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V1 V1V1x1 x1x11 11¡1 ¡1¡1U‹ì3Û¸Ë1PS¸0:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ë>)>)>)>)+^>"+^>"2
<> >"@> "2 «2 ß+v
+ >"+>"dc<>
/ 2<> +!­<> 2<> /"„&/#2<>%/$/%$+&+9/$/'$+(+9<> /)/)$2+9/)/'$2+9/*/+$+,+9/.+/<> /1/+$+2+9/4+5<> /7/+$+8+9/;+<<> /?/+$+@+9/A/+$+B+9<> /D/E$+F+9Ì&+G%á>"Ís2ß+Iv dc<> \2ß+Jv dc<> E2ß+Kv dc<> .2ß+Lvdc+M<> dc2ß+Nvdc> "Nþ>â>â>â>âU‹ì3Û¸Ë1PS¸0:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ëdc2£)&+ %&+O%&+T%&+Y%&+^%&+c%&+ %Ú$/%+g<> &+k%&+ %&+o%&+ %Ú&+G%á dc&+r%+up+vp+wp+xpdc&+y%<> j ü+wh û7.A ü ûîÿ ügj&+|%+>i&Ž%&&+€2­+‚­%<> <> j ü+ƒh û7.A ü ûîÿ ügj&+„2­+‚­%+ƒ>i&Ž%&&+†%&+‹%&&+G%á <> +2r­+­2r­+‘­>"U‹ì3Û¸Ë1PS¸0:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ëdc2£!&+’%&+–%&+›%&+ %Ú&+G%á ¼+ >"@>"2©dc&+ %&+ %&+œ%&+¡%&+¦%&+F%&+©%&+ %Ú&+G%á>"dcg2ß+Nv>"T+v}+u}U+w}U+x}U<> >"/<> &+­%&+²%&+ %&+´%&+¹%&+ %Ú&+G%á PÿdcU‹ì3Û¸Ë1PS¸0:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ë>"&+»%+¿p+Àp+Áp+Âp&+Ã%+Çp+Épdc/Ë+Ì<> / +Ï<> &+Ò%+Ö>i&Ž%&&+×2­+‚­%+Ú>i&Ž%&+Û%<> <> &+ß%&Ž%j û+Ö>i7 ü ûõÿgj&&+ä%&Ž%&&+è2­+‚­%<> <> &+ê2­+ì­%&Ž%/%<> / ¾+Ú>iƒu£ý/ ¾2> "2 ß<> > "/˾Í#2 ½Ì#Æ/ ¾<> dc&+ï%&+ò%&+÷%&+ü%&+ %Ú/˾&+ÿ%2%&2!%&2"%&2#%&2$%&+%2%%&/ ¾&+%2%&2!%&2"%&2#%&2$%&+%2%%>&"/A/Ë$++9+
>&5cdc2&@>"/˾m/ ¾m/ ¾/ËÑ/ ¾/ËÑýþ&+ %2/˾ª/ ¾ª<> <> &+ê2­+­%&Ž%j û+Ú>i7 ü ûõÿgj&+ê2­+­%&Ž%&+G%á ð?
to c Menue the regi
ely 7@
s ar@
t of@
addStart DateationM@
justEnd Dated in th@
nvoi @
f th*@
ile.1) Output records "@
[used from a Remote Site] &@
s, 22) Input records
REST[used from the Base Station]are,@
Men3) Change Start/Stop date of Consolidationme :.@
[used only with outputting records, Option 1] :1@
H) for Help27 4@
1 :R) Return to prior menuand 5@
2 :€A@
ng S ,@
le SPress any key to continue...ica1.@
th o2ate :3ird IDle H0@
MainMIMPORT.DOC :R Leave your current data disk in drive A. When you exit the program, te, if appcopy everything from your data disk onto another disk and give the copy 0) to the person who has the Base Station. When you restart this program, it Credwill automatically delete files MAINIMP.DBF, MAINIMP.DBT, ACTIMP.DBF, and ACTIMP.DBT--the files that this program will now create. he===== Make sure you have a disk in drive A =====ter type of cThe program will output files MAINIMP.DBF, MAINIMP.DBT, orteACTIMP.DBF and ACTIMP.DBT onto drive A.ancheda Delete old output files on drive A, if anya grA:MAINIMP.DBFctA:MAINIMP.DBTheA:ACTIMP.DBF asA:ACTIMP.DBT arThis will output data to drive A: with a checkNumber of records in that activity file : .[TMA:ACTIMPter theNow output records from the UNP file:
TH(A:MAINIMPer theNumber of records in the redit Name of Consolidation files on drive A: MAINIMP.DBF, MAINIMP.DBT CTIMP.DBFrro ACTIMP.DBF and ACTIMP.DBT.een [Date Range of last outputting: d invoice]o pr to hat you are] registered usYou must have a hard disk to use the Base Station Option.s. IfYou may use either a hard disk or floppy system to output records as aomaticallremote site.ou Make sure the disk with the consolidation files is in drive A. ecute any batch[the program is looking for MAINIMP.DBF, MAINTIMP.DBT, ACTIMP.DBFr registration and ACTIMP.DBT on your floppy] me is Juskovitc-If you wish to return to the prior menu, enter an 'R'.
