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=============== Health Practioners ===============

Mark Rubiner 602 742-6788
Specializing in diagnosis and evaluation of general
health problems with referrals to appropriate
specialists. Emphasis on prevention, self care,
natural and botanical medicine.

Mary Deits 884-6712
Whole person body-minded approach to counseling
therapy. I intuitively support your awareness
process by intergrating gestalt bodywork with
movement, art, imagery, biofeedback and massage.
Workshops in personal growth.

Robin Marks 884-5231
Feeling frustrated with life, or having trouble
feeling? Has the use of alcohol or drugs become
a problem? As a certified alcoholism counselor with
a degree in rehabilitation, I can help you develop a
positive and healthful apporach to life.

Kendra Wagner 792-8421
Kendra is a certified dance movement therapist who
facilitates the opening up of one's inner strength
through accessing unexpressed movement and feelings
in the body.

Joy L. Holdread 982-6183
The Holdread Studio offers a creative alternative to
the usual smokey, boozy happy hours. Friday evenings
the studio is open to the public for clay workshops,
and instruction. Call for reservations.

Mark Haberman 884-6118
By appointment. Licensed. A very wholistic approach
to massage. Techniques include accupressure,
reflexology, athletic massage, swedish, hawaiian,
shiatsu, polarity, jin shin syutsu kofutu touch
healing all combined. Over five years experience.

Martha Taylor-Short 324-4730
Iridology utilizes the iris (color portion) of the
eye to analyze the body's inherent strengths and
weaknesses. We then apply nutritional support and
cleansing to balance the weaker areas.

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