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Note to Distributors, Vendors and SysOps

Anyone who are interested to distribute Visual Calendar Planner for
Windows are welcomed! You are encouraged to write to me so that I
can send you the latest version of Visual Calendar Planner for Windows.

You can contact me in any of the following ways:

Bok Nan Lo
P.O. Box 9132
Reno NV 89512

CIS: 73523,2502
Internet: [email protected]

You are required to do the following when distributing the software

1. A fee of not more than US$10 is to be charged for diskettes (this does
not apply to CD distributions).

2. The files and programs on the disks cannot be modified in any way,
and must always be distributed together.

3. The program cannot be sold as part of some other more inclusive
package unless CD-ROM distribution.

4. When distributed via computerized bulletin boards or any other
on-line services, the files must be compressed together in library

5. Vendors or distributors must inform the users that this is a shareware
program, seperate registration to the author is required if they use
my program after the evaluation period.

6. Vendors and distributors must provide the file VBRUN300.DLL to users.
If you cannot provide the file VBRUN300.DLL, you must inform the users
that such file is necessary to run the program.