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The purpose of the Computerized UPS Book is to allow
small to medium size businesses a fast, simple way of handl-
ing their UPS shipments and bills. The UPS Book allows you
to quickly locate previous shipments to customers and check
your UPS bill for accuracy.
This program is intended for use by shippers who ship
ground only in the continental US or 2nd day air and next
day air to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. This program
will not handle Canada or Europe.
Before using the system, don't forget to enter all the
necessary information into the program. Some of the charts,
like the RATE CHART, will probably be the same, but the ZONE
CHART will be different for each center. UPS will need a
copy of all of the charts for the program and they do check
them for accuracy. Before you can use this program you must
have it okayed by UPS! It took us several weeks to get an
approval. If they need it, our shipper number is VA230-737
and the account name is CREATIVE MOULDING & FRAME in Roa-
noke, VA.
This program is my first attempt at commercial software
and I want it to be right! If you find a problem, let me
know right away. If you want to use this program after De-
cember 31, 1991 you will need to register it! The cost of
registration is $49. My address is:
John H. Ferguson
3904 Winding Way Road
Roanoke, VA 24015
(703) 342-1800 BBS Support
71046,1005 CompuServe

This is the opening menu that you will encounter. At
the bottom of the screen is a explanation of the commands.

ENTER - Input new entries into the book.

DELETE - Delete the current entry from the book.

PRINT - Print the shipping record. The program will print
two copies, one for the driver and one for your records.
When it has finished it will ask if you want to finalize the
pickup record and record it in the history database. You
should answer "Y" for yes if you are finished with this re-
cord and are ready to give everything to the UPS driver.

RATE - Takes you to a second menu for entering or changing
rates for the various zones plus all service charges and us-
er information.

TAGS - Prints COD tags using UPS computer form 0211020
11-86(25MM 8-88) U. These are available from UPS.

ZONE - Takes you to a second menu for entering the UPS Zone
Chart for your UPS center.

LABEL - Allows you to print a shipping label for the current
entry or all entries. This function was designed for use
with NEBS from 9389-1CNC.

HISTORY - Toggles between the current shipping record which
is items that you are preparing to ship and a history of
what you have shipped in the past. HISTORY ACTIVE will show
in the lower left corner indicating that you are looking at
previous shipping records.

INDEX - Allows you to toggle between the Reference Number
and Receiver's Name. If you are in the HISTORY mode, you
can also search on Pickup Record Number and Pickup Date.

F1 - Allows you to search through the index.

QUIT - Exits the program.


REFERENCE # - This number is a unique number that can be as-
signed by the program. The program will check to see if you
have used the number on this pickup record before.

NAME - The person or company receiving the package.

ADDRESS - The street address of the receiver. DO NOT USE

CITY - City to which the package is being shipped to.

STATE - State to which the package is being shipped to.

ZIP - Zip to which the package is being shipped to.

RESIDENTIAL - If the address is a residential address answer
"Y" for yes otherwise it should be "N" for no.

ZONE - The program will try to see if it can find the cor-
rect zone based on the UPS ZONE CHART that you have entered.

WEIGHT - The weight of the package. "99" indicates that the
package is a NEXT DAY LETTER!

OVERSIZE - If the package is oversize according to UPS's
rules indicate with a "Y" for yes otherwise "N" for no. Re-
member that the weight will jump to a minimum of 25 pounds.

DECLARED VAL - The value of the package in excess of $100.

COD AMOUNT - Amount of the COD to be collected.

CALL TAG - If you are issuing a call tag answer "Y" for yes,
otherwise "N" for no.

INSTRUCTIONS - You can use this for a note. It is printed
on the instructions line of the COD tag! If you want the
COD to be CASH ONLY, you can enter that here!!

PICKUP RECORD - This is added by the program when it final-
izes the shipping record.

SHIPDATE - This is also added by the program when it final-
izes the shipping record.

The information for this section comes from UPS. It is
the same information almost everywhere in the continental
US. Use PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN to switch between the various
TION section.


PICKUP RECORD - This number comes from the UPS pickup record
that they provide to you.



INSURANCE - UPS INSURANCE charge for each additional $100.

RESIDENTIAL - At the present time UPS charges 30 cents extra
for residential deliveries.


SHIPPER - Your name

ADDRESS - Your return address.

CITY/STATE/ZIP - Your city, state and zip.

SHIPPER NO - The UPS Shipper number assigned to you.

DEFAULT REF# - Each package must have a unique identifica-
tion number. The program will automatically use one or you
may change it. We use invoice numbers!

PRINTER TYPE - Select the type of printer you will be using
so the program can fit information onto an 80 column piece
of paper using condensed print.

SHIPPER ZONE 1 - At the top of your UPS ZONE CHART you will
see that it covers certain zip codes. This will be the
starting zip code.

SHIPPER ZONE 2 - This will be the ending zip code.

REGISTRATION - This is a number that I provide to registered
user to allow use after 12-31-91.

This chart is provide by UPS and is unique for each
center. It takes time to enter this and you should check it
very carefully after entering the information.

UPS, and United Parcel Services are probably registered
trademarks of United Parcel Services, Inc.

NEBS is a registered trademark of New England Business Ser-
vice, Inc. Their phone number is (800) 225-9550.

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