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ÿŸ’ ,@:AMLç@:• § ‰  N: PRINT 5/14/85ÍÉ Ý:— SEGç °:˜ ,:— SEGç ¸:˜ ,:— SEGñÀ:‘"W":— SEGç ¸:N1çÿ—():— SEGÀ:‘"Q":— SEGç ¸:N2çÿ—():— SEGBSHIFTç:ICRTç:‹ N1çW î N2çQ Í ICRTç§ CO1ç:CO2ç:CO3ç:COHç:COBç:‹ ICRTæ Í CO1ç:CO2ç:CO3ç:COBç:COHç :SHIFTç:  (: ü½
SHIçSHIFT:À: Ç ‰ 'ä… #,I$: ENTRYPOINT 30!÷‹ ÿ’(I$)è Í ŽL AA1çÚ(I$):AD1çÿ—(AA1é)éëÿ—(AA1é):ANUMçAD1éÿ—(AA1)ê: 0u:˜ ‚À,LB:˜ ƒÀ,HBX"³ STRIPˆ$Lçÿ—( „À)éëÿ—( …À)êAD1é:‹ Lè Í I$çX$:Žš&I$çÿ(I$,L):Ž²2TCçTCé:‹ PR%è Í ŽÈ3‘ PR$;:‹ RFè Í ‘è4‹ PS%ç Í  PR$;:‹ RFè Í î7Ž<TCçTCé:‹ PR%æ Í ‘#>‹ PR%æ î PS%ç Í  " ")AŽUdPG%ç:LP%ç:MLç9:MMçMLé:PS%ç: ASK Q‡n â: è:‹ I$çS$ Í PS%ç:PA%ç:MMç:‰ –—x : L¯‚ :‹ I$çN$ Í ná–MLçMMê:DM%ç:MX%çN:HH%çP:H2%çHH%ì:LL%ç5È  P: :À:PR%ç: X: è:,TCç: <: INTROA6WO$ç"WILL OF "éV$():I$çWO$: ø@ <: <:I$çIN$é"I, "éV$()é", A RESIDENT OF "éSN$éCY$±TI$çI$é", DECLARE THAT THIS IS MY WILL.": ”ӐNAç:AC%ç:CLçTC:‚ IAç Ì NA唋 IAèæ Í ¤š‹ Gè ï V$()èæY$ Í ê8œ‚ IGç Ì G:AC%çAC%é:TCç:NO%ç:PR%ç: Ì: ´V‹ NO%æ Í AC%çAC%ê:‰ £mž‹ CLéTCæML Í  ˜:ˆ TCç:PR%ç: Ì: ´•¢CLçCLéTC¤£ƒ IG:‰ êɤAC%çAC%é:TCç:NO%ç:PR%ç: h箋 NO%æ Í AC%çAC%ê:‰ êþ‹ CLéTCæML Í  ˜:ÌTCç:PR%ç: h ÖCLçCLéTC)êƒ IA9„LP%ç: ˜:CŽ Ä;]˜‹ ICRTæ Í   (: £š $:Vç:Hç: À:‘ "ENTER "DQ$P$DQ$" TO PRINT YOUR WILL AGAIN"³ F2%ç: @ I$çQ$ Í  $:Vç
: À:‘ "SO LONG... "ÿ–():¤‹ I$çP$ Í d¦‹ I$çRR$ Í Š "WW" ¨‰ d&ç±è $:Vç:Hç: À:‘ "IF YOU HAVE AN 80-COLUMN":VçVé:Hç: À:‘ "DISPLAY, YOU MAY PREVIEW YOUR":VçVé: À:‘ "WILL ON THE SCREEN."0êVçVé: À:‘ "ENTER "DQ$P$DQ$" TO PRINT YOUR WILL":VçVé:HçHé: À:‘ DQ$S$DQ$" TO SEE IT ON YOUR SCREEN";:F2%ç: @:Žå $:Vç:Hç: À:‘ TP$:VçVé:Hç: À:‘ DQ$;C$;DQ$;" IF YOU HAVE CONTINUOUS PAPER":VçVé: À:‘ DQ$S$DQ$" TO PRINT ONE SHEET AT A TIME";:F2%ç: @:PA%ç:‹ I$çS$ Í PA%çë$Ž™L $:Vç:Hç: À:‘ "CURRENTLY PRINTING "MM" LINES PER PAGE":VçVé: À:‘ "ENTER "DQ$Y$DQ$" IF THIS IS OK";:VçVé:HçHé: À:‘ DQ$N$DQ$" TO CHANGE TO ANOTHER VALUE";µ`F2%ç: @:‹ I$çY$ Í ŽjVç:Hç: À:‘ "ENTER NEW NUMBER OF LINES:";: x:MMçÿ”(I$):‹ MMè
Ž(‹ PS%ç Í PA%ç:MM綍 $:Vç:Hç: À:‘ "ENTER "DQ$Y$DQ$:VçVé:Hç: À:‘ "WHEN YOUR PRINTER IS READY":VçVé: À:‘ "ENTER "DQ$N$DQ$" TO RESET OPTIONS";È(F2%ç: @:Žøx þ:Vç:Hç: À:‘ UU$;UU$: À:I$çX$‚T$çÞ:‹ T$çX$ Í ‚'ŒAçÿ•(T$):‹ Aç
Í ŽA–Lçÿ’(I$):‹ Aè Í ´Y ‹ Læ Í  :‰ ‚rªI$çI$éT$:‘ T$;:‰ ‚¦´‹ Aç Í AAçÿ•(ÿƒ(T$,,)):‹ AAçK ï AAçS Í A罸‹ Aèæ ï Lè Í ‚Õ¾‹ Lè Í I$çX$:‰ ÒçÈI$çÿ(I$,Lê)ҍ Ú:‘ UU$;: Ú:‰ ‚*ÚVçÛ:Hçÿ‘()ê:Ê V,H:Ž: BACKSPACEÎ@Hç:VçÛé: À:‘ ">ENTER "DQ$"R"DQ$" TO RETURN TO MAIN PROGRAM":VçVé: À:‘">ENTER "DQ$"Q"DQ$" TO QUIT":VçVé: À:‘" (DON'T FORGET "DQ$"RETURN"DQ$")":VçØAI$çX$îB À: þ:‘ I$; DT$çÞ:‹ T$çX$ Í D+ EAçÿ•(T$):‹ AæZ Í AçAê :T$çÿ–(A)< F‹ Aç
