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³ Year 1994 ³
09/10:SubEditor Advanced Filter - problem w/record filter l$(20) made L$(21)
09/07:Version 2.3H
Finished rewrite of report 1 to reflect changes made in record filter
09/05:problem w/new record filter "or" function selecting all records, when
a single trade code was entered - Conte
global error handlers not working in backup and restore routine changed
to local error handlers. Added Version # to POPUP control end routine
09/01:Version 2.3G
08/31:added And/Or function to the record filter routine l$(21) - Conte
> symbol problem in display routine changed to replace statement
when city and state blnk, still prntng "," in display routine
report1 printing "-" chr even when nothing to seperate
08/20:Err9@18400 Backup,Restore,eXport error corrected was l$(16) not l$(20); prob since 7/27
spell check manual, write paragraph about eXport multiple records and
eliminate trade code features
08/17:add fax num not found to faxpop export methods
08/09:move bname print up so always prints in dialer2 routine
08/02:same array error in ydplus memo editor.
move dialer box down in ydplus, up in ydpop to uncover the contact names
07/27:array bound error 9@72075 memo menu problem, all error check on YDPOP
07/25:select dirctry sub erroneously set Border Color, prob cur loc on popdown - YDPOP RSVP
07/20:array bound errors rpts 5&6 & record limits YDPLUS
07/20:Add Log Y/N? when esc entered as phone dial log note: blink Search YDPLUS&POP
07/17:directory display now only displays directorys with YDPLUS data files. YDPOP
07/11:added phone types to reports 1&2 YDPLUS; UNIWEST
07/11:changed to replace ">" with " " statements in rpts1-12 YDPLUS
07/10:dialer log receiving ">" chr - corrected YDPOP&PLUS Ver 2.3C
07/09:Correct Problem w/new phone log causing memo loss
07/06:release 2.3A
07/05:NICE FEATURE ADDITION *** Now dials phone numbers from memo lines YDPOP&YDPLUS
07/04:add phone log switch to defaults menus, YDPOP & YDPLUS
07/03:NICE FEATURE ADDITION *** Phone Dialer Log to YDPOP & YDPLUS
06/26:elim use of border color in memoeditor CGA Monitor YDPOP only-Dr.Conte
06/24:correct busy signal causing problems with dialer - YDPOP
06/22:correct eliminate trade code, was only eliminating 7 chr trades -RSVP
ADDED the ability to insert wild cards ??A???? to trade eliminate feature
06/22:separated the phone & position type cells when exporting WrdPerf & -RSVP
Comma Delim Files
06/11:NICE FEATURE ADDITION *** add ability to select export fields - YDPLUS -RSVP
05/21:problem with Demo screen Painting revised price, added CompuServe ID
05/10:add Scrn Width 80 Statement...YDPOP
05/09:add YDPOP TSR already installed warning...YDPOP
05/08:capitalize routine was returning 9Th and Main; now 9th and Main YDPOP&YDPLUS
05/08:improve areacode lookup - add state abrieviations - fix overwrite problem YDPLUS
03/29:include the word "or" in the list of words not to be capitalized YDPOP&YDPLUS
03/25:add ability to use LocPbxCode for Modm init String simply use AT.. to use. CVSys
03/24:remove local& long dist access pauses from dialer routine
(insert commas manually now) gives more flexability -King Mech
03/24:skip deleted record when searching - YDPLUS / YDPOP
03/21:inprove calcultr local error trapping,add divide by zero trap - YDPOP
03/16:HP calcultr enter not rolling stack, OvrFlow not printing correctly - YDPOP
03/06:NICE FEATURE ADDITION *** ADDED ability to enter state or Area Code
and routine will return the other - CntrlF4 to Access - YDPLUS Only
02/28:memo editr return to rec when esc pressed now require 2 escapes - YDPLUS & YDPOP RSVP
02/28:correct problems with zip code option in record filter - YDPLUS RSVP
02/27:sort rate calcultn causing error 11 on 486/586 machines or very small files YDPOP&YDPLUS
02/25³ Nice ADD ** Local Phone Exchange Indicator YDPLUS & YDPOP see Readme File³
02/21:rewrite YDPOP main screen help msg to emphasize the insert record feature
02/20:F1 help msg was overwriting cell upon return, correctd - YDPOP Dr.Conte
02/19:F2 color function at main screen saves color selection - YDPLUS
02/18:added prvt 5th fax option to export menu -YDPOP CVSYS
02/17:corrctd err11 div by0 on postn indicator after sort on 0 file YDPOP King Mech
02/17:allow up to 300 line help messages was 200 YDPLUS
02/16:added command line help msg type;ydpop ? at dos prompt YDPOP
02/16:added support for non-standard comm port IRQ's - YDPLUS & YDPOP King Mech
02/16:revised - com 4 was not allowed in the retrn addr editor YDPLUS " "
02/15:add AltF4 undo - Are You Sure? YDPLUS
02/11:err zip not found if exe not in ydplus dir and share not running - YDPLUS
01/28:Change Body Font on Transmittal report-not printing all chrs - YDPLUS Eichberg
01/28:Revise dir select so entering esc will not change cur dir - YDPLUS
01/28:Revise HpCalndr RPT prnt off page on LJ2/ update (C)notices- YDPLUS&POP Eichberg
01/26:Revise RecFiltr still was not using trd1|or|trd2 - YDPLUS
01/26:Added RecFilter search routine to SubEditor access w/AltF6 AltF7 - YDPLUS
01/24:Fixed Upset Box Menu Flicker, Fixed Files/eLiminate menu select - YDPLUS
01/19:Changed Colors of Help Msgs to White on Blue - YDPLUS & YDPOP TimeLine
01/15:Added Utility to Remove Trade Code From all records - YDPLUS RSVP
01/14:Revise Calndr Rpt-Series 2 Laser/Rec Fltr Not Passing all Recs - YDPLUS Eichberg
01/09:Minor Rec Fltr revision to many recs passing - YDPLUS RSVP attention
01/08:Capitalize routine now chngs pob to POB(post off box) YDPLUS & YDPOP
³ Year 1993 ³
12/31:correctd Rpt 8 Multi Lbls was prntng laser codes on 1st lbl - YDPLUS RSVP
12/26:added multiple holiday to calndr, Copy buffer in Memo Ed now 20 lines - YDPOP&PLUS
12/25:greatly increased search speed of help msg lookup - YDPOP & YDPLUS
12/22³ MAJOR ADD ** added HP and Dot Matrix Calendar Reports to YDPLUS ³
12/22:revised YDPOP err reporting, added err address - YDPOP
12/21:revised Rec Fltr Routine logic Trd1 or Trd2/instead of Trd1 and Trd2 YDPLUS
12/18:added *? wild chr to Record Filter Routine - YDPLUS & YDPOP
12/14:Reprt3 now prints all phone numbers when addrss option selected -YDPLUS
12/12:added Directory select routine, invalid Drive corrctn **NICE ADD** ******[RELEASE 2.2J]****
12/02:Correctd Graphics Screen restore bug - YDPOP
11/27:trap Calcultr 1/x when x=0, corrected ability to dial coms 2,3,4 -YDPOP
11/26:clear MemReg when changing Calc Modes(F2) - YDPOP
11/24:added commas to calculator display **NICE ADD** -YDPOP
11/23:corrctd ydpop for correct swap file name -YDPOP
11/15:added, ydpop to faxpop phone# export, added "1-" LD prefix -YDPOP only
10/18-21:Added ability to popup in 25,43,&50 line screen modes, only saves actual needed: YDPOP
10/17:fixed ydplus.dfl shared file write open error: -YDPLUS
09/24:correct ">" problem in rpts 10,11&12 was not removing > in all cases YDPOP&YDPLUS
08/22:added help screen to compaction routine YDPLUS
08/21:fixed err ydplus.dfl editor was not creating correct empty file YDPOP22I & YDPLUS
08/06:fixed err HP calcultr cE was not clearing 1 regstr correctly YDPOP22I
07/18:now can delete all recs, corctd err in selecting citys ABorC, St: Zip:labels YDPOP22I
07/08:moved on err statement - YDPOP22H
07/06:changd BG color of /menus - YDPOP22G
07/02:Changd Time function on Calendar to ouput AM&PM - YDPOP
07/02:Correctd Memo help msg deflt dirctry, Radd addr functn w/empty/missng file fixed YDPOP
06/27:Correctd VGA Pallette Saving Routine - Works with Lotus Rel3 NOW!-YDPOP
06/13:store and reset the cursor visibility status - YDPOP
04/25:read environment to determine starting directory - YDPOP
04/24:Correctd Blinkng Cursor - was turned off at exit - YDPOP
03/28:Added calcultr ability to set # digits; press f and enter #of digits YDPOP
:added calcultr ability to export number; press alt-x YDPOP
03/20:Correctd Minor Calcultr Err; added Standrd & RPN Mode Indicator Msgs YDPOP
03/17:Chngd Search to find first occur of "San Diego/Fairfax etc"
now searches for C will place you at start of C businesses etc. YDPOP & YDPLUS-RSVP
03/03:Chngd Dialer to allow 7 digit numbers and AC not dialed when local YDPOP & YDPLUS
02/28:Correctd F2 editor multiple delete key problem (on some cpu's) YDPLUS & YDPOP
02/27:Correctd Phone Area Code Automatic Entry YDPOP & YDPLUS
02/25:Correctd err Memo help screen was giving err5@172723 Both YDPOP & YDPLUS
02/19:Correctd err YDPOP functn allows entry of blank (root) directory YDPOP
02/18:Correctd Rpt3 addr optn leaving blnk lines:YDPLUS
:Added delete cell routine: use control-backspace to erase a cell YDPOP&YDPLUS
02/17:Revised YDPOP Utility Menu:added red capitalized characters
02/16:Revised YDPOP Menus added Utility Menu, Memo Editor on Main Menu
:Dialer, Calc, Calndr, & Radd on Utility Menu
:Corrected position of OVR indicator in YDPOP Memo editor.