($)You are missing at least one of one of the key files that this program@
ker needs to import data.
useMake sure that the remote sites are running the same version of thisto:off sysprogram as the base station.ll Delete old output files on your hard drive, if anye-----------MAINIMP.DBFourMAINIMP.DBT CACTIMP.DBF ACTIMP.DBTratioThis will input data to your hard drive from drive A g purchasCOPY A:MAINIMP.* >TMP _________COPY A:ACTIMP.* >TMP<@
s acð?
----===== Analysis of Incoming Data =====----------[Please do not touch the keyboard]tem | VerNumber of records to be merged into the activity file : n|nstaACTIMP@
servNumber of records to be merged into the MAINIMP
a7 =====Appending Activity Records=====@Q@
thouCurrent number of records in the activity file before appending new onesDUCT:pNumber of records in the activity file after merging new onesnyAppending from the ============Number of records in G@
NEXT file before appending new ones€I@
inst Duplicate Record Found:e ReAt this screen, you will decide what to do with the duplicate record currency]that has been identified. You can override the old one with the new ies: 0 =or leave the original one intact.gistration proOriginal Record: er copy,]NEWDate originally entered into the system: e addrNew Record being appended: e abI want to write over the original record [F =false, T=true] C2&Lold through fRepacking these files, as needed, and appending data€M@
EC3 file before appending, after packingT.DOCH FO file after appending, after packing performed V1 V1V1‚1 ‚1‚1ª1 ª1ª1â1 â1â1ñ1 ñ1ñ12 22*2 *2*222 2222U‹ì3Û¸b2PS¸W:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ë@> "+
"@> "2 dc<> / / $+
//$+2­+­+9//$++9//$++9//$++9/"/$+#+9/(/$+)C2­+9/,/$+-2­+.­+9/0/$+)C2­+9/1/$+2+9/6/$+7+9/</$+=+92 /</@$+A+9/</@$+CC+9/E/$+F+9/G/$+H+9<> / /J$+K+9Ì&+L%á>"Í?2ß+Nvdc/<> %2ß+Ov dc<> 2ß+Pvdc/<> ô2ß+Qvdc/R<> Ú2ß+SvidcÍ/T>"&/U+V<>%&/Z+[<>%//^$+_//R>5cdcÌ2/v
/ <> 
/U<> f2ß+`v dc<> O2ß+av2 > "@> ".2ß+bvdc+c<> 2ß+dv dc>âxýU‹ì3Û¸b2PS¸W:PS¸Pš4‹å]ËÍ><> <> Ì"+K>#>"/T>"<> dc&+e%&+j2Û­%&+k2Û­+l­%&+m2Û­%/6/n$+_// >5cdcb22/vUTN2/v+o>"+p>"32/Rv+q>"+r>"2/ v+s>"+t>"+ >#> "@>!"+s>i+vC§ƒ<>" ƒ/E>#"dc&+w%&+{2Û­+|­%52/v+&+ %&+~%&+ƒ%&+‡%&+‹%&+%&+•%&+ %Ú2!æÍ<> &+ %&+—%&+œ%&+ %&+ %&+ %Ú/JÒ>"¹/­/$+¤>5cdcÌ2ß<>$> "2ې/T„p2 ½Í<>% 8.A2 v-&
%2'2(2)<>&2+<>*­2-<>,­%ÈÿÚ<>. <> &&+L%á + >#> ">!"dc/§>#"ÿÆ<> ÌU‹ì3Û¸b2PS¸W:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ë>+ >"<> H2/Rv2/ v©+s>i+s§ƒ%2/v
<>/ 2/Uv<>/ <>" @>!"<> dcH22/RvU&+¨C2Û­%&+«20Û­+¬­%22/vU&+¨C2Û­%&+­%2/ v&+®%!&+³%&+ %&+·%&+¼%&+Á%&+Æ%Ú&+ %&+Ê%&+Ï%&+ %&+Ò%&+×%&+K%Ú2!,<> &+ %&+Û%&+à%&+ %Ú/JÒ>"¹/­/$+¤>5cdc2ß<>$>"2ې/T„Í®2/ v2/Uv©؃u£Î22ß>1"21/T„´221‰ª221ßW>3"23/E
/>4" 23/Eš>4"2124/åØ>5">1â25<>$+K+K<>6>5"+æ2323<>8Õ­+é­25­>7"<>% &
%2'2(2)<>&%Ú27%<>. >7â>5â/Ñ,ÿÄ<>% 2/RvZ7Q+êCß2'Û2:Û­2;Û­2)Û­2(ۭ߉,&
%2<r2'2(2)<>&­2:Û­+K­/"[­/[­%´ÿÚ<>. &<> &+L%á + >">!"dcÍý<> U‹ì3Û¸b2PS¸W:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ëdc<>= <>> &+ë%&+ð%&+õ%&+ú%&+ÿ%&+ %Ú&+L%á dc<>? <> <> <>/ +>"<>@ <>A <>% 7+&
%2'2(2)<>&2+<>*­+­2<r­%ÕÿÚ<>. &+L%á dc<>B <>C U‹ì3Û¸b2PS¸W:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ëdc<> <> Í&+%&+%&+ %&+ %&+%&+ %&+ %Ú&+L%á dcÌdc<>% />D"/>D>D=/R„•ÂN2D/v'+s>i+s§ƒ&/Ò+­%&&/JÒ+­%&2D/Rv<>/ &&/JÒ+­­%&<>" ƒu£]22<>$>1"21/T„=21>E"2E2E<>8Õ>F"&2'2)2(<>&+­2F­+­2<r­%/ѝÿ'ÿ<>. <> &&+L%á U‹ì3Û¸b2PS¸W:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ë<> Í2G£<>H dc/>I"/>J"/>K"/>L"<>M />I"/0>J"/>K"/>L"<>M &/"2N<>%2O/(+ 2P­+!­<> /,+"<> />Q"+&>R"2Q>S"/§>I"/ >J"/U>K"2I>T"2I2J•32J2K$+(C2J2Tš/Ø+92S2Q­>S"2J/š>J"ÂÿcÌ/>Q"+K2U<>$­+K­>R"2Q>S"/ 2U<>$<> c/>Q"+)2V­++­2V­+,­>R"2Q>S"/>I"/6>J"/>K"/.>L"2K2L•(2I2K$+(C2K/š/Ø+92K/­>K"ÍÿcÍ6<> Í2G£<>H dc/>I"/>J"/>K"/>L"U‹ì3Û¸b2PS¸W:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ë2W£W<> <> dc&¹+/<> &/<>Y>X"¹2X2X<>8Õ<> /2<>Z dc+3<>[ U‹ì3Û¸b2PS¸W:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ë2]+4­>\"2]+5­>^"2]+6­>_"2]+7­>`"2]+s­>a"+8} <> +9C>i{>b"/>c"2b/,vydc&/R+:<>%<> /¾+<C>iäj û+9C>i7<2'<>$//ØV/=„2'<>$//ØV/>v£U ü ûÄÿgjj ü+9Ch û7 ü ûõÿ ügjä<> +?C>ij ü+@Chgj<> +@C>ij û+5>i7<2'<>$//ØV/=„2'<>$//ØV/>v£U ü ûÄÿgjj ü+?Ch û7 ü ûõÿ ügj+@Cp<> dc&¹+A<> /R<>Z &<>e @>f"dc+D}ð<> +?C>i{>b"2b/6vÐdc&/R+E<>%<> /¾+GC>iäj û+?C>i7 ü ûõÿgjj ü+@Ch û7 ü ûõÿ ügjä<> +@C>ij ü+?Ch û7 ü ûõÿ ügjä<> dc&¹+A<> /R<>Z &<>e @>f"dc<> ð?