Í Jv G‹ Aç Í AAçÿ•(ÿƒ(T$,,)):Aç:‹ AAèæK î AAèæS Í D” H‹ Aç Í  À:‘ " ":‰ A¤ II$çT$:‰ B³ JVA%çÿ”(I$)Ö T‹ F2%ç ï I$çQ$ ï I$çRR$ Í Ÿú ^‹ F2%ç î (I$çC$ ï I$çS$) Í Ÿ!h‹ F2%ç î (I$çY$ ï I$çN$) Í ŸA!r‹ F2%ç î VA%æç î VA%è Í Ÿn!|‹ F2%ç î (I$çQ$ ï I$çRR$ ï I$çP$) Í Ÿ’!‹ F2%ç î (I$çS$ ï I$çP$) Í Ÿ¢!† :‰ A¸!‹ I$èæCR$ Í  ÚË!’‘ SP$;: Ú:Ž "Ÿ‹ I$çQ$ Í • § ‰ :À:Vç
:Hç:‘ "SO LONG... "ÿ–()::‰ @!" ‹ I$çRR$ Í Š "WW"'"£ŽJ"þ— SEG ç:˜ ,ÿ—():— SEG:ŽR"Å:Ž¹"Ѝ \:º "WD" ‚ … AS #:… #,FI%:… #,CH%:… #,D: … #,G:… #,SN$:… #,FF:… #,CP:… #,AG%:… #,AN$ù"î‚ Iç Ì NV: :V$(I)çI$:ƒ:» #:‹ SN$ç"CALIFORNIA" Í CA%ç*#ð‹ V$(
)èæNU$ î V$(
)èæ X$ Í CY$çQZ$éV$(
)q#øDC%ç:‹ ÿ(SN$,)ç"DIST" Í DC%ç:SN$ ç"THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA":Žƒ#SN$çSO$éSN$:ŽÔ#Ä F$ç"F."éÿƒ(ÿ“(FF%),,):LF%ç&:º F$ AS # ÿ’çLF%:þ‚ #,LF% AS TI$:‚ Iç Ì M%$Î þ‰ #,I:I$çTI$: :‹ FF%ç Í CH$(I)çI$$Ø ‹ FF%ç Í DI$(I)çI$($⠃ I:» #:Ž6$(
‹ Gè Í ŽC$2
º F$ AS # ÿ’çð:þ‚ #,ð AS TI$ƒ$d
‚ IGç  Ì G:IG%çëIGêñ$Œ
þ‰ #,IG%:I$çTI$: :GD$(IG)çI$:þ‰ #,IG%é:I$çTI$: :GN$(IG)çI$:þ‰ #,IG%é:I$çTI$: :GA$(IG)çI$ú$–
ƒ IG% 
» #:ŽZ%h Ì:• IA  ˆ,ì,P,´,,,È,,,|,l,¨, ,Ô,p,d,D,8`%rŽŠ%Ì  <:I$ ç X$:AC ç AC%:  ORDINALS¶%ÖA1% ç ÿ… (AC ì 
):A0% ç AC ê 
ë A1%Ë%à ‹ A1% è  Í ê&âI$ ç I$ é N2$(A1%): ‹ A0% ç  Í I$ ç I$ é IE$: ‰ þ4&äI$ ç I$ é Y$ é N1$(A0%): ‹ A0% è  Í ‰ þM&æI$ ç I$ é TH$: ‰ þƒ&êI$ ç I$ é N1$(AC): ‹ (A0% è  î A1% ç ) Í ‰ þ•&ìI$ ç I$ é TH$²&þI$ ç IN$ é I$ é ": ": Ž ¾&0 FRAME+':Vç:Hç: À:‘ FR$;:‚ Iç Ì :VçI:Hç: À:‘ "|";:Hç(: À:‘ "|";:ƒ I:Vç:Hç: À:‘ FR$;: Ê:Ž5'“RF%çK'”MXçMX%: PRINT I$b'žRFç:TE$çÿ(I$,MX)}'­‹ I$çX$ ï I$çSP$ Í îª'²‹ ÿ’(I$)èçMX Í PR$çI$:RFçRF%: 2:‰ îÆ'´DMçMXêDM%:‹ DMè Í DMçþ'¼IIç:‚ IçMX Ì DM Ï ê:‹ ÿƒ(TE$,I,)çSP$ Í IIçI:IçDM(Áƒ(Æ‹ IIæ Í Ú+(ËPR$çTE$é"-": 2B(Ћ ÿ’(I$)èçMX Í î^(ÕI$çÿƒ(I$,MXé,ÿ):‰ äŠ(ÚPR$çÿ(I$,IIê): 2:I$çÿƒ(I$,IIé,ÿ)´(ä‹ ÿ(I$,)çSP$ Í I$çÿƒ(I$,,ÿ):‰ äÅ(éMXçMX%:‰ žò(î‹ RF%æ Í MXçMX%êÿ’(PR$)ê:‹ MXè Í MXçþ(ðRF%ç:Ž%)øLLçÿ’(I$):‹ LLæL Í  ”:Ž: CENT8)HHç(PêLL)ìêJ) ‹ HHè Í HHç^)‹ HHæ' Í HHç'|) PR$çÿ(BL$,HH)éI$: 2:Ž‹)*TS$çI$: ;§)4LT%çÿ’(TS$):‹ LT%è Í Žá)6IM%ç:‚ IJç Ì LT%:‹ ÿƒ(TS$,IJ,)ç";" Í IM%çIJ:IJçLT%*8ƒ IJ:‹ IM%è Í I$çTS$: ø:Ž*>‹ IM%æ Í HA*@ <:‹ LT%æ Í TS$çÿ‚(TS$,LT%ê):‰ 4G*BŽb*HI$çÿ(TS$,IM%ê): ø‘*J‹ ÿ’(TS$)æIM% Í TS$çÿƒ(TS$,IM%é,ÿ):‰ 4—*RŽè*\Vç
