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Pro~Stamp by Pro~Formance

Version 1.2

Jerry Yenko inspired and helped us develop Pro~Stamp.
We're grateful for his guidance, efforts and humor.

* Pro~Stamp is a full-featured assistant to manage stamp collections.

* It's very easy to use: Pull-down menus, Extensive Help Screens,
Calculations done for you, Select "Type" & "Condition" from menus.

* Track small to huge stamp collections: With ease and convenience.

* Multiple file options: For flexibility and convenience.

* Spreadsheet convenience: Automatically calculates Values of
each stamp and Increase in value. Calculates value of Total
Collection with a press of a key.

* Sort: On any of several fields.

* Print: Entire worksheets or a range you specify.

* Customizable: Configure fields your way, edit printer codes.

+-For information or support, call or write: ---------------------+
| |
| Rob W. Smetana 132 Alpine Terrace San Francisco, Ca. 94117 |
| (415) 863-0530 10am to 5pm Pacific time |
| |
| Your suggestions and comments are most welcome. |

Copyright (C) 1988-1989, Rob W. Smetana and Pro~Formance

Pro~Stamp, its manual and support files are Protected by U.S. and
International Copyright Laws: [Title 17 USC]. All Rights Reserved.

When you register . . .

+-- Pro~Stamp is "user supported" software --- not "freeware." --+
| |
| Give it a thorough workout, see if it serves your needs. |
| But after trying Pro~Stamp 15-20 times, if you want to |
| continue using it, please register. The last few pages |
| of this manual have information on registering. |
| |
| We appreciate the support and honesty of those who register. |
| To "Say Thanks" in return, when you register, you'll receive: |
| |
| * Pro~Stamp\+ with new features we're adding right now. |
| |
| * Stamp collections of UNLIMITED SIZE. Up to 3000 stamps |
| per worksheet (depending on available memory). |
| |
| * Phone support and more . . . |

Pro~Stamp, Pro~Formance, and P~F are Trademarks of
RWS & Associates & Rob W. Smetana

LaserJet, FX, P1351, 123, IBM are Registered Trademarks of:
Hewlett-Packard Corporation, Epson Corporation, Toshiba America,
Inc., Lotus Development Corp. and International Bus. Machines Corp.,

Version # ================= Update History =======================
1.2 - 1st release (8/89)


Your manual has 4 Sections:
1. Overview, System Requirements, Installing Pro~Stamp
2. Quick Start -- A Summary of Commands
3. Using Pro~Stamp
4. License & Warranty, Registration and Ordering, Other
Programs by Pro~Formance

SECTION 1: Overview, System Requirements, Installing Pro~Stamp

Pro~Stamp in Brief ........................ a

System Requirements ....................... b
Installing Pro~Stamp, Required Files
Terms & Abbreviations Defined

Running Pro~Stamp, The First Time ......... c

SECTION 2: Quick Start -- Summary of Commands .... d
Getting Acquainted ........................ e

SECTION 3: Using Pro~Stamp
Worksheets: 4 "pages" .................... 1
Moving Around Worksheets .................. 3
Entering & Editing Worksheet Information

Important Notes on Entering/Editing Info .. 4

Your Options, Your Main Menu .............. 5
Alt-D Delete, Alt-I Insert, F2 Edit, Alt-F File

Type & Condition ........................ 6

Sort, Options, Help ..................... 7

Loading and Saving Worksheets, "Paths" .... 8

Printing Worksheets ....................... 9

Customizing Pro~Stamp: Alt-O Options ..... 10

SECTION 3: Errors, Licence, Warranty, Registration, Other programs

Errors & Error Messages ................... i
License & Limited Warranty ................ ii
Other Programs from Pro~Formance .......... iv
Registering/Ordering ...................... Last Page

Pro~Stamp in Brief -a-

Pro~Stamp is a full-featured program to track and valuate stamp

* It'll handle very small collections up to very large ones.
- And you can use different "worksheet" files to track
different sets of stamps -- separate worksheets for
different countries, types, values, or ?

* Pro~Stamp is extremely easy to use.
- Pull-down menus speed you through most things.
- It "looks, feels and works" like the popular spreadsheets.
If you're not familiar with spreadsheets, not to worry. If
you can type and press the Alt key, you're half way there.
- When you need help, just press Alt-H or F1 and choose a topic.

* Automatic calculations (individual stamps, your whole collection).
- Add a stamp, change it's market value or change the number
you have and Pro~Stamp automatically calculates its Current

Market Value and how much it increased over the purchase price.
- Press F9 and Pro~Stamp shows both the Market Value of your
entire collection and Total Purchase Price (what you invested).

* Sort collections on Type of stamp, Condition, Number Owned,
Current Market Value, Purchase Price, Scott Number, Country, etc.
- Then save it, print it, or sort it by some other factor.

* Enter "Type" and "Condition" from menus (using standard
terms) or type in any text.

* Options to customize:
- Type and Condition menus each have 3 fields you can edit.
- 3 different printer options. Edit any or all of them,
then select the one you want to use with the press of a key.
- Size of worksheets (300 to 3000 stamps; Registered Users).
- You can save these options in a Master File, save them
only in the file you're working on, or both, or neither.

System Requirements -b-
Computer: IBM/compatible (256k+) DOS: 2.1 or later (Required)
Monitor: Any Disk: Hard disk-fast, floppy-OK

Printer: Any. "Condensed Print" options are built in for LaserJet,
Epson and Toshiba printers (stored in ProStamp.Stm). BE
SURE to press Alt-O then "E" Edit Options to "activate"
a printer or edit printer codes. See the next page.

NOTE: Pro~Stamp writes directly to the screen. It's fast, but may
"snow" some monitors. Configure DESQview or Windows accordingly.

Installing Pro~Stamp
Copy "required" files to your hard disk or working floppy disk.
Store or delete "optional" files once you print your manual.

Required Files Purpose
1. ProStamp.Exe Main program file
2. ProStamp.Psl Help Screen library
3. ProStamp.Stm MASTER Worksheet File with printer
codes and user configuration data.

NOTE: Required files must be on the same drive/directory. If
Pro~Stamp can't find ProStamp.Psl, it won't run. If Pro~Stamp
can't find ProStamp.Stm, it creates it. If this happens, press
Alt-O Options to add your own printer codes and User information.

Optional Files Purpose
4. ProStamp.Doc Your manual
5. Demo.Stm A "demo" stamp collection
6. Readme.Bat Introduction

To print Pro~Stamp's manual, type COPY PROSTAMP.DOC PRN.

Pro~Stamp saves your worksheet files with a name you specify and
an ".Stm" extension (eg., ProStamp.Stm or Demo.Stm).

Disk Space, Memory Requirements, Size of Worksheets
Pro~Stamp needs about 128 bytes of RAM memory and disk space for
each stamp in your collection: 300 stamps (40k), 1000 stamps
(128k), 3000 stamps (384k), etc.
* RAM: Pro~Stamp stores your entire collection in RAM memory.
That means you need about 525k of "available memory" to run
Pro~Stamp and load worksheets with 3000 stamps.
- Pro~Stamp comes to you set up to handle 300 stamps.
- Registered users can press Alt-O Options to increase the
size of worksheets -- up to 3000 stamps per worksheet.
* DISK SPACE: A 3000 stamp worksheet file needs almost 400k
bytes of disk space -- more than 360k floppy disks can hold.
- One 360k floppy can store Pro~Stamp, its required files and
a worksheet with about 1000 stamps.
- Collections larger than 1000 stamps require either: 1) Two
360k floppy drives (Pro~Stamp on one, worksheets on another);
2) A high density floppy drive; or, 3) A hard disk.

Running Pro~Stamp, "/M" for Monochrome -c-
To run Pro~Stamp, type "prostamp " -or- "prostamp /m ."
* If you're using a color monitor, Pro~Stamp's display will be
in color.
* The "/m" is optional. It means "use monochrome" to tell
Pro~Stamp to use white on black even if you have a color
monitor. "/m" is sometimes useful on laptops which map
colors into various shades of grey.

The first time you run Pro~Stamp: Select a Printer
The first time you run Pro~Stamp, BE SURE to press Alt-O Options.
Then press "E" Edit Options and .
* The Edit Options window lets you "activate" a printer or edit
printer codes.
* It also lets you customize Pro~Stamp's Type and Condition
menus. "Customizing Pro~Stamp" has details.

