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 €š€ €)ۚ€ Ûۀ%±Ûۚ€ ÛÛ±±É€Í»±±Ûۚ€ ÛÛ±±º ɀÍ»Œ º±±Ûۚ€ ÛÛ±±º º€ ºŒ º±±Ûۚ€ ÛÛ±±º º€ Looking for Work€ ºŒ º±±Ûۚ€ ÛÛ±±º º€ ºŒ º±±Ûۚ€ ÛÛ±±º ȀͼŒ º±±Ûۚ€ ÛÛ±±È€ͼ±±Ûۚ€ Ûۀ%±Ûۚ€ €)ۀš€ Copyright (c) 1987,1988, 1992 InterDigital™›  €šThis program is an interactive guide to finding a newšjob, which is to say that it's a how-to manual tošmarketing yourself. The search for a new position isšbest thought of as a marketing campaign. You identifyšprospects (potential employers), figure out the bestšapproach to them and make sure that your message isšappropriate and persuasive.ššThere are six units in this program. If you go throughšthem thoroughly, you'll probably spend about threešhours in the program itself . . . and many more on theštasks and activities of the campaign outlined here.™›  €šThe program can keep track of a lot of informationšabout you and of your responses to all of the questionsšit's going to ask you. That will enable it to tailoršsome of the tasks, the advice, guidelines andšsuggestions to your age, your income, background andšthe most important of your specific requirements.ššTo do so, we'll ask you to sign in now . . . and at thešbeginning of each unit.™û›  ™åäcñæåäcñ‚æ åäcñ@‚æ
åäcñƒæ åäcñ ƒæ åäcñ@ƒæ›  €šWe suggest you go through the units in the program inšsequential order, starting with the first unit. Foršthose of you who've been through a number of jobšsearches, you may prefer to jump around so we havešprovided a topical menu for your convenience.ššŽÚ€1Ä¿šŽ³ When you hit the Space Bar, the menu will appear Ž³šŽÀ€1ÄُšŽšYou can get to that menu from anywhere in the programšby hitting the ŽF1 key. To quit the program, touch thešŽ key.™ç÷Hˆêç÷ Jˆê›  `€šŒoۀ߀ M E N U€ €ßۚۀ0 ÛšÛ Ž1) Orientation to the job search campaign€ ۚۀ0 ÛšÛ Ž2) Constraints within which a search must work ۚۀ0 ÛšÛ Ž3) Sourcing - identifying potential employers ۚۀ0 ÛšÛ Ž4) The campaign calendar€ ۚۀ0 ÛšÛ Ž5) Developing your resume€ ۚۀ0 ÛšÛ Ž6) The Cover Letter and Resume-Letter€ ۚۀ0 ۚۀÜ Œp €> Hit the Q to quit the program €< Œo €Üی™12 3
4 5 6
Q›  mod#1™›  mod#2™›  mod#3™›  mod#4™›  mod#5™›  mod#6™›  €šThank you for your attention.ššThis program is the proprietary property ofšInterDigital and is made available to individuals asšshareware. That is, with the understanding that if itšis helpful in obtaining a new job, the user is honor-šbound to pay the registration fee.ššFor additional information about this program,šplease contact:šš€
Œp³ InterDigital€ ³Œš€
Œp³ Water Street€ ³Œš€
Œp³ Lebanon, New Jersey 08833 ³Œš€
Œp³ (908) 832 2463€ ³Œš€

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: