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ARCE Command Version 4.0c
------------ Mar 3, 1989

Purpose: Use ARCE to extract files from an ARC archive file.


ARCE [d:][path]filename.ext [filespecs...] [d:outpath]
| [/5]


The drive and path names are optional. If omitted, the current
drive and path name is used.

The filename must be supplied. The extension defaults to ARC.
All files matching the supplied filename are processed. The ARC
filename may contain the * and ? wildcard characters.

If no filespecs are supplied, all files are extracted.
Otherwise, only those ARC members which match one of the up to
16 filespecs are extracted.

The extracted files may be placed on another drive, and/or in
another subdirectory by following the optional filespecs with a
drive designator and/or path name.

If the file being extracted already exists, you are asked
whether or not you want to over-write it. You may use the | /R
option to bypass this prompt. Use a Y followed by the | return
key to over-write the file.

Use the /Q option to suppress alarm sounds, beeps, and bells.

Use the /P option to write the extracted files to the DOS
standard output file. With /P, you may pipe or redirect the
output. An initial line feed is added to the beginning of the
output file.

Use the /T option to test the archive's integrity. No files will
be extracted.

If the file was encrypted, use the /G option to supply the same
password as was used to create the file, e.g. /GSECRET.

| Use the /5 option to stop ARCE from creating the subdirectories
| for files created with the ARC /Z subdirectory option.

ARCE 4.0c, Copyright (c) 1986-89, Wayne Chin and Vernon D. Buerg.

ARCE Command Version 4.0c
------------ Mar 3, 1989


o Extract all file from TEST.ARC onto the current drive:


o Extract only file with an extension of .ASM from the archive
SOURCE.ARC on drive B and in subdirectory SAVE:


o Extract all files from all ARC files in the subdirectory
called TEST on drive C:


o Extract all files from PROGA.ARC and place the files in
subdirectory OLD on drive B:


o Extract all files with an extension of .COM and .EXE from the
archive PROGS.ARC in directory NEW\WORK on drive B, and place
the them in subdirectory SAVE\TEST on drive A; replace
existing file:


o Extract the file READ.ME from the archive GIZMO.ARC and
display it on the console instead of writing it to a file:


o Same as above, except pass the extracted READ.ME file to the
LIST file viewer:


ARCE Command Version 4.0c
------------ Mar 3, 1989

Error Messages

'filename - premature EOF reading '

Data is missing from the archive file. The program is

'filename - unable to set file datestamp'

The file datestamp is set to the current date and time, and the
next archive member is processed.

'filename - WARNING: file CRC does not match!'

The extracted member is left on the output disk, and the next
archive member is processed. The file is probably invalid but
is left on the disk for your examination.

'Invalid filespec(s)'

The filespec syntax is incorrect. The filename part may be from
1 to eight characters, and may include the ? or * wildcard
characters. The extension may be none to three characters, and
may include wildcards. There is a maximum of 16 filespecs
allowed. The program terminates.

'filename - file already exists. Overwrite it? (y/N) '

The member being extracted already exists. If you are using a
data path utility, the file may not actually be in the
subdirectory be used for output. Respond with the letter Y to
over-write the existing file, or respond with the letter N to
skip this member and continue to the next.

'Abort: Stack overflow'

The member being extracted has invalid data. The program is

'filename - invalid decode tree count'

The member being extracted has invalid data. The program is

ARCE Command Version 4.0c
------------ Mar 3, 1989

Error Messages (cont'd)

'filename - new archive format 7 not yet supported'

Format 7 is a special file compression method used internally by
SEA, the authors of ARC. Processing continues with the next
archive member.

'Unable to open archive > arcname'

The specified ARC archive file was not found, or was
inaccessible. The program terminates.

'CREATE failed > filename'

There was insufficient directory space, or a failure accessing
the output disk. The program terminates.

'Invalid archive format!'

The archive file data is invalid. The program terminates.

'Incorrect DOS version'

Version 2.0 or later of PC DOS must be used. The program

'Not enough memory.'

A minimum of 112k bytes of memory is required. The program

'I/O error reading from arcname'

An incorrectable error occurred attempting to read data from the
archive file. The program terminates.

'I/O error writing or disk full > filename'

There was not enough disk space to write the complete archive
member. The partially extracted file is scratched and the
program terminates.

ARCE Command Version 4.0c
------------ Mar 3, 1989

Error Messages (cont'd)

'No matching file(s) found'

No archive files were found that matched the supplied filename
specifications. The program terminates.

'filename - ERROR: invalid file codes'

An error was detected while attempting to decode a crunched
file. Either some data bytes are invalid, there are extra
bytes, or there are bytes missing. The archive is invalid.

ARCE Command Version 4.0c
------------ Mar 3, 1989

Version history

1.1 - 1/13/86 -initial release

2.00, 04/08/86 - fine tuning of I/O buffering

2.01-2.05, 4-20 thru 9/9/86
- improve unsq, correct disk full message
2.06, 9/17/86 - release from testing
2.07, from 9/19 - not released
2.08, 12/31/86 - added /P, /Q; fixed /R with redirection
2.09, 1/5/87 - correct closing of output if /P used; require return
(enter key) for over-write prompt
- add more validity checking of member headers
2.10, 1/6/87 - correct use out output file specification
2.11, 1/24/87 - some cosmetics, wrong banner version and date

3.0a, 3/16/87 - added /G for password encryption
- added /T for integrity checking only
- correct loop in command line parsing
- internal optimization
- make intergity checking more robust

3.0c, 3/23/87 - improve extracting with file selection
- minor fixes and cosmetic changes

3.0d, 3/29/87 - correction to unsqueeze

3.0e, 4/02/87 - correct loop with invalid archives
- insure errorlevel non-zero if any errors
- correct loop in command line processing

3.0f, 5/31/87 - correct false 'disk full' error message when
using /p (piping) option
- correct failure to extract all files from a
garbled (/g) archive

3.1a, 9/10/87 - cosmetic changes

3.1b, 9/16/87 - unsquashing version released

3.1c, 2/06/88 - lessen memory requirement to 50k

| 4.0a, 2/06/89 - add subdirectory support via /Z option

| 4.0b, 2/28/89 - change meaning of /Z to /5;
| correct name used for /Z output directories

| 4.0c, 3/03/89 - correct mkdir error without /5

ARCE Command Version 4.0c
------------ Mar 3, 1989


ARCE (c) Copyright 1986-1989 by Wayne Chin and Vernon D. Buerg

ARCE is free, but it is a copyrighted work and may be distributed only
pursuant to this license.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce and disseminate ARCE so long

(1) No remuneration of any kind is received in exchange; and

(2) Distribution is without ANY modification to the contents of
ARCE.COM and all accompanying documentation and/or support
files, including the copyright notice and this license.

No copy of ARCE may be distributed without including a copy of this

Any other use is prohibited without express, written permission in

Vernon D. Buerg
139 White Oak Circle
Petaluma, CA 94952

CompuServe: 70007,1212
Data/BBS: 707-778-8944

For use by corporations, institutions, or for profit, contact
System Enhancement Associates for licensing information.

System Enhancement Associates
21 New Street
Wayne, NJ 07470

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