$Create a default Output Form for the%current rack. Put the current Output Form into the Fieldscroll buffer"Use T F6 to edit your Output Form."If you do not have an Output Form,"Zoomracks will create one for you.*DU054ID9 T F6-Edit Output Format Reverse: F6Edit the output form.$An Output Form is a Fieldscroll that#controls the print format. You canedit it just like you would any#Fieldscroll, inserting, deleting or$moving fields around, or putting anytext in you might want."See Section IV for the output form commands.*DV175òD€â D-Output to Display ToggleReverse: ESC aborts%The Display command is like the prinT%command except that it outputs to thedisplay instead of the printer.Press ESCAPE to abort.#Press space to turn printing on andoff.*DW059ÁD€± D Z-Display ZoomrackReverse: ESC aborts Output the whole Zoomrack to thedisplay using the output form.Press ESCAPE to abort.#Press space to turn printing on andoff.*DX074ÅD €µ D Q-Display QuickcardReverse: ESC aborts#Output the current Quickcard to thedisplay using the output form.Press ESCAPE to abort.#Press space to turn printing on andoff.*DX075½D
€­ F-Output to Field ToggleReverse: ESC aborts#The Fieldscroll command is like the$prinT command except that it outputs$to the Fieldscroll buffer instead of the printer.*DZ083¨D €˜ F Q-Quickcard to FieldReverse: ESC aborts#Output (the first 250 lines of) the$current Quickcard to the Fieldscrollbuffer using the output form.*EB091ïD €ß A-Output ASCII File ToggleReverse: ESC aborts#The ASCII command is like the prinT$command except that it outputs to an%ASCII file instead of a printer or as#a ASCII version of a loadable file.Press ESCAPE to abort.*EC145ƒD
€s A Z-rack to ASCII fileReverse: ESC aborts%Output the whole Zoomrack to an ASCIIfile using the output form.*ED097D€ð A L-ASCII Loadable FileReverse: ESC aborts!Output the current rack to a file"with a .ASC extension in ZoomracksASCII loadable format.$This command generates an ASCII file#that can be loaded by Zoomracks andedited by most editors.*EG146!D€
Empty card*EHƒD€sAlt E-Extras, Quit ToggleReverse: Alt E!Toggle on a list of commands that#don't fit naturally on other menus.*EI020xD€h Q-Quit Zoomracks ToggleReverse: Q, None#Quit (exit) Zoomracks and return tothe operating system.*EJ104§D€— Q S-Quit and Save Racks"Reverse: none-files are written on&Quit Zoomracks and Save all changes ondisk.This is the normal exit from
Zoomracks.*EK115úD€ê Q D-Quit and Discard RacksReverse: NONE some files lost.ALL UPDATES LOST.!Quit Zoomracks but don't save thechanges on the disk.!This is an abnormal exit when you"don't want to save the changes youmade onto your disk files.*EL042áD€Ñ Q R-Quit, Save, and Reenter Reverse: none - Files written on%Save all racks on disk. This command"is Quit and Save without the Quit.%It saves all your racks without goingback to the operating system.*EM127bD€R S-Sort Toggle
Reverse: SToggle on a the commands thatlets you sort a rack.*EO113ÎD€½ S U-Sort Unsort rackReverse: S Z on old sort fieldS U leaves the rack unsorted.All future paste cards arepasted where you above the current card, rather than put in
sorted order.*EON096©D€™ S Z-Sort Rack by This Field!Reverse: Resort on previous sortfield&Sort the Zoomrack by the current field and keep the rack sorted by thatfield.*EP112mD€] K-Select Disk Toggle
Reverse: K$Select the disk whose racks you willdisplay in Rack 0.*ET159^D€N K A-Select Disk A Toggle Reverse: K A!Display Disk A's racks in Rack 0.*EU157^D€N K B-Select Disk B Toggle Reverse: K B!Display Disk B's racks in Rack 0.*EV160^D€N K C-Select Disk C Toggle Reverse: K C!Display Disk C's racks in Rack 0.*EW166^D€N K D-Select Disk D Toggle Reverse: K D!Display Disk D's racks in Rack 0.*EX169eD€U $-Control Panel Toggle
Reverse: $%Turn on a control panel of parametersto set.*EY153ÁD€± $ B-Bell Toggle Reverse: $ B Toggle between a bell ringing toindicate an error and a visual indication.!Executing the command alternatelyshows and sounds what it does.*FD133ÈD€¸ $ C-Compression Toggle Reverse: $ C&This command toggles between two forms$of display compression. In one form!the fields are truncated. In theother form, they are devoweled.*FE156˜D €ˆ $ M-Menu Toggle Reverse: $ M%Toggle the command menu at the bottomof the screen on and off.#This gives you extra display space.*FF049¬D!€œ $ F-Next Foreground ColorReverse: Will cycle backThis command cycles to the nextforeground color.It only works on computers withcolor monitors.*FG128¬D"€œ $ K-Next Background ColorReverse: Will cycle backThis command cycles to the nextbackground color.%It only works on computers with color monitors.*FH165JD#: F7-Execute Macro ToggleReverse: F7, NONE#To playback a macro, press F7, then$the macro name. The macro name mustbe a letter from A to Z.!To playback a macro several timespress:F7 # n m$n is the number of times to playback"the macro; m is the macro name. A%macro stops repeating at the end of arack.*FI064ED$5 SHFT F7-Define Macro ToggleReverse: ESC F7 aborts macro%Record a series of keystrokes as on atape recorder and store it in aQuickcard in Zoomrack 1.&Press SHIFT F7 then a letter from A to#Z for the macro name. Now the keys!you press will be recorded in the%macro. To end the macro, press SHIFTF7.*FJ065!D%€
Empty card*FKÚD&€ÊAlt M-Math Menu ToggleReverse: ALT MToggle on a menu of mathematics commands.These commands give you a four-&function calculator and the ability to&load and save information into it fromracks.*FL164ËD'€» Backspace-Clear RegisterReverse: none register zeroed&Pressed once, backspace zeros the left (temporary) register. Pressed asecond time, it zeros the right(calculator) register.*FM172²D(€¢ 1-9.-Number->LeftReverse: none register replaced#Enter a number. The digits 0 to 9,$and period (.) are put into the left!(temporary) register as a number.*FN171—D)€‡ +-Add Left to Right!Reverse: none - register replaced+ adds to the left (temporary)"register to the right (calculator) register.*FO167žD*€Ž -(minus)-Subtract Left!Reverse: none - register replaced - subtracts the left (temporary)$register from the right (calculator) register.*FP103ŸD+€ *-Multiply Left by Right!Reverse: none - register replaced!* Multiplies the left (temporary)"register by the right (calculator) register.*FQ107šD,€Š /-Divide Right by Left!Reverse: none - register replaced / divides the right (calculator) register by the left (temporary) register.*FR109ÑD-€Á L-Load Left Register!Reverse: none - register replaced"Load the left (temporary) register$with the number on the current line,#the sum of the current field or thesum of the current rack.*FS194ØD.€È L N-Load Number from Line!Reverse: none - register replaced!If the current line begins with a"number, then copy it into the left#(temporary) register; otherwise putzero into the left register.*FT195µD/€¥ L F-Sum Field to Register!Reverse: none - register replaced$Sum the numbers that begin the lines of the current field and put theresult in the left register.*FU196ÒD0€Â L Q-Sum Rack to Register!Reverse: none - register replaced$Sum the numbers that begin the first&line of the current field in all cards%in the rack and put the result in theleft register.*FV197¾D1€® See R C-Replace with CalculatorReverse: None. Line destroyed!The Replace with Calculator (R C)"command on the ALT C menu puts the%right register into the current line.*FW179!D2€
Empty card*FX!D3€