:Hç : À: :‘ ">";: :‘ "DISK DRIVE IN USE";: :‘ "<";: %+fVçVé:Hç: À:‘ " PLEASE GET YOUR PRINTER READY NOW":ŽL+À‹ ICRTè Í Ê V,HéSHI:Ž: VTAB,HTABX+ÂÊ V,H:Žo+ÊÊ V,ÿ‘():Ž: VTAB—+òVTçÛ:‹ ICRTè Í Ê VT,HéSHI:Ž: HTAB¤+óÊ VT,H:ŽÂ+ü¿ CO2,CO1,CO3:Ž: INVERSEß+¿ CO1,CO2,CO3:Ž: NORMALþ+¿ CO1é,CO2,CO3:Ž: FLASH,¿ ,CO2,CO3:Ž: blue>,‹ ICRTæ Í ¿ ,CO2,CO3:Ž: yellowD,ŽR,$À: 0:Žf,~‚ Iç Ì ¸ :ƒ:Ž»,ˆ <:I$çI$é"I revoke all wills and codicils that I have previously made.": ”Á,’Ž×,ì‹ V$()èæY$ Í '-öI$çI$é"I am married":‹ V$()èæX$ î V$()èæ NU$ Í I$çI$é" to "éV$()3-øI$çI$éPD$: ”9-ŽW-P‹ V$()èæY$ ï CH%è Í 'l-R‹ PR%èç Í RN%ç¹-ZS1$ç" one child":S2$ç" is":‹ RN%æ Í S1$çÿ“(RN%)é" children":S2$ç"s are"ó-dI$çI$é"I have"éS1$é" now living, whose name"éS2$é": " .n ”:OF%ç: @:.–‹ CH%ç î (CH$()èæX$ î CH$()èæNU$) Í RN%çL.›‹ RN%è Í 'R. ŽÂ.´ <:‹ GD$(IG)çX$ ï GN$(IG)çX$ ï GD$(IG)çNU$ ï GN$(IG)çNU$ ï GD$(IG)çÿ–() ï GN$(IG)çÿ–() Í ': GIFT IG/ÒI$çI$é"I make the following bequest of money or personal property:":  ”K/׍ <:I$ ç "I give:":  ”:I$ ç GD$(IG) é CO$:  *˜/܍ <:I$ç"to the following person or entity:": ”:I$çGN$(IG)éPD$: *½/á‹ GA$(IG)çX$ ï GA$(IG)çNU$ Í 50æ <:I$ç"However, if this person or entity"éB$é"I revoke the above bequest, which shall instead be made to:": ”N0ëI$çGA$(IG)éPD$: *T0Ž|0S1$çV$(
):‹ S1$çX$ ï S1$çNU$ Í 'f1"I$çI$é"I give all my real property, together with any insurance on that property, and subject to any encumbrances on it at the time of my death, including any mortgage, deed of trust, and real property taxes and assessments, to:"¯1, ”:‹ V$()çY$ î (S1$çS$ ï S1$çSS$) Í I$çMS$ éPD$: ø:IDç:‰ Jù16‹ V$()çY$ î (S1$çC$ ï S1$çCC$) Í I$çTC$: ø:IDç:OF%ç: @:‰ J2@I$çS1$éPD$: *:IDç!2JS2$çV$()32T‹ IDèæ Í ^2XI$çIN$é"If "éMS$éB$é" then his or her share of this property shall pass to:": ”:‰ l¢2^‹ IDèæ Í hÊ2` ò:I$çIN$éI1$: “:I$çI2$: žå2bI$çIN$éI3$: ”:‰ l3h è:I$çIN$éI1$: “3jI$çI2$: žL3l‹ S2$çX$ ï S2$çNU$ Í I$ç"my residuary estate.": ø:Žx3n‹ S2$çS$ ï S2$çSS$ Í I$çMS$éPD$: ø:Ž¦3p‹ S2$èæC$ î S2$èæCC$ Í I$çS2$éPD$: *:ŽÅ3rI$çTC$: ø:OF%ç: @:Žì3|S1$çV$():‹ S1$çX$ ï S1$çNU$ Í '‡4†I$çI$é"I give my residuary estate, i.e. the rest of my property not otherwise specifically disposed of by this will or in any other manner, to:": ”ª4ˆFRç:‹ S2$çX$ ï S2$çNU$ Í FRçì4‹ V$()çY$ î (S1$çS$ ï S1$çSS$) Í I$çMS$éPD$: ø:IDç:‰ ®65š‹ V$()çY$ î (S1$çC$ ï S1$çCC$) Í I$çTC$: ø:IDç:OF%ç: @:‰ ®P5¤I$çS1$éPD$: *:IDç^5®S2$çV$()p5¸‹ IDèæ Í Â5º‹ FRæ Í ŽÜ5¼I$çIN$é"If "éMS$éB$é" then his or her share of this property shall pass to:": ”:‰ Ðî5‹ IDèæ Í Ì!6č ò:I$çIN$éI1$: “:I$çI2$: ž:‹ FRæ Í Ž<6ÆI$çIN$éI3$: ”:‰ Ðb6̍ è:I$çIN$éI1$:‹ FRæ Í  ”:Žy6΍ “:I$çI2$: ž¥6Ћ S2$çS$ ï S2$çSS$ Í I$çMS$éPD$: ø:ŽÓ6Ò‹ S2$èæC$ î S2$èæCC$ Í I$çS2$éPD$: *:Žò6ÔI$çTC$: ø:OF%ç: @:Ž7D‹ V$()çX$ ï V$()çNU$ Í '~7PI$çI$é"I nominate": ”:I$çV$(): *:I$ç"as