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============ Alternative Organizations ===========

Information & Referal 881-1794
Provides information primarily over the phone to
assist persons in locating and obtaining needed
social services. Caseworkers help callers to clarify
their needs, provide referals to appropriate service
agencies, and when necessary, offer additional
assistance to assure that the problem is resolved.

Small Planet Bakery 884-9313
Nine types of bread all made with organic whole
wheat flour, honey and safflower oil. Whole grain
granolas in a variety of fruit and nut mixtures.
We are a collective of four people operating by

Roots and Wings 623-6345
Roots and Wings for children and infants is a
parent education and support program to assist
parents in establishing positive family
relationships. Programs for parents to be, parents
of 0-18 month olds, and preschoolers. Telephone and
personal consultations. Workshops for all.

Afco Discount Foods 323-2006
Afco Discount Foods is a family owned and operated
grocery business serving Tucson since 1920. Afco
carries fresh vegtables and fruits, organically
grown chickens, bulk grains, nuts, vitamins, and

La Fronterra Center 884-9920
Comprehensive mental health, drug and alcohol abuse
treatment and prevention services for children,
adults and families. Day program, residential and
outpatient services for chronically mentally ill.
Consultation, education, and prevention services.
Sliding fees.

Desert Home Retreat 297-2878
Swami Maha Bharati. Spirituality, personal and
family problems, codependency, adult children of
alcoholics. Astrology. Individual growth and inner
knowledge leads to clear insights and the ability
to approach everyday life with a sense of
understanding, joy, and purpose.

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