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News on the TSJOG package by Timo Salmi in reverse order

University of Vaasa, Finland, Sun IPX SPARCstation
has a large collection of PD and shareware PC programs available by
anonymous ftp or mail server. The file /pc/ts/0news-ts contains news
about the TS-programs in the /pc/ts directory (in reverse order).
This text, which you now have, is an extract from the 0news-ts file.
Prof. Timo Salmi Co-moderator of comp.archives.msdos.announce
Moderating at anonymous FTP archives
Faculty of Accounting & Industrial Management; University of Vaasa
Internet: [email protected] Bitnet: salmi@finfun ; SF-65101, Finland

Sun 18-Apr-93: I have updated to
"A simple calculator and pacer for a jogging enthusiast". Corrected
the midnight bug in "PACE.EXE Timer to pace your calisthenics".
Added FILE_ID.DIZ "Brief characterization of tsjog". Some BBS
systems scan for a FILE_ID.DIZ in uploaded packages and, if found,
use its contents as the description in their annotated file list.
Added a brief "TSJOG.INF A readme".

Sat 1-Feb-92: I have updated my average speed & time calculator
JOG.EXE. A user (Hamish Whittal [email protected]) suggested that
the one kilometer intervalling option is insufficient. I have
consequently extended the usage to be
JOG DistanceKm Time [ComparisonDistance] [/i[IntervalMeters]]
include Interval schedule -+
The jog program is part of me hence updated package

Sat 7-Dec-91: Updated my simple average speed & time / km calculator
JOG.EXE to include interval timing for each kilometer (optional
switch /i). It is available as

Sun 20-Jan-91: I have updated one of my oldest packages, the jogging
calculations to be /pc/ts/tsjog11.arc. It contains a simple jog.exe
calculator to give your average per kilometer speed and a comparison
to Cooper's test. The output of jog can now (optionally) be redirect
in the customary MsDos manner. The usage of jog is simple:
JOG distance [hh:]mm:ss [ComparisonDistance]
I have added a pace.exe program, which simply shows the elapsed
time to pace whatever calisthenics you may be doing. The time is
shown in really big figures taking up the whole width of the screen,
and changing text color once every minute.
These programs are not intended to be fancy as programs, but
to perform their simple tasks as practical aids to a hobby.

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Archive   : TSJOG14.ZIP
Filename : TSJOG.NWS

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