Empty card*FYSD4F>> II: Template Commands&Template (SHIFT F5) is on from the ALT%C menu. Template lets you change theform of your cards.&The only Template command that changes&the data in the cards is the Cut Field&command which in deleting a field from&the form, also deletes all the data in"that field from all the cards in arack.*FZ"D5€
Empty card*GA+D6€}Alt A-Arrange Menu ToggleReverse: Alt A%Toggle on a menu of commands that letyou number and arrange your
Fieldscrolls.*GB001æD7€Ö INS-Create Field Toggle Reverse: INS&INSert new Fieldscroll to the right of&the current field in all Quickcards in
the Zoomrack."You can always use R (Right) and L"(Left) to move the field where youwant it.*GC076dD8€T F-Create Field in All CardsReverse: DEL F"Complete the Insert Field command.*GD033¸D9€¨ R-Move Field Right
Reverse: L$Move the current field to the right,and, if necessary, down.$This will move the field to the next possible place the field can be.*GE088§D:€— L-Move Field Left
Reverse: RMove the field to left and, ifnecessary, up.$This will move the field to the next possible place the field can be.*GF118ƒD;€s
S-Split Line
Reverse: J%Split line; move all the fieldscrolls%to the right and below this one, down one line.*GG114xD<€h
J-Join Lines
Reverse: S$Join Lines moves the Fieldscrolls on%the lines below this one up one line.*GH078D= DEL-Cut Field ToggleReverse: Ctrl U U Cut (delete) this Field from allQuickcards in this Zoomrack. To move a field, use R-Right andL-Left. (There is no paste.) To restore a cut field, you must#restore the original template. UseUndo format: Ctrl U U.*GI181kD>€[ DEL F-Cut Field in All CardsReverse: Ctrl U U%This completes the cut field command.*GJ038!D?€
Empty card*GKÍD@€½Alt F-Field View ToggleReverse: Alt F!Toggle on a menu of commands that#describe how to display the current Fieldscroll.%These commands change a fieldscroll'sname and display width.*GL007žDA€Ž W-Change Field Width
Reverse: W#Toggle on the + and - commands that!let you increase and decrease the"field's display width by one unit.*GM131sDB€b +(plus) -Increment Width
Reverse: -$Increase the current field's displaywidth by one unit.*GMm131sDC€c -(minus) -Decrement Width
Reverse: +$Decrease the current field's displaywidth by one unit.*GN132jDD€Z F6-Edit Field Name Toggle Reverse: F6Edit the name (or label) of thecurrent field.*GO061!DE€
Empty card*GQòDF€â SHFT F6-Edit Rack Name ToggleReverse: SHIFT F6 Change the name of the operating#system file this rack will be savedon.&Put "A:", "B:", "C:", or "D:" in front#of the name to specify the disk therack will be saved on.*GR063DG
Ctrl U-Undo Template ToggleReverse: Ctrl U#Undo template restores the template%you had when you entered the Templatecommand."If you use Undo Template more than'once, it toggles between two templates,both of which start out as thetemplate you had on entry.)*GT124bDH€R Ctrl U U-Undo TemplateReverse: Ctrl U U#Complete the undo template command.*GU182!DI€
Empty card*GV!DJ€
Empty card*GWòDK€å>> III: Edit Commands"These commands edit a Fieldscroll."In edit, the F5 Zoom field command$toggles between single line edit and%full fieldscroll edit. The multilinecommands are available only inFieldscroll Edit mode.*GX!DL€
Empty card*GYUDM€EENTER YOUR TEXT Reverse: DEL#Enter characters from the keyboard.*GZ180…DN€uAlt B-Browse Menu ToggleReverse: Alt B%Toggle on a menu of commands that let"you move back and forth on a line.*HA003]DO€M <- -Prior Character Reverse: ->Move the cursor to the prior
character.*HB070[DP€K -> -Next Character Reverse: <-&Move the cursor to the next character.*HC026ZDQ€J Ctrl A-Prior WordReverse: Ctrl F"Move the cursor to the prior word.*HC031XDR€H Ctrl F-Next WordReverse: Ctrl A!Move the cursor to the next word.*HE050!DS€
