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" R F S "

This is version 2.02 of a program specifically designed for broadcast
engineers. Bundled into one program are many different sub-programs
of general use to the engineer. These will allow you to:

* Calculate the E.R.P. of an FM station.
* Display and print the vertical radiation pattern of an FM antenna.
* Calculate RF Power Density at the base of an FM tower.
* Calculate the distance to the null of an FM or TV antenna.
* Calculate distances to FM or TV field strength contours.
* Calculate path attenuation and fresnel zone clearance of a 950
mHz S.T.L.
* Design an AM T-matching network.
* Calculate and print a report of intermodulation products between
a table of frequencies.
* Calculate the size of a parcel of land needed to hold a guyed tower
of given dimensions, and place the tower within the plot.
* Calculate the distance and bearing between two geographic coordin-
ates, or calculate the destination coordinates when source
coordinates and a distance and bearing are known.
* Perform conversions from English to Metric units

In addition, an Electronics Math program is included. It allows the user
to work with:

* Ohms Law calculations.
* Series/parallel resistor, capacitor or inductor networks.
* R/C or R/L time constants.
* Series or Parallel L/C circuits, resonant or non-resonant.
* Series resistor voltage dividers
* Transformer voltage, current and impedance calculations.
* Decibel conversions.
* Frequency to wavelength conversions, in both English and Metric units.
* Calculate VSWR, or print a VSWR table.

This program also includes information about the RF Specialties Group and
its six offices around the country. The RF Specialties Group is placing this
disk into the public domain for the benefit of all broadcast engineers.
Each RF Specialties office stands ready to assist the broadcaster with his
specific system design and equipment purchasing needs.

A number of improvements have been implemented since the original release
of the program in 1987. Major enhancements include:
* The program now supports COLOR monitors. The ANSI.SYS
device driver MUST BE installed to use this option. Refer to
your MS-DOS manual if you are unfamiliar with this driver.
* The intermod program now allows for a reasonable number of
frequency "hits" to be sorted into ascending order by frequency.
It also allows printing the listing to a disk file.
* The FM antenna pattern program will print patterns for antennas
of many different inter-bay spacings, rather than just 1 wave-
* After printing an FM antenna pattern, the program will offer to
print an RF power density table for the same pattern. The user
should call for hard copy printouts of both, and use a pattern
range of +10 to -90 degrees for the most useful output.
* The STL path analysis program reports the path results in both
dBm and micro-volts, and includes data tables for a greater
variety of products.
* A major new function has been added to allow the user to design
a T network for use with an AM antenna system.
* The distance and bearing program now retains previously entered
coordinates as the default data for the next calculation. This
eliminates repetitive data entry for multiple calculations involv-
ing the same site.
* The VSWR calculator has been moved into the electronics math area.
* An FM/TV field strength calculator has been added to the main menu.
* RF Specialties office and product information has been updated.

We hope you will find this program to be a valuable addition to your
software library. Please feel free to make copies for your friends
and associates. Comments or suggestions concerning this program should
be directed to:

John Schneider
RF Specialties of Washington, Inc.
11721 15th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98125

Minimum Requirements for this program: An IBM PC, XT or AT or compatible
computer, with a minimum of 256 K of memory and one floppy disk drive, and
MS-DOS 2.1 or a later version. No special graphics hardware is required,
and all reports are designed to be printed on any standard 80 column printer.

We hope you will enjoy the programs on this disk. And, the next time you
are in the market for professional broadcast equipment or supplies, we
hope you will remember the people that brought it to you: THE RF SPECIALTIES

-- John Schneider
March 1987
Updated March, 1989

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