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Video MADNESS will help you to find any movie you want, no matter how
many movies you have. It is best to number your video tapes and store them
on the shelf in numeric order.

This program has everything to do on one screen and you don't go to
separate menus to do things like other programs ..... You see
the "file window" on the screen which is like a list. If you want
to browse through it, you can press the UP or DOWN arrow keys or you
can go a screen down by pressing the PgDn key and a screen up, by
pressing the PgUp key. You can go to the END of the file by holding
down the CTRL key and tapping the PgDn key. You can go to the TOP
of the file by holding down the CTRL key and tapping the PgUp key.

To register your software [for the small fee of 20 bucks], press F6.
It will show you where to send your bucks. You get a new copy without
the flashing "unregistered" prompt [and the grateful thanks of the

The light bar on the screen tells you what record you are on. If you
want to EDIT a record, move the light bar that THAT record and press
the RETURN [or ENTER] key. You will see a window appear on the screen
and you can change anything on the record you want. If you decide to
not make any changes or don't want to save the changes you made, just
press the ESCape key and the record will remain the same as it was
before. Pressing F2 or RETURN on the last field will write the changes
you have made to the file.

This program allows you to add any categories of movies you want and
it's a good idea to add some categories before you begin entering movies
You can, however, add categories WHILE you are entering movies. Select
the ADD option when the category window is up on the screen if you wish to
add a category WHILE you are entering a movie. But to just add categories
press F3 and it will pop up the category window for you.
You can add up to 99 categories of your own choosing.

To ADD a record to the file, press the INSert key. Just fill in the
blanks in the window which appears on the screen and then, when done,
press RETURN [or ENTER] on the last field, or press F2. Press ESCape
if you change your mind about ADDing a new record.

DELETING or removing a record is a two part process. First, you press
the DELete key and select "Delete" from the little menu which pops up.
It will mark the record which the light bar is on as a DELETED record.
If you change your mind and don't wish to DELETE that record, then,
press the DELete key again and you will see that the word, "Delete",
has been replaced with "UNdelete"
Select "Undelete" and the record will be UNmarked as deleted. If you
HAVE deleted the correct record, then you need to take the second step.
You need to get rid of the record forever. This you do by pressing the
DELete key again, and selecting "PACK" from the menu.

When you ADD a record, you are given the opportunity to write comments
about that movie. The program will put you into a little word
processor and you can type
several lines <3 or 4 screens if you wish> of comments. This could
be useful for jotting down the stars of the movie or a synopsis of the story
If you wish to EDIT these comments, move the light bar to the movie
of which comments you wish to edit and press F4 .
Do your editing or adding and then, when done, press F2 .

Sometimes you might want to find a record really fast or sort the file
in a different order. You use the SEARCH option for this. Press F5
and you will see a small menu to the top right of the
screen. It gives you the opportunity to see the file in category order
as well as tape number order.

After you pick what you want to search on, you will see a box in the
lower left of the screen. Type in what you wish to search for and
press RETURN. If the word you want to put in is longer than the box
you see on the screen, don't worry. The letters will scroll over. So
if the field is 30 characters, you can put in 30 characters. Also, if
you put in the first part of a field, it will put you in the place in
in the file which is closest to what you searched for. If you wish to
put the file in movie title order again, select F5 and
select "Title" from the menu. Then, if you press ESCape when
you see the little red box appear, the file should be in Last Name order.

You can PRINT three reports to the printer.
You can print a list of all movies with the comments field
by pressing F7 .

Press F8 , to print out a list of all the movies
of ONE category, the one you select. In the select box which will pop
up when you press F8 , you move the lightbar to the
category you want and press [RETURN].

If you press F10 , you can
print a list of all movies showing the tape number and the starting and
the finishing number length of time each movie runs.

If you are done using the program and want to quit, Press the ESCape
key. A small MENU will pop up and give you the choice of Quitting,
or PACKing or returning to the program. You would PACK if you
search for something that you know is in the file but it doesn't find
it. Or you print a list of one category and get SEVERAL category.
You would also PACK to get rid of deleted records forever.
Or if you get an error message at the top of the screen about it being
"unable to open NAMEX.NTX" or the like. Sometimes after a storm, the
indexes may be messed up. Just select the PACK option from the QUIT
menu and you will be "in business" again.

If PACKing doesn't help the indexes, simply go to DOS and delete
all the files with an ".NTX" extension. Then, when you run the program
again, it will remake all the indexes. DO NOT DELETE THE FILES WITH
a ".DBF" extension. These are your DATA files!

When you are in this program, the DATA FILE is OPEN at all times and
so, BE CAREFUL to NEVER NEVER NEVER leave the terminal while in this
program!!! If you need to walk away, EVEN FOR A FEW MOMENTS, press
the ESCape key and EXIT this program! ALSO, be SURE to make REGULAR
backups with FULLBAK or FASTBACK. Taking this care may save you work

The following Control Keys work while adding or changing a record or
writing a comment:

CTRL and y: this will clear out a field in the record or delete a
line in a comment.
CTRL and f: moves one word to the right.
CTRL and a: moves one word to the left.
CTRL and t: deletes the word the cursor is on.
END : moves to the END of the line.
HOME : moves to the beginning of the line.


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Archive   : VIDEO.ZIP
Filename : HELPVID.TXT

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