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Instructions to use the Automatic Backup procedures:

Format a disk, label it 'Service Backup #1.' Go the Other Options
Menu and observe selection 3: Toggle 'Detour' Help screens. Make sure
that selection 3 shows [now off].

Place the backup disk into drive A. When you exit the program, it
will ask you if you want to back it up. At this point, enter a '1'
without an 'Enter' to show acceptance. The next screen will then
display 'A:'. Press the 'Enter' key to accept that value. At this
point, the program will drop you into your subdirectory, \SERVICE.
The program has not yet backed up the data. Service Plus [TM] does
not contain enough internal memory to execute the compression
utilities that actually backup the data, so it does the next best
thing: it creates a batch file called 'BACKUP.BAT' that it wants you
to execute manually. Execute:

\SERVICE\BACKUP <======== you enter this

Let's say that you backup the data on January 15. the backup
procedure will create this file:


The '01' stands for the month, while '15' shows the day. In this way,
the backup files will not overwrite each other on the backup disk.
When fill, the backup procedure will tell you that 'for some reason,
the program cannot copy over the file to the disk.' At this point,
place a write-protect tab onto backup #1, format a second disk, label
it 'Service Backup #2', use it until full, then swap the write-protect
tab with Backup #1, reformat #1, and use it from scratch.

By doing this, you will always be alternating back and forth between
the two backup disks as each becomes full.

For more information on this procedure, see Appendix M in

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Archive   : SPLUS300.ZIP
Filename : BACKUP

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