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===================== Doctors ====================

Pubelo Dental Center 746-2593
Dr. Drabs & Dr. Abramowitz feel that the majority
of dental problems are preventable, and that a
semi-annual cleaning is not sufficient. Proper home
care is also very important. Come in to prevent
future dental problems.

Steve Swidler 744-7109
Full range of wholistic wellness and prevention.
Use of white, non-mercury fillings. Specialized
training in jaw and joint dysfunction. Relaxed
personal care for apprehensive patients. Unique
office setting in west side desert.

Dr. Andrew Weil 742-8943
Specializing in diagnosis and evaluation of general
health problems with referrals to appropriate
specialists. Emphasis on prevention, self care,
natural and botanical medicine.

Dr. Singh Khalsa 745-9903
Providing you and your family with the highest
quality and most complete pediatric care, delivered
in a personal and wholistic manner. Well-child
visits, physical exams, consultations for infants
and children. Caring for adults in the areas of
lifestyle and nutritional/health enhancement.

Lyn Patrick, N.D. 972-0152
The Medical Alternative. A complete naturopathic
clinic. Specializing in women's health care;
clinical hypnosis; accupuncture; homeopathy;
natural childbirth; nutrition; family, individual
and child counceling/therapy; colonic irrigation;
massage; hydrotherapy; and herbs.

Lila & Flagler N.D.'s 721-6415
Naturopathic physicians specialing in homeopathy
a systematic method of stimulating your natural
defense mechanisms in treating physical, emotional,
and mental illness. Total health care and
enhancement is our goal.

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