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’ ,@:AMLç@:É Ý:• § ‰ ¬&: INTRO 1/25/85Ù ‚ Iç Ì 
:É I,"":ƒ:É ,ÿ–():É ,ÿ–():É ,ÿ–()"CO1ç:CO2ç:CO3ç:COHç:COBç:Ê ,,:SHIFTç:SC2$çÿ–(Þ):SC1$çÿ–(²)FÀ:‘"W":— SEGç ¸:N1çÿ—():— SEGjÀ:‘"Q":— SEGç ¸:N2çÿ—():— SEGŽICRTç:‹ N1çW î N2çQ Í ICRTçÕSHIçSHIFT:‹ ICRTæ Í CO1ç:CO2ç:CO3ç:COBç:COHç:SHIç:SHIFTçð :‹ ICRT æ Í   ( ‹ ICRT è  Í   P(‰ '&2I1%çTH%é:I2%çNT%Ed‚ ISçI1% Ì I2%: MAIN LOOPRxSçISêTH%bªBK%ç: ˆw´‹ BK%è Í ‰ Ü¢¾I1%çISê:‹ I1%èTH%é Í I1%çTH%é: ³ÈISçNT%:‰ æÙ܋ ISçNT% ï (SçA1 î I$çN$) Í ‰ ˜âæƒ ISìð‰ dòúL :˜ AML,LB:˜ AMLé,HBAV˜ AMLé,:˜ AMLé, °:‹ AMIDæ Í ˜ AMLé, ¸T`˜ AMLé,AMID:ŽyHBçÿ…(ANUMì):LBçANUMêHBë:Žƒ@I$çX$¤AVç:Hç:‹ SçA1 Í Vç:Hç%¼B‹ F2%ç Í Vç:HçÕC À:‹ Aæ
Í ‘ I$;îDT$çÞ:‹ T$ ç X$ Í DEAçÿ•(T$):‹ AæZ Í T$çÿ–(Aê ):AçAê (F‹ Aè Í |AG‹ SçA2 î T$çH$ Í JQII$çT$:‰ AeJ‹ I$çX$ Í I$çT$‹KV%çÿ”(I$):‹ F2%ç ï F2%ç Í ‰ ŸM‹ SèæA2 Í T­P‹ I$çH$ Í Ž¿R‹ HF%è Í šÒT‹ Sèæ A1 Í \üV‹ I$çY$ ï I$çN$ ï I$çB$ ï I$çQ$ Í Ÿ X :‰ š0\‹ Sç î (I$çSP$ ï I$çCR$) Í Ÿd^‹ Sæ î (I$çSP$ ï I$çCR$ ï I$çB$ ï I$çQ$) Í Ÿzh : :‰ @rÊ ,,:Hç: À¦tI$çÞ:‹ I$çX$ Í tÉv‹ I$çCR$ ï I$çSP$ ï I$çES$ Í ŽÙz :‰ rü|‹ Aèæ Í †: CHECK EXT ASCII.~AAçÿ•(ÿƒ(T$,,)):‹ AAçK ï AAçS Í Aç:‰ ˆU€T$ç"":‰ J: OTHER EXTENDED CODESz†‹ Aç
ï Aç Í J: RETURN/ESC’ˆ‹ Aç Í  :‰ @ÆŠ‹ (Aç î Sæ) ï Aç ï (Aç î SçA2) Í I$çÿ–(A):ŽÐŽ‰ šú‹ I$èæCR$ Í VçÛ:Hçÿ‘()ê:‘"-";:Ê V,H’‘ SP$;:Žš :‰ @ŸŽP¤— SEG ç :˜ ,ÿ—():— SEG:Ž: RESET STROBE^Ä ¸,:Žq­ Å:Ž: UNUSED?¸˜ $:Vç
:Hç: À:‘ "PLEASE WAIT: DISK DRIVE IN USE...": GO ONë¢Vç:Hç: À:‘ " ...GOING TO NEXT PHASE "ø¬Š "MAIN"þ®`  $: QUIT?d Vç:Hç: À:‘ " ....QUITTING"; Ò 
)‚t Vç
:Hç: À:‘ "TYPE "DQ$"Y"DQ$" IF YOU REALLY WANT TO QUIT"Â~ Vç :Hç: À:‘ "TYPE "DQ$"C"DQ$" TO CONTINUE THE PROGRAM"ù€ Vç:Hç: À:‘ "(DON'T FORGET "DQ$"RETURN"DQ$")"ˆ F2%ç: @:‹ I$çC$ Í I$çX$:ŽR’ ‹ I$çY$ Í À:Vç
