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============ Alternative Organizations ===========

Food Conspiracy Co-op 792-2667
The Food Conspiracy Co-op is a community owned and
operated whole foods grocery store. We specialize in
organic produce, bulk items, herbs and spices. We
have a variety of hard to find products such as
macrobiotic foods. This year we begin our fifteenth
year of business.

Arizona Information 602 884-1177
Would you like to be on television or radio?
Arizona Information is a one hour interview show
produced in cooperation with Tucson Comminity Cable.
The show is cablecast live every Monday from
3:30 to 4:30 on channel 37. The KXCI Open Mike show
happens every Sunday from 10-11 PM. If you'd
like to be on either show.

Open University 622-0170
Special interest classes, workshops and seminars in
five sessions per year. Many convenient evening and
weekend programs. All classes are noncredit. No
homework is required, and no tests or grades are
given. Open to all. Qualified instructors are
welcome to inquire about teaching opportunities.

Tucson Womans Commision 624-8318
We assist women in attaining full equality of
opportunity in all areas of life. The TWC
provides advocacy on behalf of women in areas of
childcare, business, pay equity, sexual assault,
employment, housing, credit, insurance and trades.

The Spiral 623-2422
Regular educational and personal growth workshops
and seminars in the fields of healing, relationships
prosperity, creativity, and alternative healthcare.
Concerts of healing and meditative music. Write or
call to be on our mailing list.

Harnony & Health 795-5552
A non profit, tax exempt foundation established to
provide a conscious setting within which one can
explore various physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual self help approaches.

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