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Updated Fri 16-April-1993

A list of programs by Timo Salmi All rights reserved

If you have an access to InterNet (or its subnets NorduNet or
FuNet), and have FTP (file transfer program) capability, you can get
these programs from archives, University of Vaasa,
Finland, node number by anonymous FTP. If you don't
have FTP, you can use Garbo's mail server. You can inquire for more
information by email from [email protected].

These programs are also included on Robert Bruce's extensive Garbo
CDROM (obtainable eg from Harri Valkama, WasaWare Oy, Palosaarentie
31, SF-65200 Vaasa, Finland). Furthermore, some of the programs have
appeared as UseNet Binary Postings in The
programs are also available from several bulletin boards. Some of
these programs also appear on the PC-SIG and other shareware

The most recent versions are, however, at the University of Vaasa.
This means that using anonymous FTP, or the mail server of, is by far the best choice, with the CDROM
alternative being the best of the alternatives. (North American
users might first want to try to get these programs from a site near
you [e.g. the Garbo mirror at wuarchive or SIMTEL20] in order not to
add to the load on the overseas link. Likewise the Australian users
might want to try the Garbo mirror, and the Asian users
the mirror at

The author can be contacted at: (Comments are solicited!)
Internet address: [email protected] (My preferred email address)
Bitnet address: [email protected]

BINARY files :
ts1st Statistics: Univariate statistical measures.
ts2st Statistics: Multiple (OLS) regression analysis.
ts3st Statistics: Transformations of observations.
ts4st Statistics: Correlation analysis.
ts5st Least absolute deviation (LAD) multiple regression.
ts5dos MsDos 5.0 (or 4.+) specific programs (driveoff,setser)
tsarc Details of the contents of each ts-package in zipped form.
tsbase A programmer's tools base.
tsbat A collection of useful batch files and tricks.
tsbits Base conversions, decimal bit calculations.
tscdar Perpetual calendar in English and Finnish.
tschek A Unix-like spelling checker (for MsDos ascii files).
tsdemo Assorted graphics demonstrations of functions etc.
tsdraw Graphical presentation of equations and LP problems.
tsf2cm Comparison of two files, etc.
tsfaq Questions from UseNet and Timo's answers.
tsfcom A set of programs for manipulating text files.
tsfilt Programs for filtering messages, log files, Unix-PC, etc.
tsfima Programs of financial mathematics.
tsfltb Easily customizable general filters, for text or binary.
tsfltc More text-file filters (concat, cut, cutw, detab, rep, rot13)
tsfunc Calculates, tabulates, and plots your functions.
tsgame Three educational games including a management game.
tsgmeb Timo's educational games: typevade, revegame, witpin.
tsgmec Timo's educational games: ascigame, linegame, wordexam
tsgmed Learn national flags as educational games (good).
tsgmee Classic Hangman and Towers of Hanoi
tsjog A simple calculator and pacer for a jogging enthusiast.
tskerm Keypads, .bats, logging, and file transfers for MsKermit.
tslin Linear programming and linear goal programming.
tsmatr Standard matrix calculations. Product, inverse, etc.
tsnum Various programs in numerical analysis.
tspa??40 Turbo Pascal 4.0 units for (real:-) programmers.
tspa??50 Turbo Pascal 5.0 units for (real:-) programmers.
tspa??55 Turbo Pascal 5.5 units for (real:-) programmers.
tspa??60 Turbo Pascal 6.0 units for (real:-) programmers.
tspa??70 Turbo Pascal 7.0 real mode units for (real:-) programmers.
tspell Screen oriented spelling checker & word frequency counter.
tspfon Utilities and advice for Procomm Plus.
tsprn Printing text files with Diconix and Zenith laptop.
tspun Timo's sickening groaners.
tsqed Macros and configurations for QEdit text-editor.
tsqlpc On home computer (QL) <-> PC file transfer.
tstlx Salt scripts etc for the Telix telecommunication program
tstsr TSR programs (noboot, resclock, sordino, timedown, timeup,...)
tsutil Timo's 1st utility set (sysinfo, dirw, dtetimal, timelog ...)
tsutlb Timo's 2nd utility set (touch, chars, dire, setgra)
tsutlc Timo's 3rd utility set (eg find duplicates on hd ...)
tsutld Timo's 4th utility set (bigcurs, keyrate, caps, switchar ...)
tsutle Timo's 5th utility set (lock keyboard,mailsplit,tdel,cmos...)
tsutlf Timo's 6th utility set (advdate, strings, strmemo)

ASCII files in /pc/ts :
0news-ts Latest news about the files in /pc/ts directory
0news89.ts The news announcements of 1989 on ts-programs
0news90.ts The news announcements of 1990 on ts-programs
0news91.ts The news announcements of 1991 on ts-programs
fback Early user feedback (later see /pc/pd2/post??.zip)
tsans???.txt Answers to some recurring questions about the packages
tsarc???.txt Details of the contents of each ts-package
vaasa.inf Statistics about Finland, Vaasa, and U of Vaasa, Timo
vaasa2.inf More (official) information about University of Vaasa

Selected ASCII files in /pc/pd2 :
0dir-pd2 Information about the /pc/pd2 directory
author??.zip List of SW & PD authors reachable on InterNet
bestpr??.zip Timo's choice of best MsDos SW & PD programs comp.archives.msdos[.d/.announce] FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Popularized history of Garbo archives
hist9?.zip Timo's subjective look back at 199?
infolist.txt Information on garbo-infolist mailing list
moder??.zip A list of MsDos FTP sites & moderators
news-pd2 Current year's selective news about uploads at Garbo
news??.pd2 Selected news announcements of 19??
pd2aw???.txt Frequently asked Garbo questions with answers
post??.zip Information email & postings (30 msgs each)
private.txt Your feedback, questions and views are public

Also see in /pc :
INDEXTS.ZIP The contents of each ts-package, same as /pc/ts/tsarc

Unix scripts & filters (Bourne shell) in /unix/ts :
0news-u News and advice about the files in /unix directories
asc2ibm Filter 7-bit Scandinavian characters to 8-bit characters
combine.txt How to combine and uudecode binary postings
gfind A convenient script for Garbo index searches
ibm2asc Filter 8-bit Scandinavian characters to 7-bit characters
namedown A script to convert file names to lower case and ; to .
nameup A script to convert file names to upper case and ; to .
pc2unix Filter PC end of lines to Unix end of lines
quote Quote textfiles and email, a filter
sim2oak Filter SIMTEL20 announcements to OAK.Oakland.Edu format
unix2pc Filter Unix end of lines to PC end of lines
unzipper A script to use unzip as an uncompress replacement
white Filter white spaces from a text file
zipper A script to use zip as a compress replacement

Sinclair QL
The /ql subdirectories have some of my old Sinclair QL programs.

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