Empty card*HFÓDT€ÃAlt E-Edit Menu ToggleReverse: ALT E$Toggle on a menu of single line edit commands.These commands let you delete$characters, words, or a line, or let%you paste text into the current line.*HG005DU€€Backspace-Cut Prior CharacterReverse: Ctrl P L$Cut the character before the cursor.%See Ctrl P L for using cut and paste.*HI040†DV€v Ctrl T-Cut Next WordReverse: Ctrl P LDelete the next word.$See Ctrl P L for using cut and paste
to move text.*HJ122‰DW€y Ctrl Y-Cut This LineReverse: Ctrl P LDelete the current word.$See Ctrl P L for using cut and paste
to move text.*HK129cDX€S Ctrl P-Paste ToggleReverse: Ctrl P#Toggle on a list of things to pastehere.*HL110=DY- Ctrl P L-Paste LineReverse: Ctrl T,Y & G%Paste in lines, words, and characters just cut."Cut word, character, and line. Put#what they cut into the line buffer;Paste line pastes them back.%Successive cut commands append to the$line buffer. You can move up to 250characters of text this way.*HM148ÛDZ€Ë Ctrl P R-Replace Line
Reverse: none"Ctrl P R replaces the current line%with the contents of the line buffer."This is useful for search when you%want to copy text from someplace else
to search on.*HN086ˆD[€x Ctrl P F-Paste FieldReverse: cut commands"Ctrl P inserts the contents of the#field buffer into the current line.*HO161\D\L Ctrl P Q-Paste CardReverse: cut commands$Ctrl P Q inserts the contents of theQuickcard buffer here.$Example: When writing a letter: Copy!Quickcard from a name and address$rack, then Ctrl P Q at the beginning&of the letter will insert the name and#address. You then can edit out the!phone number and other extraneoustext.*HP162D]€q Ctrl P D-Paste DateReverse: cut commands%Paste today's date (or more preciselythe computer's date) here.*HQ041…D^€u Ctrl P T-Paste TimeReverse: cut commandsPaste the current time (or more$precisely the computer's time) here.*HR121‚D_€r Ctrl P C-Paste CalculatorReverse: cut commands$Paste the contents of the calculator(right) register here.*HS168!D`€
Empty card*HTDa€ðAlt J-Jump to Menu ToggleReverse: Alt J%Toggle on a menu of commands that letyou move to other lines in the fieldscroll. These commands let you go to the"beginning or end of a fieldscroll,$search for a string, or leap severallines.*HU013vDb€f HOME-Go Start of Toggle
Reverse: HOME%HOME goes to the beginning of a rack,card field, or line.*HV158gDc€W HOME Q-Go Start of Card
Reverse: none$Go to the first field of the currentcard.*HX189rDd€b HOME L-Go Start of Line
Reverse: noneGo to the beginning of (firstcharacter in) the line.*HY155ŒDe€| END-Go End of Toggle Reverse: ENDGo the end of a card or line.!On the Atari, Hold down SHIFT andpress the HOME key.*HZ021–Df€† END Q-Goto END of Card
Reverse: noneGo to the end of this card.!On the Atari, Hold down SHIFT andpress the HOME key for END.*IB190­Dg€ END L-go END of Line
Reverse: none&Go to the end of (rightmost character)
on this line.!On the Atari, Hold down SHIFT andpress the HOME key for END.*IC149úDh€ê F8-Search Toggle Reverse: F8Search for a string.&Press F8, then start entering the text&you are looking for. As you enter it,#the cursor will advance to the next&match. When you are where you want tobe, exit by pressing F8.*ID141QDi€A TAB-Next Search
Reverse: noneGo to the next search match.*IE138!Dj€
Empty card*IGiDk€YCtrl R-Reformat ToggleReverse: Ctrl R#Toggle on a list of text formatting commands.*IH111KDl; Ctrl R M-Set Right MarginReverse: Ctrl R M&Set the right margin to this character position.%The right margin is used by word wrap(and control R M to determine where to doan automatic carriage return. The right margin is displayed as$"Mar=xx" at the bottom of the screen#when you are editing a fieldscroll.*IJ0906Dm& Ctrl R P-Reform Paragraph