: À:‘ "SO LONG... "ÿ–():bœ  :‰ ˆ ‹¸ HF%ç:‹ ICRTè î F0%è Í SHIç: y› F0%ç:‰  ±Ö PPçA0éëGH%:‰ ž Á INFç: <×n  :F1%ç:   ‚ F2%ç: @:F0%ç:‹ I$çCR$ ï I$çSP$ ï I$çES$ Í F0%ç:SHIçSHIFT:‰   A„ ‹ V%è ï V%æH% Í  :‰ ‚ W” ‹ ICRTè Í SHIç's– NN%çNS%(V%):PPçA0éëNN%³ž ALOçPP: F:HPçANUM: H
: r:‹ I$çES$ Í F0%ç:SHIçSHIFT»  À:ŽìH
F0%ç:ANUMçHPééëÿ—(HP):NUçANUM: L: 0uÿM
³ DECOMP: y7R
Vç:Hç: À:‘ "DEFINITION:":Vç:Hç: À:‘ "..."O˜
F0%ç:F1%ç:  :Ž¥AP ç A0 é  ë IS:AH ç ÿ— (AP) é  ë ÿ— (AP é ):H% ç ÿ— (AH): ‹ H% è  Í `:8 ‚ I ç  Ì H%:AB ç AH é  ë I ê :XT%(I) ç ÿ— (AB):YT%(I) ç ÿ— (AB é ):XB%(I) ç ÿ— (AB é ):YB%(I) ç ÿ— (AB é ):NS%(I) ç ÿ— (AB é ): ƒ Id`N%çÿ—(AHé):IV%çÿ—(AHé):ASçAHééëH%jjŽ¶<‚ Iç Ì H%:VV1çYT%(I):HH1çXT%(I):VV2çYB%(I):HH2çXB%(I):‹ HH1èç Í HH1çÐ= :‹ INFæ Í  ü >‚ JJçVV1 Ì VV2:‚ IIçHH1 Ì HH2:VçJJ:HçII: À:‘ ÿ–(È(JJ,IIéSHI));:ƒ II:ƒ JJDAVçVV1:HçHH1: À:‹ INFè Í D_B :‹ ICRTè Í  üyC‘ ÿƒ(ÿ“(I),,):‰ E„D‘ Ò);”Eƒ I: :ŽµFANUMçÿ—(ALO)éëÿ—(ALOé):Ž¿  Ò´Vç:Hç: ÀÝÈ‘ UL$;ðæVç:Hç: À@ñ‹ SçA1 Í ‘ " TYPE "DQ$Y$DQ$" OR "DQ$N$DQ$"--AND THEN "DQ$"RETURN"DQ$;:‰ @Rò‹ SèæA2 Í ú›ô‹ F1%è î HF%è Í ‘ " PRESS "DQ$"F3"DQ$" TO TRY DEFINITIONS";:‰ @äõ‹ F1%è Í HçHê: À:‘ "PRESS "RT$" FOR NEXT SCREEN F3=DEF";:‰ @0 ö‹ F1%ç Í HçHê: À:‘ " TYPE NUMBER NEXT TO ITEM YOU WANT ";:‰ @p ø‹ F1%ç Í Hç: À:‘ J$RT$" IF YOU WANT MORE DEF'S";:‰ @ ú‹ I$çQ$ Í ‘ Ò #);:‰ @· ‘ "PRESS "RT$" TO GO TO NEXT SCREEN";Ê @Vç:Hç: Àí ^‹ Sç ï I$çQ$ Í ‘ Ò #);:‰ †6!h‹ F1%ç î (SèæA2 ï HF%æ) Í ‘ " ";k!j‹ F1%ç Í ‘ "(PRESS "RT$" TO LEAVE DEFINITION)";œ!l‹ F1%ç Í ‘ J$DQ$"ESC"DQ$" IF YOU DON'T";Ì!†TS$çÿ“(S):‹ ÿ(TS$,)ç" " Í TS$çÿƒ(TS$,,)ö!ˆVç:Hç':‹ F0%æ Í TS$ç"D"éTS$:HçHê "Œ‹ Sç
Í HçHê("Ž À: :‘ TS$;: :Žr"\  $:V ç 