³ MAJOR ADD ** added calculator and perpetual calendar to YDPOP ³
02/13&14:Added Standard & HP(RPN) calculator routine to YDPOP press Cntrl-C.
02/12:currnt date shown as *XX* in perpetual calendar YDPOP
:revised zip look up routines to use national data base YDPOP & YDPLUS
02/10:Added perpetual calendar to YDPOP program access by pressing Alt-C
02/08:Corrected Memo indicator display problem when adding New Records YDPOP
02/08:Corrected problem with inplbl$$(64) causing problems with popup menus
after editing memos YDPOP
01/25:Restricted Ydpop from sorting on network due to not being able to set
:share flags using shell statement.YDPOP
³ Year 1992 ³
12/28:add Facsimile & Overnight check boxes to Transmittal Sheet YDPLUS
12/22:Rework Network File Sharing - Can't sort while files in use YDPOP & YDPLUS
12/20:add notes editor to YDPOP ** MAJOR FEATURE ADD **** YDPOP
12/19:Finish adding Graphics Program compatability ** MAJOR FEATURE ADD **** YDPOP
12/16:add 2nd trade & annl sales to record limits menu YDPLUS
12/15:add ability to vary multiplex # from command line \M### YDPOP
:caused by problems on network
:eliminate drive check interrupt, use CURDIR$ function YDPOP
12/14:add total rec count to YDPOP Display YDPOP
:corrected TSR random hang problem New Compiler PB2.98c - YDPOP
12/13:Correct YDPOP Disk Full check resume statement wrong YDPOP
:after opening empty zip & helpfiles delete them YDPOP & PLUS
:remove setmem statement YDPOP per Bob Zale
12/09:add ability to turn off zipcode lookup using Control F3 Key YDPLUS
12/06:add comma delimited ascii export format YDPOP
:minor search corrections for greater than, less than YDPOP - YDPLUS
:minor chng Biz rec dup functn displys prev rec now up/dwn active YDPLUS
12/04:add record limits help screen YDPLUS
12/03:add ability to address envelope to contact 0 at mini print menu YDPLUS
:add >< search ability to YDPOP & YDPLUS
³ MAJOR ADD ** added multi-record export feature to file/utility menu YDPLUS³
12/02:Correctn Transmittal # selection routine fixed to allow trans# & CR entry YDPOP
*:remove item * from 11/28 did not correct problem network problem not Corvet's
11-30:Capitalize 2 char state abreviations Where ever printed or exported YDPOP & YDPLUS
:Linear Search NOW STARTS AT BEGINNING of file everytime YDPOP & YDPLUS
:changd install so serial no and drive defaults are carriage return keystrokes YDPLUS
11-28:Correct Error - Compact Routine - was exiting early - YDPLUS
*:NETWORK CHANGE eliminate last page feeds if installed on drive F POP & PLUS
:Multi-Record Rpt5 correct cr transmtl select add read&write loop escape points YDPLUS
:ADD Print Rtrn Addr optn to YDPOP RADD menu YDPOP
:Correctn Popup Deflts Edtrs - when cell blank all input goes into cell YDPOP&PLUS
:Trans Letter Editor Now adds new letters at END rather than cur position YDPLUS
11-27:Backup Routine: DOS msg to insert disk when drv changes is erased PLUS
:F1 phone,pos,sales & emp/rtrns letter when car rtrn pressed POP&PLUS
:TSR multiplex check to see if YDPOP loaded already YDPOP
³ MAJOR CHANGE **** you may enter info into empty cell by just typing ³
³ YDPLUS & YDPOP (in effect this protects cells) ³
:Added Slash Menu Help Text Below the Menu Biz&Memo editors YDPLUS
:Correctn when /menu dispd in Memo Editor F1 did not erase menu YDPLUS
:Added ability to escape when copying memo lines YDPLUS
:Error Msg 57 added to Sort Routine - cant share file while sorting POP&PLUS
:Print Envelopes with zip beside State rather than below POP&PLUS
:Laser Jet 2&3 print envelopes @4 lines per inch (100 dots before) POP&PLUS
11-25:City/State lookup corrects state when incorrect PLUS&POP
:10char phone # is displayed as ###-###-#### POP&PLUS
11-24:Chngd Search Routine so chks both addr cells (YDPOP&PLUS)
and hi-lites matches in YDPOP
11-23:Chngd Search Routine so results are hi-lited - YDPLUS
:Chngd deflts subroutine so can return chr A-Y POP&PLUS
:Chngd deflts routine now have to press F2 to edit cells POP&PLUS

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