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Chambers Corporation agrees to provide maintenance service
including up to two maintenance calls annually and interim
calls as required at the installation address specified a
bove on the equipment listed. All charges specified are
those currently in effect and are subject to change only at
the time of subsequent annual renewal. If the charges are
increased, the customer may, as of the effective date of
such increase, terminate this Agreement by written notice
to Chambers Corporation. Otherwise, the new charges shall
become effective upon the date specified in the renewal
invoice. This Agreement is limited to equipment regularly
operated during a single eight hour shift per day, and all
Chambers Corporation calls hereunder are restricted to the
normal working hours of Chambers Corporation. To cover
increased maintenance costs, if any piece of equipment is
regularly operated during more than one eight hour shift
per day, an increase in Annual Rate will apply as follows:

Two Shifts 50% Three Shifts 100%.

All service commenced outside of Chambers Corporation's
normal working hours will be charged at published rates
for service time and expense only.

The following services are included:
[fill in services here]

Optimum performance of the equipment covered by this
Agreement can be expected only if supplies provided by,
or meeting the specifications of Chambers Corporation
are used. Chambers Corporation shall have full and free
access to the equipment to provide service thereon. If
persons other than Chambers Corporation's representatives
perform maintenance or repairs, and as a result further
work is required by Chambers Corporation to restore the
equipment to operating condition, such repairs will be
billed at Chambers Corporation's published time and
material rates then in effect.

For service as specified above on the equipment listed,
the undersigned agrees to pay in advance the total annual
charge specified below to Chambers Corporation, in
accordance with the terms specified on the face of the

Continuation of 5060

There shall be added to the charges provided for in this
Agreement amounts equal to any taxes, however designated,
levied or based on such charges or on this Agreement, or
on the services rendered or parts supplied pursuant hereto,
including State and Local privilege or excise taxes based
on gross revenue, and any taxes or amounts in lieu thereof
paid or payable by Chambers Corporation in respect of the
foregoing, exclusive, however, of taxes based on net income.

The undersigned represents that he is the Owner of the
equipment, or that he has the Owner's authority to enter
into this agreement.

This Agreement is subject to acceptance by Chambers
Corporation, at its Home Office. It takes effect on the
date written above and continues in effect for one year
and will remain in force thereafter, with automatic annual
renewal at then prevailing rates, until cancelled in writing
by either party. If cancelled, the unearned portion of any
advance payment will be credited to the customer.

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By ______________________
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Archive   : ZDLEGAL.ZIP
Filename : EQIPMAIN

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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