:H ç :  À: ‘ "PLEASE WAIT: DISK DRIVE IN USE...": Ž Ž"ÀÊ V,HéSHI:Ž: HTAB,VTAB¥"ÊÊ V,ÿ‘():Ž: VTAB¼"ÔÊ Û,HéSHI:Ž: HTABß"÷ ü:‹ ICRTæ Í ¿ COH,CO2,CO3å"øŽÿ"ü¿ CO2,COB,CO3:Ž: INV"# ü:‹ ICRTæ Í ¿ COB,CO2,CO3(#ŽC#¿ CO1,CO2,CO3:Ž: NORMv#¿ COH,CO2,CO3:‹ ICRTæ î HFLæ Í ¿ COH,CO1,CO3|#ŽŽ#¿ COH,,CO3:Ž–#$À:Žº#ˆ :SHIçSHIFT:‹ F0%æ Í SHIçÒ#¦ANUMçAS: L: 0uß#°³ DECOMPé#µ yù#ºF1%ç:  $΋ F0%æ Í  ¸ :‰ ˆ1$‹ Sç Í  ¤: r:‰ PG$
F2%ç: ¤: @l$P‹ I$çÿ–() ï I$çQ$ Í  ` :‰ ˆ“$Z‹ I$çÿ–() ï I$çB$ Í BK%ç:I$çB$:ŽÁ$\‹ H%æ î (I$çH$ ï I$çÿ–()) Í  ¸ :‰ ˆÇ$dŽ%¬&À:Vç:Hç: À:‘ " OOPS...A PROGRAM ERROR!":‘:‘ " PLEASE REPORT ERROR NUMBER"Õ:‘:‘" AT LINE NUMBER"Ô"TO NOLO PRESS,":‘:‘ " 95O PARKER ST., BERKELEY, CA 94710":Vç:Hç: À%­&• § ‰ :À%'À:à "DECOM.BIN",AML:DECOMPçAMLé:ES$çÿ– ()z&L'CH$ ç "+":HY$ ç "-":X$ ç "":H$ ç "?":Q$ ç "Q":P$ ç "P":B$ ç "B":Y$ ç "Y":N$ ç "N":C$ ç "C":S$ ç "S":SP$ ç " ":CR$ ç ÿ– (
):DQ$ ç ÿ– ("):RT$ ç DQ$ é "RETURN" é DQ$:ES$ ç ÿ– ()´&V'A1 ç :A2 ç :A3 ç :A4 ç :  INST?,DEF,ENTER,UPDATEÙ&€'A0ç@éë:à "MASTER.INT",A0ÿ&’'NT% ç ÿ— (A0):TH% ç ÿ— (A0 é )d'œ'NM% ç 
: † M$(NM%): „ "9","","4","6","2","14","14","14","14","14": ‚ I ç  Ì NM%: ‡ M$(I): ƒ Iy'Ä'PS$ ç " "˜'((F1$ ç " SEE MANUAL PART "¾'2(F2$ ç " LEGISOFT/NOLO PRESS "ÿ'7(UL$ ç "--------------------------------------":J$ ç "PRESS "E(<(T$çX$:‚ Iç Ì ð:T$çT$éY$:ƒ:ST1$çT$:ST2$çT$:ST3$çT$:ST4$çT$:‰ 2y(0uAD1çÚ(ST1$):AD2çÚ(ST2$):AD3çÚ(ST3$):AD4çÚ(ST4$)(:u˜ ‚À,ÿ—(AD1é):˜ ƒÀ,ÿ—(AD1é)Á(Du˜ „À,ÿ—(AD2é):˜ …À,ÿ—(AD2é)å(Nu˜ †À,ÿ—(AD3é):˜ ‡À,ÿ—(AD3é) )Xu˜ ˆÀ,ÿ—(AD4é):˜ ‰À,ÿ—(AD4é):Ž?)yHç:Vç: À:M$çF2$:‹ SèæA4 Í M$çF1$éM$(S)éPS$d)y‹ F0%æ î ICRTè Í M$çÖ(,SC1$)“)yIç:‹ SèæA4 î ÿ’(M$(S))æ Í M$çÿƒ(M$,,)¬) y‹ F0%è ï ICRTæ Í Àâ)"yIIç:TT$çST1$: Jy:TT$çST2$: Jy:TT$çST3$: Jyü),yJFç:TT$çST4$: Jy:Ž,*Jy‚ Iç Ì : :z:‘ ÿƒ(TT$,(ëIê&,&);: Dz4*Lyƒ:ŽZ*:zIIçIIé: Ô: PRINT LEFT BORDER*

  3 Responses to “Category : Databases and related files
Archive   : WILLWRIT.ZIP
Filename : INTRO.BAS

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: