Category : Databases and related files
Archive   : WILLWRIT.ZIP
Filename : WW.BAS

Output of file : WW.BAS contained in archive : WILLWRIT.ZIP
ÿ  WW 11/22/85) ¿ ,ì,V  • § ‰ ¬&:º "F.3" AS # ÿ’çð:• § ‰ Þ&w
’ ,@:AMLç@:È :É Ý:À™ Ã"DECOM.BIN",AML:DECOMPçAMLé£ Ê ,,Ç À:‘"W":— SEGç ¸:N1çÿ—():— SEGë À:‘"Q":— SEGç ¸:N2çÿ—():— SEG À:ICRTç:‹ N1çW î N2çQ Í ICRTçC ‹ ICRTæ Í   (:CO1ç:CO2ç:CO3ç: ü:SHIçv ‹ ICRTè Í   P:CO1ç:CO2ç:CO3ç: ü:SHIç‡ ˜ AMLé,ICRTª ALODçAMLéë:à "LOGO.1",ALOD¹ ADZçALODéÉ " L: 0uÖ $³ DECOMPæ & ü: yÿ (Vç:Hç: À: 
*‘ ">";: üM
,‘ " LOADING PROGRAM...PLEASE WAIT ";: : ‘ "<";: üb
2º "WD" ‚ … AS #t
F… #,FI%:» #
P‹ FI% æ ç  Í Š "MAIN"¤
U‚ Iç Ì  :ƒ I²
LANUMçADZ: :˜ AML,LB:˜ AMLé,HBN˜ AMLé,:˜ AMLé, °:‹ ICRTæ Í ˜ AMLé, ¸#P˜ AMLé,ICRT:ŽHHBçÿ…(ANUMì):LBçANUMêHBë:Ž_@I$çÞ:‹ I$çX$ Í @eJŽÀÊ V,HéSHI:Ž: VTAB,HTAB˜ÔÊ Û,HéSHI:Ž: HTABµü¿ CO1,CO2,CO3:Ž: NORMALÔ¿ CO1é,CO2,CO3:Ž: FLASHE¬&Vç:Hç:À: À:‘"Sorry, but there has been a problem":VçVé: À:‘"loading BASIC. Do the following:": '–¶&VçVé: À:‘"Step 1: exit BASIC by typing":VçVé:Hç : À:‘"SYSTEM": 'þÀ&Hç:VçVé: À:‘"Step 2: Reload BASIC by typing:":VçVé:Hç: À:‘"BASIC/S:240 (OR BASICA/S:240)"šÊ&Hç:VçVé: À:‘"If you have copied BASIC to your ":VçVé: À:‘"WillWriter diskette, just type WW":VçVé: À:‘"(or WWA if you have BASICA).": ' Ô&´Þ&À:‹ ÕèæF Í æ&(à&‘" PLEASE REMOVE THE WRITE PROTECT":‘:‘"FROM THE WILLWRITER DISKETTE.":‘:‘"PUT THE DISKETTE BACK IN THE DRIVE"Yâ&‘:‘"AND THEN PRESS THE SPACEBAR TO CONTINUE"eä& @:¨
æ&‘ " OOPS...A PROGRAM ERROR!":‘:‘ " PLEASE REPORT ERROR NUMBER"Õ:‘:‘" AT LINE NUMBER"Ô"TO NOLO PRESS,":‘:‘ " 95O PARKER ST., BERKELEY, CA 94710":Vç:Hç: Àè&• § ‰ :?'Hç:VçVé: À:‘ Ö(&,"*"):ŽE'k0uST$ç"":‚ Iç Ì ð:ST$çST$é"X":ƒ I–2uST1$çST$:ST2$çST1$:ST3$çST2$:ST4$çST3$­:u‹ ÿ’(ST4$)èæð Í áDuAD1çÚ(ST1$):AD2çÚ(ST2$):AD3çÚ(ST3$):AD4çÚ(ST4$)NuLBçÿ—(AD1é):HBçÿ—(AD1é):˜ ‚À,LB:˜ ƒÀ,HBAPuLBçÿ—(AD2é):HBçÿ—(AD2é):˜ „À,LB:˜ …À,HBqRuLBçÿ—(AD3é):HBçÿ—(AD3é):˜ †À,LB:˜ ‡À,HB¡TuLBçÿ—(AD4é):HBçÿ—(AD4é):˜ ˆÀ,LB:˜ ‰À,HB§VuŽßyÀ:JFç:TT$çST1$: Jy:TT$çST2$: Jy:TT$çST3$: Jyù"yJFç:TT$çST4$: Jy:ŽFJy‚ IIç Ì :Hç: Ô:‹ ICRTè ï (IIèæ ï JFèæ) Í ‘ ÿƒ(TT$,(ëIIê',();^Ky‹ JFæ î IIç Í NypLy‹ ICRT è Í ‘xNyƒ:Ž

  3 Responses to “Category : Databases and related files
Archive   : WILLWRIT.ZIP
Filename : WW.BAS

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: