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Reflex Recovery Utility

The following document describes how to use the recovery utility for files
created with Reflex 2.0 and later. The name of the file is RC.EXE.

Before using the utility, ALWAYS try and reload the file first. If the load is
successful and you can continue to work with the file without further incident
-- there is no need to use the recovery utility.

If you get messages like "File is damaged" or "File has an invalid format"
when attempting to reload the file, the utility is in order. The syntax is:

RC [options] sourcefile destinationfile

where "sourcefile" is the damaged database to recover and"destination file" is
where the recovered result will be placed. Filename extensions are ignored,
and .R2D is assumed. The twofiles must be different: in this way, the
damaged database can always be preserved to rerun the utility or to send to
Borland,if need be.

For help on how to use the RC utility, type "RC ?".

The option -v (default ON) tells the utility to recover the views. Use this
option if the file can't be reloaded.

If you require further assistance in recovering your Reflex 2.0 database,
please contact Borland Technical Support at (408)438-5300. You may also send
in your database to Borland at the following address:

Reflex Technical Support
1800 Greenhills Rd.
P.O. Box 660001
Scotts Valley, CA

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