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Card Collector Pro
Version 1.0

Welcome to Card Collector Pro. This is a Microsoft Windows based baseball card collector's database program.

Card Collector was developed for a friend of mine who is heavily into baseball cards and who was unable to find another Windows based program to keep a catalog of his cards. As such, it incorporates many of the features that he stated were desirable in such a program. Many other features await a future version.

The .zip file in which this program is distributed must contain the following files:

cardcol.exe - the program file
vbrun100.dll - the vb run file
license.txt - the license agreement
readme.txt - this file

Use of the program is self-evident. There are fields for the type of card, card number, team, player's name, year and condition of the card. A valid record must contain at least a player's name. There is a comments box that can be used for general remarks about the card, such as its location in your filing system. The data records are kept in a file called card.fil in the same directory that contains the cardcol.exe file.

To use Card Collector Pro, simply create a directory on your hard drive (or floppy drive if so desired). Copy the cardcol.exe file to that directory. If your system does not have the vbrun100.dll file (probably located in your windows directory) copy that file either to your windows directory or to the directory containing cardcol.exe. The program can be run eith by use of the program manager's file - run command or by double-clicking on the file cardcol.exe in windows file manager. You can also add the program to any of your program groups by using program manager's file - add command. An icon is included in the cardcol.exe file or you may choose and other icon to which you have access.

Card Collector Pro is shareware. This permits you to try it before you buy it. If you decide to keep it, a registration fee of $7.50 is required. Payment of this fee will entitle the user to support from the author via postal mail or via E-mail as detailed below. I will also send a copy of the latest version on a disk, including any changes made to version one. Should there be enough support for this program, the registrant's of version one will receive the future version two upgrade at a substantially reduced price as a reward for their support. That version will include enhancements to the print module and the ability to maintain more than one data file and a few other enhancements desired by my card collecting friend.

Should you desire not to register the program, please remove it from your system before the 21 day trial period (see the license.txt file that came with the program) has expired. Since I don't like nag screens, I haven't included any.

To register, send $7.50 to:

Tim Hatton
10 N. Limestone Street
Jamestown, Ohio 45335-1504

For support questions contact the author by mail or by E-Mail:

Compuserve 70742,1405
Prodigy VRRP83A

Card Collector Pro Version 1.0 is © 1992 by Tim Hatton, all rights reserved. Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark and is copyright by Microsoft, Inc.

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Archive   : WINBCRD.ZIP
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