executor of this will, to serve without bond.": ”¡7T‹ V$()çX$ ï V$()çNU$ Í \8X <:I$ç"If "éV$()é" shall for any reason fail to qualify or cease to act as executor, I nominate ": ø]8ZI$çV$()éCO$: *:I$ç"also to serve as executor without bond.": ”c8\Ž 9l <:‹ CA%æ Í I$çI$é"I direct that my executor petition the court for an order to administer my estate under the provisions of the Independent Administration of Estates Act.": ”:Ž³9mI$çI$é"I hereby grant to my executor the following powers, to be exercised as he or she deems to be in the best interests of my estate:": ”&:nI$çIN$é"1) To retain property without liability for loss or depreciation resulting from such retention.": ”ù:pI$çIN$é"2) To dispose of property by public or private sale, or exchange, or otherwise, and receive and administer the proceeds as a part of my estate.": ”:S1$ç" bonds, notes, stocks or other securities";rI$çIN$é"3) To vote stock, to exercise any option or privilege to convert"éS1$é" belonging to my estate into other"éS1$é", ": “ô;sI$ç"and to exercise all other rights and privileges of a person owning similar property in his own right.": žRzI$çIN$é"7) To pay all just debts, and all taxes that may, by reason of my death, be assessed against my estate or any portion of it, whether passing by probate or not, ": “?{I$ç"provided that such debts and taxes shall be first satisfied out of my residuary estate.": ž:‹ PS%ç î PR%æ Í PG%çPG%é:I$ç"Screen"éÿ“(PG%): (<Å?|I$çIN$é"8) To do all other acts, which in his or her judgment may be necessary or appropriate for the proper and advantageous management, investment and distribution of my estate.": ”ˆ@~ <:S1$ç" powers, authority and discretion ":I$çIN$é"The foregoing"éS1$é"granted to my executor are intended to be in addition to the"éS1$é"vested in him or her by operation of law ": “?AI$ç"by virtue of his or her office, and may be exercised as often as is deemed necessary or advisable, without application to or approval by any court in any jurisdiction.": žEA§ŽÛA¨I$çI$é"If any beneficiary under this will, in any manner, directly or indirectly, contests or attacks this will or any of its provisions, ": “ÈB¼I$ ç "any share or interest in my estate given to the contesting beneficiary under this will is revoked and shall be disposed of in the same manner provided herein as if that contesting beneficiary had predeceased me without issue."ÒBƍ žØBÐŽîB ‹ V$()èæY$ Í 'yCI$çI$é"If my spouse and I should die simultaneously, or under such circumstances as to render it difficult or impossible to determine"ƒC  ”D*I$ç"who predeceased the other, I shall be conclusively presumed to have survived my spouse for purposes of this will.": ”