Reverse: none&Paragraph reform fills the text out tothe right margin.#It starts where you are and goes to"the end of the paragraph (the next&blank line, or line that begins with a$blank character), fills out the text#and then word-wraps it at the rightmargin.*IK098ÃDn€³ Ctrl R T-Tab LengthReverse: Ctrl R T$Set the TAB length to this character position."If you put the cursor on column 7,%Control R T, will create tab stops at7, 14, 21 etc.*IL147`Do€P Ctrl R S-Split LineReverse: Ctrl R J$Split this line into two lines here.*IN008cDp€S Ctrl R J-Join LinesReverse: Ctrl R S!Join this line with the followingline.*IO006bDqR Ctrl R INS-Typeover ToggleReverse: Ctrl R INS#Toggle between INSert and Overwritemode. In INSERT mode (the normal mode)&characters are inserted into text. In&Overwrite mode they are written on topof existing text.$The mode is displayed as "Insert" or$"Ovrwrt" on the bottom of the screen&when your are editing the fieldscroll.*IP077!Dr€
Empty card*IQ<Ds,Ctrl U-Undo Edit ToggleReverse: Ctrl U#Undo edit restores a Fieldscroll to&what it was when you began editing the fieldscroll.!If you use it more than once in a%single fieldscroll edit, Undo toggles$between editing two versions of this&Fieldscroll, both of which started outthe same on entry.*IR126ZDt€J Ctrl U U-Undo EditReverse: Ctrl U UComplete the Undo Edit command.*IS186!Du€
Empty card*IT!Dv€
Empty card*IU}Dw€p>>IV: Print Format CommandsUse these commands in your"print form to specify how to printyour card or rack.*IV!Dx€
Empty card*IW9Dy€, CARDEJECTBegin each card on a new page.*IXÌDz€¿PAGE# Set Page Number"Zoomracks increments a page number#every time it ejects a page. PAGE#sets the page number. Its form is:PAGE# n&Example. To set the page number to 17:PAGE# 17*IYÆD{€¹PAGELENGTH Set Page length'Specify the page length of your printer!paper. Most paper is 66 lines: 11inches times 6 lines per inch.&Example: To set the page length to 17:PAGE# 17*IZ¹D|€¬PAGEOFFSET Set Left Margin&Specify the left margin. Every output%line begins with the specified numberof characters.!Example, to indent 10 characters:
PAGEOFFSET 10*KAñD}€ä PRINTERINIT Output Printer Codes&PRINTERINIT sends special codes to the%printer. Read your printer manual toknow what codes to send.&Example, to send the decimal codes 26,83, and 107 and 93, do:PRINTERINIT 26,83,107,93*KBÛD~€ÎSINGLESHEET Stop Every Page$SINGLESHEET stops the printer at the%end of each page, so you can insert a
new sheet.If you don't use a SINGLESHEET command, Zoomracks automaticallyejects after each page.*KChD€[REM Remarks Follow%REM lets you write a line of remarks.They are ignored by Zoomracks.*KD!D€€
Empty card*KEDFOOTERSTART ... FOOTEREND%At the end of each page print out all!the lines between FOOTERSTART and%FOOTEREND. You do not need a footer;$your footer can be from 1 to 6 lineslong.The form of the footer is: Footerstart ... Footerend(See headerstart)*KFÎD‚€ÁFORM ... ||ENDFORM!A form specifies how each card isoutput."Inside the form there can be ASCII&text, or fields which are specified by|NAME|The form of a form is:FORM ... ||ENDFORM*KGëDƒ€ÞHEADERSTART ... HEADERENDOutput all the lines between HEADERSTART and HEADEREND at the#beginning of each page. You do not&need a header; a header can be up to 6 lines long. The form is: Headerstart ... Headerend*KH!D„€
Empty card*KI½D…€°$May appear in footer, header or card&The commands that begin with an & or |%may appear in a header, footer or the
card from.They will be replaced with theindicated text.*KJ!D†€
Empty card*KK=D‡€0&CENTER Center LineCENTER this line.*KLŠDˆ€}!&PAGE Insert Page Number&Put the current page number here. The$page number is incremented with each page eject.*KMƒD‰€v&TODAY Insert Date&&TODAY inserts today's date. (Or more"precisely what the computer has as
today's date.*KN
DŠ€ü%|FIELDNAME | Line One, Fixed WidthOutput one line of one fieldin as much space as there isbetween the beginning andending bars inclusive. Ifthe field is too short,additional spaces areinserted. If it is too long,the field is truncated.*KOIšD‹€!|FIELDNAME.?| Line One Full WidthOutput one line of the namedfield in full. The fielduses exactly as many spacesas are in the field.*KP¹DŒ€¬'|FIELDNAME.r| Line One Right Justified.Output one line of the namedfield right justified infixed width format.This is particularly usefulfor printing out numbers.*KQëD€Þ&|&&&|FIELDNAME.?| All Lines Full WidthOutput the whole fieldscrollone line at a time. The &&&|indicates that all the linesin the fieldscroll areprinted out. The .?indicates the each line isprinted out in full.*KReDŽX'|&&&|FIELDNAME | All Lines Fixed WidthOutput all lines of afieldscroll in fixed width.Long lines are truncated.This format can be used tomake columns, as in invoices.The &&& indicates that allthe lines are printed out.If several of such fields areon the same line, then thelongest fieldscroll dictateshow many lines are output.*KSD€t&|&&&|FIELDNAME.?| All Lines Full Width$Used to output the whole fieldscroll$one line at a time, right justified.*KT!D€
Empty card*KU!D‘€
Empty card*KV:D’€->> V: Macro Commands
Empty card*KW!D“€
Empty card*KX?D”€2DOWN Down ArrowName for Down Arrow key.*KY?D•€2LEFT Left ArrowName for Left Arrow key.*KZ<D–€.UP UP ArrowName for Up Arrow key.*L:CDD—€7RETURN RETURN keyName for Return or Enter key.*LAAD˜€4RIGHT Right ArrowName for Right Arrow key.*LB=D™€0SP Space BarName for Space Bar key.*LCDš€r/key Shift KeyFollowing key is shifted. Examples: /F1 The Shift F1 key /F6 The Shift F6 key*LE•D›€ˆ`^key Control Key`Following key is a control key. Examples: ^G The Control G key$ ^RIGHT The Control Right Arrow key*LF{Dœ€n!key Alt KeyFollowing key is an Alt key. Examples: !A The Alt A key !F5 The Alt F5 key*LGSD€FBELL Ring a Bell Rings the bell to get the user's
attention.*LHDž%DELAY nnn Delay nnn Unit and Proceed&Used in the form DELAY 3, to delay for'3 seconds, more or less, dependent upon&clock rate. DELAY is used after SHOW,"to allow additional time to read amessage or to show a screen."Delay will continue if you press akey.*LIoDŸ€b!REM Remarks Follow on Line$The text to right is assumed to be acomment and is ignored.*LJÅD €¸-SHOW Shows a Message on the Bottom Line%Display the message following SHOW on%the bottom line of the screen. Afterdisplaying message, refresh thedisplay and then continue.*LK×D¡€Ê/TILLRETURN Accept Keyboard Input Until a RETURN%TILLRETURN accepts keyboard input and%passes it on to the program until theRETURN key is pressed.!TILLRETURN can be used to pick upmacro arguments.*LM†D¢€yGOTO Field Go To Named Field#Goto the named field. Unlike TABs,#this command will still work if youreformat a rack.*LOND£ABEGIN Repeat Until UNTIL.Repeat a loop until UNTIL. Thislooping is very restricted. 1. It may not be nested.! 2. It must contain a LASTCARD orLASTLINE command.!The two possible loops are of theform: BEGIN ...
LASTLINE ... UNTIL*LPPD¤€CUNTIL Ends a BEGIN loop.Go to previous BEGIN.
See BEGIN.*LQxD¥€k!LASTCARD Exit Loop if Last Card$If this is the last Quickcard in the rack, exit the BEGIN UNTIL loop.*LRsD¦€f!LASTLINE Exit Loop if Last Line$If this is the last line in a field,exits the BEGIN UNTIL loop.*LSdD§€W WAIT Wait For User to Type#Wait for the user to type some key,then continue.*LTUD¨€H!PAUSE Refresh Display Screen"Wait for the screen to be updated.*LW

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