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WinClaim Medical Billing Software
Program Descriptions for Vendors and BBSs

Program: WinClaim (tm)
Version: 4.03 (August 1992)
Author: Gary Boehm
Address: 2490 Fatima Place
Hamilton, OH 45013
Phone: 513-896-5110

Registration: $95.00/check, $85.00/Postal Money Order, $80.00/Cash


One Line Description:

Medical Billing optional Electronic Claims

Two Line Description:

Medical Billing optional Electronic Claims
Open Item Accounting, new red HCFA 1500

Long Description:

With WinClaim you can enter medical claims, print the new red HCFA
1500 insurance forms and patient statements, post payments directly to
open items, and run financial reports such as an Aged Trial Balance.
WinClaim is a professional package which can be used directly in a
medical office, or can be used by a Billing Center for any number of
practices. The Medical Billing business can be a VERY lucrative venture
where you pick up claims data from medical offices and then charge from
$2.00 to $4.00 per claim to do their billing for them! Your cost is
approximately 40 cents per claim.
WinEMC is our companion electronic claims submission program avail-
able ONLY to registered users. WinEMC picks up the claim information
you have entered and sends it by modem to the insurance carriers.

Registration: $95.00/check, $85.00/Postal Money Order, $80.00/Cash
Copyright 1991,1992 by Gary Boehm/Oxford Medical Systems

Distribution of WinClaim:

Gary Boehm/Oxford Medical Systems retains all rights to WinClaim (tm).
WinClaim is protected by United States and International Copyright Law.

You may distribute WinClaim as shareware provided you comply with the
following conditions:

1. Shareware Vendors have our permission to distribute WinClaim provided
you notify us in writing as soon as possible. Please send your current
catalog and any future catalog which includes WinClaim. We reserve the
right to withdraw this permission to distribute from any vendor who
does not meet commonly accepted professional business standards.

2. Your catalog MUST include a satisfactory explanation of the shareware
concept, including the facts that all rights to this copyrighted pro-
gram are retained by the copyright owner, that shareware is NOT in the
public domain, and that the cost of the disk is for distribution only
and a registration fee is required if the program is used beyond a
trial evaluation period.

3. ALL files received with this program must distributed together as a
package and must be distributed as received. None may be left out and
none may be changed. You may distribute them as a single compressed
file, as an executable compressed file, or as individual files on one
or more disks. You may add files or advertisements to the archive,
HOWEVER if you do so you accept FULL RESPONSIBILITY for any claims or
statements you make about our programs which we do not sanction.

4. BBS Systems Operators automatically have permission to distribute Win-
Claim provided the same conditions here are met.

5. The WinEMC electronic claims program is not shareware and may not be
distributed in that manner. It is ONLY available to registered users
and ONLY from Gary Boehm/Oxford Medical Systems.

Any vendor is welcome to request the latest version of WinClaim at any
time. You may request it on diskette or download it from our system by
modem (please call voice first).

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