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ýÊ Åã Å2Æ5ǛÈÂÉÞÊ1Ì|ÍEÎЌÑ/ÓBEQUEST>any personal property to be left-to a specific person (spouse, child,,friend,...) or to an institution0(e.g. church, school, or charity).0All personal property not disposed,of in this way is considered "the/rest of your personal property" in.this program.ÿ2PROPERTY=anything you own which has value,,regardless of its form. Common1examples are: cars, homes, stocks,.bank accounts, pensions, antiques,.land, and cash. WillWriter5classifies property into two types:-real estate and personal property.ÿm Welcome to WillWriter6...a program to help you write asimple but effective will.4..................................../Using WillWriter you can leaveproperty to your spouse, children,domestic partner, to charity, or toanyone else.KAnd you can name...8>guardians for your children4>an executor for your estate4(both to serve without bond)ÏWILLWRITER UPDATE SERVICE3To remain informed about new legal-and software developments related to,WillWriter, please register with0Nolo Press by mailing in the card/located at the rear of the manual.YFor more information write to:9NOLO PRESSF95O PARKER STREET?BERKELEY, CA 9471O© THE WILLWRITER MANUAL6The manual for this program hasimportant explanatory and cautionaryinformation, plus material on:8>Who can make a will<>What wills doB>Estate planning@>How to use the program9>Legal definitionseTO UNDERSTAND YOUR WILL9YOU MUST READ THE MANUAL!¨ ESTATE PLANNING ALERT^It is often desirable to reduce the+amount of property you leave in your,will. The more such property is1worth, the greater the possibility.of high probate fees and federal0estate taxes. There are several1planning techniques which may be0used along with your will to avoid.probate and/or reduce taxes.ªAPPLICABILITY OF THE WILL\This program is appropriate for/most American citizens and permanent,residents over 18 who want to write-a basic will.mIf your estate is large or your/requirements complex, it is wise to-design a personalized estate plan/with a lawyer's help. Even so,2WillWriter will serve in the interim.y
INSTRUCTIONS?ŠThe next several screens contain.important instructions on how to use,the WillWriter program.fDo you want to see these?4Type "Y" for Yes or "N" for No:?...and then "Return"ÿCHOW TO ENTER INFORMATION2(1) To answer a yes/no question, type "Y" or "N"...& "Return"0(2) To enter information such as a
name type it...& "Return"3(3) When entering information,continue typing until your entryis complete. DO NOT press"Return" at the end of each lineon the screen.>(4) Do not worry if you see a word broken at the end of a line. It
will be printed correctly.3...Reminder: Always press "Return"after making an entry.¢DEFINITIONS OF LEGAL WORDS2You may obtain definitions of legal,terms displayed on the screen like.this: BEQUEST or PROPERTY. To do so, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~press the special function key F3..This will cause all terms for which-definitions are available to be1highlighted and numbered.9Next type the number of the want defined and press "Return."Ê PROGRAM FEATURES_There are three more ways to depart,from the normal program sequence:/>Press F1 (or enter "B") to Back up...all entries will be remembered.->Press F2 (or enter "Q") to storeyour work on the disk and Quit.0>Press F4 (or enter "*") to see whereyou are on a map of the program.[These features are available when the corresponding symbols
(F1,F2,F3 or F4) appear in the
bottom margin.Œ READY TO MAKE YOUR WILLƒYou are now ready to enter the1information needed to make your will.¥Relax, take your time, and enjoy9the experience...°Press "Return" to go on.Ò

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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