D4Ž9Dp‹ V$()èæY$ ï V$()çX$ ï V$()çNU$ Í 'ŠD‰I$çI$é"If at my death any of my children are minors, I recommend that": ”žDŽI$çV$(): *ñD“I$ç"be appointed Guardian of the Estate of the minor child or children.": ”E˜‹ V$()çX$ ï V$()çNU$ Í ÀEI$çIN$é"If "éV$()é" shall for any reason fail to qualify or cease to act as Guardian of the Estate, I appoint:": ”¤E¢I$çV$(): *ÔE§I$ç"to act as such guardian instead.": ”7FÀ <:I$çIN$é"I request that no bond be required of any guardian named in this section.": ”=FÅŽlFÔ‹ V$()èæY$ ï V$( )çX$ ï V$( )çNU$ Í '4GÞI$çI$é"If 45 days after my death there is no living person who is entitled by law to the custody of my minor child or children and who is available to assume such custody, I recommend that": ”HGèI$çV$( ): *˜GòI$ç"be appointed as personal guardian of my minor child or children.": ”»Gü‹ V$( )çX$ ï V$( )çNU$ Í 30HI$çIN$é"If "éV$( )é" shall for any reason fail to qualify or cease to act as guardian, I recommend that:": ”DHI$çV$( ): *HI$ç"be appointed to act as such guardian instead.": ”äH3 <:I$çIN$é"I request that no bond be required of any guardian named in this section.": ”êH7Ž¸I8TD$ç"this _______day of __________, 19___": <:I$çIN$é"I, "éV$()é", the testator, sign my name to this instrument, consisting of"éÿ“(PG%é)é" pages, including this page signed by me, "éTD$é".": ”íI:I$çIN$:‹ GGæ Í I$çI$é"Being first duly sworn, ":J<I$çI$é"I hereby declare ":‹ GGæ Í I$çI$é"to the undersigned authority "öJ>I$çI$é"that I sign and execute this instrument as my last will, that I sign it willingly, and that I execute it as my free and voluntary act for the purposes therein expressed.": ”šK@S1$ç" of the age of majority or otherwise legally empowered to make a will, and under no constraint or undue influence.":I$çIN$é"I declare that I am"éS1$: ”ÌKB <:I$çÿ(UL$,(): ø:I$ç"(Signed)": øáKœ‹ PS%èæ Í  <OLI$çIN$é"We, the witnesses, sign our names to this instrument, ":‹ GGæ Í I$çI$é"being first duly sworn, "¢LžI$çI$é"and do hereby declare ":‹ GGæ Í I$çI$é"to the undersigned authority, "M I$çI$é"that the testator willingly signed and executed this instrument as the testator's last will.": ”²M¦I$ çIN$é"Each of us, in the presence of the testator, and in the presence of each other, hereby signs this will as witness to the testator's signing.": ”÷M¨I$ çIN$é"To the best of our knowledge the testator is"éS1$: ”8Nµ‹ PS%ç î PR%æ Í PG%çPG%é:I$ç"Screen "éÿ“(PG%): (<:‰ ÉBNº <WNÉ‹ PS%èæ Í  <¼NÌI$çIN$é"We declare under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing is true and correct, "éTD$: ”