ECT Fast Search Through Data Menu# @
DATE1) Lightning fast search through NTEREST >0)n fileECT # '001"@
PROS (1st, 2nd or 3rd ID)CT $@
00' [Simpson's Algorithm -- blast through your data!] SYS&@
.AND2) Select out activity record by date of original entry.e regi*@
ely 3) Search Activity File, exact caps or position within text not requiredjust,@
n th Go through comments, 2nd & 3rd ID #, ile..@
ecor4) Search File, similar to option 3) Rem0@
s, 25) Select MEMOS from the Master or Activity filesed from the B2@
are6) Status of ALL Memos: character length and date into system..@
ith 7) Display data only or display and VIEW.TXT J@
27 [Display only ] pr[Display & send to VIEW.TXT]2 :4@
ng SH) Helple S5@
y toR) Return to prior menuth o>@
: ird IDle Press any key to continue... :1 2ave your curre3 data disk in 4ive A. When y@
prog5m, te, if app
ing @
ta dChoice of Memo searches: either Master or Activity file.rson wh@
se S[1 = Master file, 2 = Activity file search]Cred€A@
ical9 delete files 6INIMP.DBF, MAI7MP.DBT, ACTIMPHBF, DISP1A.DOCDBT--Re files that tTo indicate which of the three you wish to search for, enter a: in drive A ===1 for type of c2 for gram will, or t files MA3 for BF, MAINID@
ortePFNAMEDBF and AUPPER(FNAME)o dPLNAMEanchedaUPPER(LNAME)utpPARTles on drivUPPER(PROSPECT)A:MAINIMP.DBFct&MPROSPECTBThe ----Exact Capitalization Not Required----rive AEnter the check name you wish to search you enter one value, then the system will show you all of theile:
TH(records in the file with the first letter that satisfiesnsolidyour search. For example, if you enter "H" then all of itemsrothat begin with H will appear. If you enter two letters, such as RI,oice]o prthen all of those items that have the same first two characters in youre Statioselected field will appear.eithThis selection will continue to prompt you for a value until youemote site.ou enter 'Return' by itself (preceded by no characters). drive A. Enter your letter, letters, or word followed by RETURN MAINTIM@KXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXand ACTIMP.DBT @
py] Search through comments, 2nd & 3rd ID #, the pr(r menu, enter Master File)$) Activity File [search only the memo field, display record where it occurs]o import [search all fields at the same time] e Enter the word or letters that you wish to search for. This old outp program will search through all of the words in the comments DBT C fields, as well as ID or names fields, and pick out all of from dri those records that match your inquiry.COPY A:ACTIMP.* Observe that in this search, capitalization does not matter -------- either in your input or in the Also, observe that it does't matter where the word is located
serv in order for this search to be successful.IMP
a7 This selection will continue to prompt you for a value until number o you enter 'Return' by itself (preceded by no characters).ber of record€F@
ivit[1st occurrence in memo at character ing from t]: ============&VALUEof recordThis menu will search for activities were entered into the program between the start/stop dates that you are about to input. Thesehat to do with are the dates that the records were created [the System dates], notverride the any future commit or appointments date that you entered into thegistration probottom of any activity.y,]NEWALL originally ,tered into the This analysis will display ONLY those records that have at least onehe origina character in their respective memo fields.h f [the number in brackets is the character length of each memo,] file before app [followed by the date the record was first entered into the program.]erformed (@
ave Status of Memos: character length and date into program17. w c Master Filetin [ ['F' = no, '] = yes]&MCOMS8@
ent[from ind the a]ointment indexthe Classic program that saves Time and makes Moneyd appointmenPaul Sax presentsrdes are on d&WORDfind the 1 Helping you to be ordf driv IN-CONTROL e 2 of your data record60 KB @R@
wanYou have this much space remaining on drive A:K@
creeFSPACE.DOCFIG.STMPEST1 >TMPndACT2CONFIG.SY1 UPGRADEMPat yoUPGRADE11+TEST2PART.DBFyou mus&MSET4ST1 A:\COUpgrade Process 1:T1y for your&MSET2art date @@
CON&MSET1 file in &MSETot directo[Ignore error messages, if any] now create one.ACT2.DBFg date.Upgrade Process 2:CONFIG.SYS >T&MSET3t.ed forV1 V1V1o1 o1o1‘1 ‘1‘1µ1 µ1µ1Ù1 Ù1Ù1ð1 ð1ð1U‹ì3Û¸ù1PS¸¾:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ëdc<> @>"dc2P<> <>
/+ <> / <> <> /
++…<> //$++9//$++9//$+ +9/$/$+%+9/&/$+'+9//)$+*+9Ì&++%á>"Í•2ß+-vdc<> dc|2ß+.vdc<> dcc2ß+/vdc<> dcJ2ß+0vdc<> dc12ß+1vdc<>  2ß+2v dc+<> ©þU‹ì3Û¸ù1PS¸¾:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ëdc<> <> /3>"+4>"2+5v42£&/6+7<> %/;/$+<+9+@>>5cÁÿ2+A­>"22­>"2

2>"+B>"/;/3/C/Dt 2Û>"2+E­>"/C/$+F2­+9/H¾+IC>iäj ü+JChgj/¾+JC>i/K¾ƒu£¦/K¾.A22 UŒ2/K­>"2"<>!> "2$<>!>#"2<>&>%"2(<>&>'"2*<>&>)"/¾2 >"!2#>$!2%>!2'>(!2)>*!/K¾/ÑTÿ/;/3/C/Dt /C/$22<>+Õ+L­+9/<>, ƒÌ>â>-â>.â>â>â<>/ dcU‹ì3Û¸ù1PS¸¾:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ëdc<> <> /3>"+4>"2+5vJ2£(&/6+7<> %20/Kv&/ +O<> %/;/$+T+9+>5c«ÿ22­>"2

2>"+B>"/;/3/C/Dt 2Û>"2+W­>-"2+X­>"/Y/$+Z2-­+9Ì+\C¿Í&+]%&+^2­%&+_+`­%&ÌÍ/C/$+F2­+9Ì+cC¿Íƒu£Ÿ.A22 U‰2/K­>"&+*%/d[2"<>!­/d[­+e­%/d[2$<>!­/d[­+e­%/d[2<>&­/d[­+e­%/d[2(<>&­/d[­+e­%/d[2*<>&­/d[­%/Ñ[ÿÍ/;/3/C/Dt /C/$22<>+Õ+L­+9/<>, ƒÌ>â>-â>.â>â>â<>/ U‹ì3Û¸ù1PS¸¾:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ëdc<> <> /3>"+4>"2+5vJ2£(&/6+7<> %20/Kv&/ +f<> %/;/$+j+9+>5c«ÿ/;/3/C/Dt 2

2>"+B>"22­>"2Û>"2+W­>-"2+m­>"/Y/$+Z2-­+9Ì+\C¿Í&+n2­%&+p21­+r­%&+s%&ÌÍ/C/$+F2­+9Ì+cC¿Íƒu£”.A22 U~2/K­>"2"<>!/w[­/[­%2$<>!/w[­/[­%2<>&/w[­/[­%2(<>&/w[­/[­%2*<>&/w[­/[­%/x[/[­%/ÑfÿÍ/;/3/C/Dt /C/$22<>+Õ+L­+9/<>, ƒÌ>â>-â>.â>â>â<>/ U‹ì3Û¸ù1PS¸¾:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ë+y<>2 dc2+z­>3"+{C}6<>/ +{C>iŽ/K &¹+|<> +{Cp/<>, +{C}£Ó&¹+€<> /H<>, 2+‚­>4"gj
ü+ƒCh ûgj+„>5!+…>6!/>7!/3>8!+†>5!+‡>6!/>7!/3>8!<>/ gj û+ƒC>ijj ü+{Ch ûgj+ƒCp+{C>i/K+ˆ>2!/H<>9 <> <>/ dcU‹ì3Û¸ù1PS¸¾:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ë2+z­>3"2+Š­>"2:G+{C}8<>/ +{C>i2;>"+IC2<>><>=><">â+ICpð?
ratiOutput for word processing/merge/data MenuEW1'@
nu#1) Select output criteria for merge fileing fa"@
roug[criteria selected]eECT # '001[no criteria selected] (1st, 2n$@
CT 2) Output records to Wordstar/Mailmerge[TM] --&@
gh y3) Output records to WordPerfect[TM]lect out a(@
rd b4) Output records to dBASE III [Registered TM]3) Search Activ0@
act H) Helposition1@
notR) Return to prior menun th€A@
ugh mments, 2nd & Press any key to continue...cor1 Search 2ile, similar t3option 3) Rem40@
s, 2H Select MEMOS
ster ity fil rom the B@
areThis routine will output the files to Drive A automaticallyem.5@
27 OUTPUTy only .T. ] pr7@
end €S@
2 :.DBF4@
y to@
o pr&MSETnuth o&MSET1@
le RECORDS WERE PLACED INTO DATA FILE [all '.DEF' and '.DAT' files deleted when program starts again]5m, te, if app NAME OF DATA FILE FOR WordStar: oice of Memo s.DEFes: either .DATr or Activi6@
n wh CREATING DOCUMENT FILE: file&MQ_WDOCivity f.OPsearch]Cred.DF €A@
at t, indicate whic[all '.DEF' and '.SF' files deleted when program starts again]= NAME OF DATA FILE FOR WordPerfect : t files MA.SFr BF, MAINI Documentation for MEDBF and AFields used in PLNAMEancheda:PER(LNAME)utpThird ID, Second ID, First ID, Comment1, Comment2PROSPECTBThe2@
pitaXHELP.DOCot ReqHELP.DBFrive A&MFILEhe checktoo many records in old Help/Data file, deleting itlue, then thcreating new Help/Data filef thHELPTMP.DBFTH(&MFILETMP the MHELPith the fict letter that PROSPMEMOnsolidmemosearch. FoHelp Record oneu enter "H" thenHELP.TXTtemsroV1 V1V1x1 x1x1¯1 ¯1¯1}2 }2}2U‹ì3Û¸2PS¸ý:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ë>>¬/„ 2Ûà>"/>"¬/„@>">"/ +
È>)>)> )>)>)>
)> )@>"<> dc/>
#>"Í/>"/>>=/ „•2/v¼>
š>"/>"2/v4Ídc&+ %&+%&+%&+%&+%&+%&+$%&+%Ú²á2/'•
/(>"Í2/)2/'€U/)/'/*/+2<>>"ž2/,2/)„U/,/)/-/*2<>>"o2/.2/,„U///,/0/-2<>>"@2/1•2/.„U/1////02<>>"2/1€/>"<> U‹ì3Û¸2PS¸ý:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ë@>"/2+3È/4+5È<> >)>)>/*l+6>#>"+7>iŽ>"dcƒ2<>>"/>"/>"/>"/>>=2„•a2/„/Ñ2<>//8Ø>2"2<>>22­"2<>>"22–>"2>"ˆÿ2cdc/8/9$+:+9/8/<$+=+9/>/9$+?+9/>/<$+A+9/B/9$+C+9/B/<$+E+9/0+F<> /I+J<> /M>"2/*„/N2/8oš>"2/B­>"/O>"/9>"/>"/>>=2„•C22$>21<>+P­+922$>22­1+92/­>"¦ÿ&/Q+R<>%/O/0$+V+9/O/N$+X+9+Z> "/O/[$+\> 5cdc/>"/>>=2„•qÍ#2 ß<>>21<>vMÌ#<> /¾22<>"Õ>!"Ídc+]2!­>#"+^C>iƒ<> 2/­>"xÿÍq2 ß+_v
dc>"\2 ß+`vQ@>"dc&+a%&+%&+e%&+j%&+o%&+t%&+y%&+~%Ú/‚/N$+ƒ//8>5cdc+„> "–ýU‹ì3Û¸2PS¸ý:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ë/> "u£° £ 2$/v &2%Û% 2$/vjÌ/O/$/…Ò+9+†>&"/ˆ>'">"0&0'0<> /O/‰$++9+„>("&+Š%á>("2(V/Œv. Ídc 2$/8vdc
/B<>) ö 2$/Bv
<>* â 2$/0vdcÝ Ð 2$/Mv2$/2v©42$/Mv
/M>+"/2>+"dc/8/$/Ž[/·+9/>/O$/[/‘·+9/>/[$+’+9/B/$/Ž[/·+9/Ñ/B¡>'"2%ې/„/2%Û>&"2'/­>'"@>"0&0'0<> /ÑÄÿÌ+„>("2+/MvT/O/$/…Ò+9+†>&"/ˆ>'">"0&0'0<> /O/‰$++9+„>,"&+Š%á>("
/B<>) 2(V/Œvœ
/4>+"2$/”v/”>+"Ì//$/…Ò+9//$/…Ò+9//$/•[/·+9/<>) //$/–[/·+9/<>) //$/O[/·+9/Ñ/ ¡>'"2%ې/„>//$/…Ò+92%Û>&"2'/­>'"@>"0&0'0<> /ѵÿ//$/Ž[/·+9//$/…Ò+9+„>("r2+/“vT/O/$/…Ò+9+†>&"/ˆ>'">"0&0'0<> /O/‰$++9+„>,"&+Š%á>("2+/4v
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ÿ͘2$/ªvŽ/Ñ2%//8Øà>1"/>"/>>=21„•W/Ñ2%//8Øà>2"/Ñ2%//8Øà>3"/Ñ2%>5"22/ š>'">"050'003<> ’ÿÍ/ÑJóU‹ì3Û¸2PS¸ý:PS¸Pš4‹å]Ë>7>>'>&2&ې/­>8"¬/B•/«28š/8o>9"27>9"2928­>:"/ 2'­>;"29><"2:/­>="+„2&­>&"/¬>>"/¬2­>?"2<2=•H2;2<$+­C2<29š/Ø+92>2?2>/­>>"çÿ/¬>>"2</­><"­ÿ22/„U282>8"08<>) ð?

3‹™™™™™™¹?  »ð?
ord ]ocessing/mergeЃ@
EW1' Error Report: Program Cannot Run outpuThe program cannot run a timing test. You may not have enough memoryECT # '001to run this program. It requires 384K of free memory. Remove anyto Wordstar/Mram-resident program you have and restart this program. Also, ifTM]lect out ayou are not sure how much memory you have, execute a program calledSearch ActivMEMORY.COM that comes with this tutorial. not
o prT@
n th
ugh I@
d & ÀR@
y to\Âõ(\û?
ar t@  Rem@

s, 2 @
fil< rom the B @
areACSDOCutine wil@
TM]³ Please Choose OneJ@
27 ³TPUTy only @
2 :ÙBF4@
ng S[Chapter selections for this tutorial]@
o pr5@
th oEnter your selection, followed by ReturnERE PL@
and ) AT' files del6@
ogra[to exit the tutorial at the end of any screen, enter 'F10']ar:S to change Speed of scroller R to Return to prior menun wh ATING DOCUME€A@
file@KXXXOCivity fCHsearch]Cred&TESTFILE2icalRV lete files SHIRD-ID,SECOND Scroll Speed Change Menu.A@
at tAt this menu, you can change the rate at which the left to right again]=scrolling takes place. The current default value is .1. This means tation f.1 seconds pause per character, or 1 seconds per ten characters. For , Secondevery line the program scrolls across the screen, it calculates how
pitamany characters are in that line, then pauses at the end of the line Help/Dataccording to this pausing formula. Enter your change now.f th4@
TH(9.99ETMP the ELPith the fi€S@
hat [Enter any key to continue] Fo,@
thenPress any key to @W@
r. (@
two i@
ch aL@
o pr€h@
hav OBSERVE: first@
ers &@
ld w2@
on w0@
to €K@
or aXalue until you1@
ou Return,eturn' bPgDn on numeric keypad, charact;@
A. Escape,ur lettePgUp on numeric keypad,owed by [Expecting NTIM ASCII Code XXX:@
XXXX[Expecting 'BT ' from you]py] mments, 2nd & 3?@
e prÀS@
ter @@
)$)&WORDity File

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: