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=============== Health Practioners ===============

Katherine K. Rothrock 632-8477
Certified massage therapist. AMTA Yoga Instructor,
Derert Institute trained in massage, hydrotherapy,
nutrition, gerontology with additional training in
sports massage and Hawaiian Kahuna techniques.
Twelve years teaching experience of Hatha Yoga for
Tucson Parks and Recreation.

Michael Sigler 290-5219
Energy therapy is a synthesis of bodywork and
intuitive counseling. Michael finds key areas of
tension-blocked energy in the clients body and
releases it by using pressure and local massage
while channeling energy.

Rebecca Freedom 325-7455
Polarity encompasses both gentil and deep bodywork,
exercises, mental and emotional balancing, and
spiritual insight. Healing takes place in a loving
atmosphere of trust, support and acceptance.
Ten years experience.

Janet Loeb 884-7621
Intergrating aspects of one's life is the key to
harmony and creativity. Each persons's journey is
unique. An eclectric approach to body, mind and
spirit stress reduction, chemical dependency,
women, adolescents and the eldery. Slinding fees.

Victoria Hughs 226-6734
Certified hypnotherapist specializing in weight
loss, smoking cessation, stress reduction, success
programming, past-life regression, and self-hypnosis

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