OÎI$çÿ(UL$,)é"residing at:"éÿ(UL$,&):‚ J ç  Ì : <: ø: <:ƒ JOØ‹ GGè Í ö6Oâ‹ PS%èæ Í  <: <qOãI$ç"* * FOR NOTARIZATION * *": ø:‹ PS%èæ Í  <œOäI$çSO$éÿ(UL$,)éQZ$éÿ(UL$,): øèOæ <:I$çIN$é"Subscribed, sworn to and acknowledged before me by": ”ûOêI$çV$(): ø´PëI$ç"and, "éÿ(UL$,)éCS$éÿ(UL$,)é", and "éÿ(UL$,)é", witnesses, personally known to me (or proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the persons), "éTD$: ”ÏPì‹ PS%èæ Í  <: <ùPíI$ç"SIGNED:___________________": ø?Qî <:I$çÿ(UL$,): ø:I$ç"Official Capacity of Officer": øEQöŽzQ‹ (V$()èæY$ ï CH%è) î (V$()èæY$ ï Dè) Í 'Q‹ PR%èç Í RN%ç¿Q
S1$ç" person":‹ RN%æ Í S1$çÿ“(RN%)éS1$é"s"RI$çI$é"I hereby leave $1.00 to each of the following"éS1$é":": ”%R‹ CH%è ï V$()èæY$ Í <5ROF%ç: @RR<‹ Dè ï V$()èæY$ Í FR=‚ Jç Ì D:I$çDI$(J):‹ I$çX$ ï I$çNU$ Í E R>‹ PR%èç Í RN%çRN%é:JJLçJ¾R@‹ JèJJL Í I$çI$éCO$:‰ DÌRBI$çI$éPD$ÖRD øÞREƒ JˆSF <:I$ç"This bequest is in addition to and not instead of any other gift, bequest, or devise that this will makes to such child, children, or grandchildren.": øÁSZ‹ Dç î CH%ç î (DI$()èæ X$ î DI$()èæ NU$) Í RN%çøS\‹ CH%ç î Dç î (CH$()èæX$ î CH$()èæNU$) Í RN%ç
T_‹ RN%è Í 'TcŽ•TdI$çI$é"If any person not my child who receives property under this will is a minor at the time of distribution, I direct ": “JUnI$ç"my executor to distrubute the property to the minor's guardian under the provisions of the Uniform Gifts to Minors Act, or the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, enacted by "}UxI$çI$éSN$é", if either is applicable.": ž:Ž›UÈ‹ V$()èæY$ ï CH%è Í '0VÒI$çI$é"If any of my children"éB$é"specific personal property bequests made to them by this will for which an alternative beneficiary has ": “¤VÔI$ç"not been named shall be given to the deceased child's or children's living children in equal shares.": žƒWÖI$çIN$é"In the event no alternative beneficiary has been named in this will to receive the bequest, and my deceased child has left no children of his or her own, such bequest shall pass into my residuary estate.": ”‹WÜ Ž ëW,I$çI$é"If any beneficiary":‹ V$()çY$ Í I$çI$é", other than my child":‹ CH%æ Í I$çI$é"ren"X.‹ V$()çY$ Í I$çI$é","zX6I$çI$é" of any specific personal property bequest made by this will"éB$é"and no alternative beneficiary ": “òX@I$ç"has been named in this will to receive that bequest, such bequest shall pass into my residuary estate.": ž:Ž2YX  <:I$ ç "IMPORTANT NOTES":  ø:I$ ç "BEFORE"éE$: ”BYlI$çU$: ”òYvI$çIN$ é "Read your will carefully. Is everything printed as you intended? Do you understand everything in it? See Part 13 of the manual if anything isn't clear.": ”Z€ <:I$ ç"WHILE"éE$: ”!ZŠI$çU$: ”§Z”I$çIN$é"1. For your will to be valid you must be of sound mind and of the age specified by your state. See manual Part 2.": ”—[¨I$ç"2. You must say to the witnesses that you intend this to be your will. Initial and date each page where indicated. Then sign the last page in the presence of the witnesses. Use exactly the form of your name printed on the will."±[ª <:I$çIN$éI$: ”Ì[°‹ PS%ç Í I$çCP$: (<|\² <:I$çIN$é"3. We suggest you have 3 witnesses, even though 2 are enough in many states. They should be in your and each other's presence when you sign the will. ": “5]³I$ç"They should state that they realize you intend this to be your will and they should then sign the will in the space indicated for witnesses, and include their addresses.": ž†]´‹ GGæ Í  <:I$çIN$é"4. You have chosen to do this before a notary.": ”]¼ <¶]ÆI$ç"AFTER"éE$: ”:I$ ç U$: ”Q^ÐI$çIN$é"Keep your will in a safe place, where it can be readily found. You may make photocopies, but only the signed original can be probated.": ”f^Ú‹ PS%èæ Í  <N_ÜI$çIN$é"If there are major changes in your life, you should make, sign, and have witnessed a new will. Destroy the original of your old will and all copies. Changes that make it wise for you to make a new will include: ": “$`ÞI$ç"having or adopting a child, moving to another state, the death of anyone named in your will, a change of marital status, and a change in the property you own. See manual Part 12 for a complete list.": že`  <:I$ç"WillWriter, Copyright 1985 by Legisoft Inc.": ø£`I$ç"Nolo Press, 95O Parker St., Berkeley, CA 9471O": ø¾`‹ PS%ç Í I$çCP$: (<Ä`ŽqaèI1$ç"If any beneficiary named to receive this property"éB$é"his or her share shall pass to the remaining surviving beneficiaries named above to receive this property. "ÈaìI2$ç"If there are no such surviving beneficiaries, this property shall pass to:":ŽybòI1$ç"If any child named to receive this property"éB$é"that child's living children shall take that child's share in equal shares. If a child named to receive this property"-côI2$çB$é"and leaves no children of his or her own, that child's share shall be divided in equal shares among any other surviving children named above to receive this property."ŒcöI3$ç"If there are no such surviving children, the deceased child's share shall pass to:":Ž¡c@‹ PR%èç Í RN%ç½cB‚ J ç  Ì CH%:I$çCH$(J)ÖcD‹ V$()èæY$ Í OF%çdJ‹ I$çX$ ï I$çNU$ ï I$çM$ ï (OF%æ î ÿ(I$,)çM$) Í †@dT‹ ÿ(I$,)çM$ Í I$çÿƒ(I$,,ÿ’(I$)ê):‰ J_d^‹ PR%èç Í RN%çRN%é:JL%çJ}dh‹ JèJL% Í I$çI$éCO$:‰ |‹drI$çI$éPD$•d| ød†ƒ JïdTC$ç"my child":‹ RN%æ Í TC$ç"the following of my children, in equal shares:"õdšŽe'NO%ç:Ž: VOID0e'M$çÿ–():Ã"DECOM.BIN",AML:STRIPç ŠÀce'U$ç"---------------":FR$çÿ(U$éU$éU$,'): 0¬e$'NV ç :IN$ ç " ":UU$ ç ".":E$ç" YOU SIGN:":U$ç"---------------"/f('UL$ ç "_______________________________________________________________________________":SO$ç"THE STATE OF ":QZ$ç", COUNTY OF "ef*'CS$ ç ", ":MS$ ç "my spouse":CP$ ç "(Cover Page)"±f.' † V$(NV),N0$(),N1$(),N2$(),CH$(),DI$(),GD$(),GN$(),GA$()Ñf0' ‚ I ç  Ì : ‡ N0$(I): ƒ Ig1' „ "ONE","TWO","THREE","FOUR","FIVE","SIX","SEVEN","EIGHT","NINE"8g2' ‚ I ç  Ì : ‡ N1$(I): ƒ Iîg3' „ "FIRST","SECOND","THIRD","FOUR","FIF","SIX","SEVEN","EIGH","NIN","TEN","ELEVEN","TWELF","THIRTEEN","FOURTEEN","FIFTEEN","SIXTEEN","SEVENTEEN","EIGHTEEN","NINETEEN","TWENTIE" h4'‚ Iç Ì :‡ N2$(I):ƒ IMh5'„ "TWENT","THIRT","FORT","FIFT","SIXT","SEVENT","EIGHT","NINET"ÔhB'X$ç"":Q$ç"Q":P$ç"P":RR$ç"R":B$ç" fails to survive me by 45 days, ":Y$ç"Y":N$ç"N":C$ç"C":CC$ç"c":S$ ç"S":SS$ç"s":SP$ç" ":DQ$çÿ–(")iD'IE$ç"IETH":TH$ç"TH":PD$ç".":CO$ç",":TP$ç"TYPE:":NU$ç"-NOT USED-"tiL'BL$ç" "~it' Пiv'‹ CH%æ Í M%çCH%:FF%ç: Ä ¼ix'‹ Dæ Í M%çD:FF%ç: Ä Îiz'‹ Gæ Í  (
åiˆ'MS$çMS$é", "éV$()ïi2(‰ dj˜: START NEW PAGEj¢:‹ CLæçML Í  <:‰ ¶:3j¬:‚ Iç Ì MLêCLéMj®:‘"//":‹ PS%ç Í "//"Sj°:ƒuj¶:PR%ç:PG%çPG%é:‹ PS%ç Í »:Åj¸:I$ç"Page"éÿ“(PG%):‹ LP%è Í I$çI$é" Initials:________ Date:__________"Ïjº:‰ À:ój»:I$ç"Screen"éÿ“(PG%): (<:‰ ;ýjÀ: ø"kè:‹ PA%æ î PS%ç Í ‘ ÿ–( ):‰ ;Hkê:‹ PA%æ î PS%ç Í  ÿ–( ):‰ ;akí: Ä;:À:‹ LP%æ Í Žkò: 0:Vç
:Hç : À:‘ "SET UP NEXT PAGE"Þkô:VçVé:Hç: À:‘ "PRESS "DQ$"RETURN"DQ$" WHEN READY...";:F2%ç: @:‘:Àñk;‹ LP% æ  Í Žl;TCç:‹ PG%æ Í I$çWO$: ø(l;CLçTC:‹ PS%èæ Í Ž…l; :I$ç"Screen"éÿ“(PG%é):Vç:Hç: À:‘ I$;" BEING PROCESSED...";:Vç: : À:ŽlÄ;‘:‘:Žél(< :I$çI$é"--PRESS RETURN TO GO ON":Vç:Hç: À:‘ I$;:Hç&:F2%ç: : A:À:Žm N $:Vç:Hç: À:‹ Õèæ î Õèæ Í RNUm*N‘ " PLEASE CHECK YOUR PRINTER ":Vç:Hç: À: ~:À:¨dmRN‹ Õç Í ¨°m\N‘ "OOPS...A PROGRAM ERROR!":VçVé: À:‘ "PLEASE REPORT ERROR NUMBER"ÕRnfNVçVé: À:‘"AT LINE NUMBER"Ô:VçVé: À:‘"TO NOLO PRESS,":VçVé: À:‘ "95O PARKER ST.":VçVé: À:‘"BERKELEY, CA 94710":Vç:Hç: À:Vç:Hç: ÀbnpN• § ‰ :‡n0uHBçÿ…(ANUMì):LBçANUMêHBë:Ž

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: