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Sales Transaction Entry
F1= GO Writes the displayed data to the work file. The cursor is moved
into the Control Number field. Enter another Control Number or use a
function key to retrieve data for the next transaction.

F2 = HELP Displays a help screen for the field where the cursor is
currently located.
Use the F4 key to retrieve data from the work file using the items
Stock Number.

The F5 and F6 keys allow you to browse through the file in Stock
Number sequence.
F7 Skips over items that do not appear on the Inventory Counting form
printout. Use this when entering sales from printout in Control # seq.
(see note below on the Inventory Counting Forms)
Press F8 to toggle the cursor from the On Hand field to the Units Sold
field on the screen. Use this key first if you wish to begin entering
Sales Transactions from individual sales tickets. Press F8 again to

The F9 and F10 keys allow you to browse back and forth through the
work file in Control Number sequence.

The ESC key ends the Sales Transaction Entry mode and returns to the
previous menu.

There are two ways in which sales transactions may be entered:

sequence. When the Sales Transaction Screen is first displayed, press
F10 to retrieve the first Control Number or enter any Control Number.

Units sold are calculated by entering the current quantity On Hand
from a physical inventory list that is printed in your "Control
Number" sequence. This amount is subtracted from the Previous Supply
On Hand giving the units sold. The next data item in control number
sequence will be displayed after you press the key.

If the physical inventory method is used, it is CRITICAL that the
proper timing sequence of RECEIVING orders has been followed or your
sales figures could become distorted. If you have more stock on hand
now than your "Previous On Hand" quantity shows, then either you have
stock on order that should have been RECEIVED beforehand or there have
been errors made during a physical count.

Should inventory counting errors show that you have more On Hand now
than the "Previous On Hand", the current period units sold will be
listed with a negative value. Then, when sales are posted to the
master data file the negative amount will be subtracted from the
current and Y-T-D units sold fields, reversing any previous sales data
posted erroneously. Negative sales will not be posted.

NOTE: Blank fields ______ are not posted as a zero. Blank fields are
skipped. You must key in a zero to show no inventory on hand _____0 .
First, press F8 to move the cursor to the units sold field.

You may retrieve data using either the item's Control Number or Stock


Press F10 to retrieve the first Control Number. Enter the actual units
sold and press enter. Then, the data for the next sequential Control
Number will be displayed. Press F1 to retrieve data for a new Control
Number at random.

Press F4 to switch to the Stock Number Field. Enter the Stock Number
and press . Next, enter units sold then press . The
cursor will return to the stock number field and wait for you to enter
the next stock number.

It is possible to switch back and forth between Stock and Control
Numbers using the F1 and F4 keys.

Entering sales amounts that are larger than what is actually On Hand
is allowed. However, the master file will post the sales and reset the
On Hand to zero. Negative amounts On Hand will not be posted.

After you have completed your sales transactions, a work file is
created which must be posted to the Master Data File. Corrections to
the work file may be made prior to posting the sales.

NOTE: Inventory Counting Forms--The Retailer will generate a printout
that may be used for taking a physical inventory of your stock. If an
item for the store printed has no data in the numeric fields: On Hand
thru YTD Sales, then the item will not print on the counting form.
This avoids printing out data for stock that you might not carry in
all locations.
Print the report in Control Number sequence to take an inventory.
Print the report in Stock Number sequence for receiving and pricing.

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