Printing your worksheet requires either "compressed type" or
wide, 15" paper (to handle 132 characters of information).

We send you ProStamp.Stm, a master worksheet file. It has
printer codes to turn on compressed type for: HP LaserJets,
Epson (FX), and Toshiba (P1350) printers.
* LaserJet is the "default" printer.
* To select a different printer, press F3 while in the Edit
Options window to toggle between LaserJet, Epson and Toshiba.
* If you have a different printer, or if you want to edit the
printer codes, press cursor keys to move down and edit the
Label and Printer code. Be sure to save it.

See both "Customizing Pro~Stamp" and "Printing Worksheets" for more.

Terms and Conventions We Use
* PS Abbreviation for Pro~Stamp
* Stamp One piece or item in your collection.
It can mean an individual stamp,
setenant, plate block, etc.
* Worksheet Worksheets contain information on stamps.
- Your collection could be in one
or several worksheets.
- Pro~Stamp saves "worksheet files"
with ".Stm" extensions.
* Scott Number A number, published by Scott Publishing
Company, identifying each stamp.
* Alt-key Choose options by holding down the Alt
key and pressing another key (eg. Alt-F).
* Press Enter or Return.
* Esc Press the Esc key.

Quick Start -- Summary of Commands -d-

Select options by pressing Alt-key, a Function Key or Esc.
* Press F1 for instant Help.
* Press Esc to "back out" of an option you started.
* To Exit Pro~Stamp, press Alt-F (pull down the File menu),
highlight "Exit to DOS" (press "E" or use cursor keys), then
press . Pro~Stamp will ask if you really want to quit.

Main menu options (Hold down Alt, press 1st letter of an option)
Alt-F File Load a worksheet file, Save one, Print the
current worksheet, or Exit to DOS.

Alt-A Add Unused. Reserved for future expansion.

Alt-T Type Choose the "type of stamp" from a menu
(eg., Single stamp, Plate Block, etc.)
Highlight one and press to update the
row the worksheet highlight is on.

Alt-C Condition Choose the "condition" of a stamp from a menu
(eg., Fine Used, Fine Never Hinged, etc.)
Highlight one and press to update the
row the worksheet highlight is on.

Alt-S Sort Sort the current worksheet. Highlight the
column you want to sort on (Type, Market
Value, Number Owned, etc); press .

Alt-O Options Load ProStamp.Stm's user configuration, or
Edit user printer codes, user Type/Condition.

Alt-H Help Read one of several help screens.
or F1

Other Options
Alt-D Delete DELETE the row the worksheet highlight's on.

Alt-I Insert INSERT a row ABOVE the one the highlight's on.

F2 Edit Edit the cell the worksheet highlight is on.

F9 Calculate Re-calculate "Total Purchase Cost" (what you
paid or invested) and "Total Market Value"
for the entire worksheet.

To move around worksheets (Pro~Stamp highlights cells as you move)
Press: To move:
Down / Up Cursor Keys Down / up 1 row
PgDn / PgUp Down / up 18 rows
Home To row #1

Tab / Ctrl-Right cursor To the next page
Shift-Tab / Ctrl-Left cursor To back a page
Ctrl-Home / Ctrl-End To the 1st/last column

Getting Acquainted -e-

Run Pro~Stamp then load Demo.Stm, a small, demo stamp collection.
* Type: prostamp to run it

* Press: Alt-F File to pull down the File menu

* Be sure "Load File" is highlighted and press to select it.
When Pro~Stamp asks for a file name, type: demo .

When Demo.Stm loads:
* Notice how the top left cell (under Scott #) is highlighted.
The highlight shows which cell you're in (which row & column).
Press the cursor keys and move the highlight around.

* Press the Tab key 1-2 times and get familiar with the layout.
- Press Shift-Tab to move back a page, or Ctrl-Home to move
all the way back.

* Try Sorting:
- Press Alt-S Sort. Press the Up/Down cursor keys to high-
light any menu option. Press .
- Press Tab and Shift-Tab to see how things changed.
- Now try it again. But this time sort on a different field.

* Try Alt-T and Alt-C (change the Type and Condition of a stamp).
- If you're not back at the beginning, press Ctrl-Home.
- Move the highlight to any row -- but stay in the 1st column.
- Notice the type of stamp under "Type." Now press Alt-T.
Use the Up/Down cursor keys to highlight a Type option (you
could also press the 1st letter of the option). Press .
- Notice the type changed in that row -- and you didn't have
to be under the Type column.
- Now try the same thing with Alt-C Condition.

* Enter some text or a number.
- Move the highlight to column 2, Description. Start typing.
Notice how you enter (or edit) text on line 2. Press .
- Now move to the Face Value column. Press 1 then .
Notice how Pro~Stamp formatted the number as $1.00.
- Now, staying under Face Value enter .1 . You'll see $0.10.

* Press Alt-H Help (or press F1). Glance at several help screens.

Now that you're familiar with Pro~Stamp you'll find:
* You probably don't need this manual--Pro~Stamp's very easy to use.
* As you browse through sections here, they make more sense.

Pro~Stamp's Worksheet 1

Like a spreadsheet, Pro~Stamp's worksheet has "rows" and "columns."

* Each ROW represents one stamp (single stamp, booklet pane, etc.).

* Each COLUMN represent information about that stamp (Scott num-
ber, the number of that stamp you own, it's market value, etc.)
- There are 4 "pages" of columns. Press Tab or Shift-Tab (or
left/right cursor keys) to move between pages.
- You can enter information in each column, or ignore certain
columns depending on your needs and the information you have.
- Pro~Stamp calculates Total Market Value and Change in Value
based on what you enter in certain columns. If you leave
these columns blank, Pro~Stamp's calculations may not
reflect true values.

Pro~Stamp's "worksheet" looks something like the example below.
(The example's shortened here.) Worksheets have 4 basic parts:

1. The Main Menu's at the top of your screen (File, Type, etc.).
- Press Alt-F to see the File menu, Alt-S to Sort, etc.

2. Beneath the menu are column labels.
- You see 2 "pages" here; two others are "off to the right."
- Note columns for Scott Number, Description, Type, etc.

3. The worksheet itself is beneath the column labels.
- Each row represents a stamp; rows extends across 4 pages.
- Pro~Stamp displays 18-19 rows at a time. Use cursor keys
to move across "pages" or scroll up or down.

4. The bottom line (right side) summarizes the value of your
entire collection. Press F9 to update the values there.
- "Purchase" is the sum of what you paid for all stamps --
what you invested.
- "Market" is the Current Market Value of your collection --
the sum of the individual market values for all stamps.

Pro~Stamp File Add Type Condition Sort Options Help

| | Issue Face Acq. |
|Scott # Description |Country Mo Yr Value Mo Yr Type Condition|
| | |
| 1529 Skylab | usa 84 $ .10 5 86 Sheet Mint |

\ \

| | |
+----------------------| Purchase: $13,234.34 Market: $25,356.76 +

Pro~Stamp's Worksheet -- Pages 1 - 4 2

Pro~Stamp offers 4 "pages" of information for each stamp. Move
between pages by pressing:

- Tab or Ctrl-Right cursor Move to the next page
- Shift-Tab or Ctrl-Left cursor Move back 1 page
- Ctrl-Home / Ctrl-End Move To the 1st/last page
- Right or Left cursor keys Move 1 column. If you're
at the end/start of a page,
Pro~Stamp goes to the next

Page 1 (Scott Number and Description) is ALWAYS in view.
* As you move from page to page, Scott # and Description remain
visible so you know what you're looking at.
* You can scroll up and down wherever you are. The Scott #
and Description will always show what you're viewing.

Page 2 contains this information: (to the right of Description)

| | Issue Face Acq. |
|Scott # Description |Country Mo Yr Value Mo Yr Type Condition|

Page 3 contains this information.
* We enter information under # Owned, Total Purchase Price
(the TOTAL we paid for all -- 15 here), and Market Value
(the current market value for EACH stamp).
* Pro~Stamp automatically calculates:
- "Total Value" # Owned times Market Value
- "% Inc." The percentage increase/decrease in value
(Purch. Price divided by Total Value minus 1)
* Since "Total Value" and "% Inc." are "calculated," Pro~Stamp
won't let you edit these columns. If you're cursor is under
Market Value and you press right cursor, Pro~Stamp goes to Page 4.

| | # Total Purch. Market Total % |
|Scott # Description |Owned Price Value Value Inc.|
| 1529 Skylab | 15 $93.75 $9.75 $146.25 56 |
\ \
| | |
+----------------------| Purchase: $13,234.34 Market: $25,356.76 +

Page 4
* Page 4 contains space for comments

| | |
|Scott # Description | Comment |

Moving Around Worksheets 3

When you first run Pro~Stamp, or when you load a worksheet file,
Pro~Stamp highlights the area under "Scott #" -- row 1, column 1.

To move around a worksheet, press:

Down / Up Cursor Keys To move Down / up 1 row
PgDn / PgUp Down / up 18 rows
Home To row #1

Left / Right cursor To move Between columns
Tab / Ctrl-Right cursor To the next page
Shift-Tab / Ctrl-Left cursor To back a page
Ctrl-Home / Ctrl-End To the 1st/last page

As you move around, Pro~Stamp:
* Highlights the "cell" you're on.
* Prints the contents of the highlighted cell on line # 2,
beneath the menu. This is were you enter or edit data.

Entering / Editing Worksheet Information

You can enter or edit information in two ways.
* First move the highlight to a "cell" (a row and column).
* To EDIT text: Press F2 to edit information already in the cell.
* To ENTER text: Start typing.
- If there's already information in the cell and you enter
new data and press , the new data replaces the original.

In both cases:
* You enter information on line #2, beneath the menu. Press
to accept what you see and store it in the highlighted cell.
* If entering dollars and cents: DON'T add "$" DO add decimals.
- To enter 3 dollars and 45 cents, enter 3.45 . Pro~Stamp
prints $3.45 -- adding "$" for you.
- To enter 10 cents, enter .10 . Pro~Stamp prints $0.10.
- To enter 7 dollars, enter 7 . Pro~Stamp prints $7.00.
* Press Esc to cancel -- to tell Pro~Stamp NOT to change a cell.

For example, suppose we wanted to add Issue Month to our example.
We use cursor keys to move to and highlight the cell under
"Issue Mo." We press "7" (for July, 1984), then press .

Pro~Stamp File Add Type Condition Sort Options Help

| | Issue Face Acq. |
|Scott # Description |Country Mo Yr Value Mo Yr Type Condition|
| | |
| 1529 Skylab | usa 7 84 $ .10 5 86 Sheet Mint |

Important Notes on Entering/Editing Information 4

Where possible, Scott Numbers should contain ONLY numbers.

But some Scott numbers have "letter qualifiers" (231c or 634d).
We recommend you add the qualifier to the Description field. Enter
only numbers in the Scott # column. Why? For accurate sorting.
* The "number" 231c is GREATER than 9999! When you sort on
Scott number, the stamp 231c won't appear after 231, it'll
appear after the largest all-numeric Scott #.
* Here's how you might enter 231 and 231c. These sort fine.

| | Issue Face Acq. |
|Scott # Description |Country Mo Yr Value Mo Yr Type Condition|
| 231 Violet | usa 93 $ .02 5 86 Single Used Avg|
| 231 (c) " Broken Hat| usa 93 $ .02 10 87 Single NH Fine|

Type & Condition

As we explain elsewhere, you can "enter" Type and Condition from
menus. These menus contain many, but not all of those you'll
encounter. To handle situations not included in menus:
* Just move to the Type or Condition columns and type in ANY text.
* Or, press Alt-O Options and edit the 3 "User Types" and the
3 "User Conditions." Enter whatever text you want. It'll
then be available in Pro~Stamp's menus.
* Once you edit the "user fields" you can:
- Save it in ProStamp.Stm -- which is loaded each time you run
Pro~Stamp. Once saved here, these settings are available to
EVERY worksheet you create.
- Save it along with the current worksheet (and NOT save it
in ProStamp.Stm). In this case, the user fields will ONLY
become active when you load this worksheet. Different
worksheets can have different settings.

NON-US Face Values

The Face Value column is formatted to handle U.S. Dollars & Cents.
Obviously this won't work for non-US stamps. And PCs can't print
symbols used for every denomination worldwide. To handle face
values where the "$0.00" format is inappropriate, leave the Face
Value column blank, and use the Comment (or Description) field.

Use "Comment" and "Descrition" fields for unusual situations

No system can handle every situation. That's why you have options
to customize Type and Condition menus, and why Comment and Descrip-
tion fields are large. Use these for cases that don't "fit."

Choosing Options: Main Menu & Other Options 5
You choose most options from the Main Menu (shown at the top of
your screen). Some options aren't found in any menu. Here are
your options ("Quick Start" has a 1-page summary you can print).

Non-Menu Options -- Which Don't Appear in Any Menu
F1 Instant Help

F2 Edit
To Edit the contents of a cell, use cursor keys to move the
highlight to the row and column you want to edit and press F2.
* Pro~Stamp prints the contents of the cell on line # 2, letting
you edit it. Press when done, or Esc to cancel the edit.

F9 Calculate
Re-calculate both: "Total Purchase Cost" (what you paid or
invested), and "Total Market Value" for the entire worksheet.

Alt-D Delete
To Delete a row, use Up/Down cursor keys to move the highlight
to that row. You can be on any page. Press Alt-D.
* Pro~Stamp deletes the row and moves any rows below it up 1.
* You CAN'T "undo" this. So be sure before pressing Alt-D.

Alt-I Insert
To Insert a row, use cursor keys to move the highlight to the
row where you want a blank row to appear (on any page); press Alt-I.
* Pro~Stamp moves the row the highlight is on and any below down 1.

Main Menu Options
To choose a main menu option, hold down the Alt key, and press the
first letter of an option (eg., Alt-F for "F"ile, Alt-S for "S"ort).
A window pops up with more choices. To choose options in menus:
* Press the 1st letter of the option you want, or use up/down
cursor keys to highlight the option.
* Press to select it. Press Esc to "back out" of the menu.

Alt-F File Press Alt-F and Pro~Stamp displays this:
Pro~Stamp File Add Type Condition Sort Options Help
| Load File |
| Save File |
| Print |
| Exit to DOS |

We discuss Loading, Saving and Printing worksheets in separate
sections. To quit (Exit to DOS), highlight Exit, then press .

Main Menu Options (continued) 6

Type & Condition -- Alt-T & Alt-C

Pro~Stamp gives you 2 ways to enter the Type & Condition of
stamps: type it in, or choose it from a menu. You can:
* Move the cursor to the column beneath Type or Condition and
type something in.
* Or, regardless of where you are on a line, press Alt-T or
Alt-C and choose from menus. Highlight the option you want
(press the 1st letter or use cursor keys). Press .
- Pro~Stamp replaces any text in these columns with the
option you chose. You may edit it once it's inserted.
- This works even if you're on a page other than page 2.

Alt-T Type Press Alt-T and Pro~Stamp displays this:
Pro~Stamp File Add Type Condition Sort Options Help
| Single Stamp |
* We're showing only part | Souvenir Sheet|
of the menu. | Plate Block |
* NOTE: At the bottom are
3 "User Types." You can / /
edit these to include
any text you want. "Custo- | User Type #1 |
mizing Pro~Stamp" has | User Type #2 |
details. | User Type #3 |

Alt-C Condition Press Alt-C and Pro~Stamp displays this:
Pro~Stamp (V 1.2) File Add Type Condition Sort Options Help
| Unused Fine|
* As above, we're showing only part | Unused Avg |
of the menu. Here too you have 3 / /
"User Options" you can edit. | NH Fine |
| Cond #1 |
| Cond #2 |
| Cond #3 |

Main Menu Options (continued) 7

Alt-S Sort Press Alt-S and Pro~Stamp displays this:
Pro~Stamp File Add Type Condition Sort Options Help
* Alt-S lets you sort the "current worksheet" | Scott Number |
(the one in memory) in several ways. | Country |
- Highlight the column to sort on, press | Type |
* You may then: | Condition |
- Save the worksheet in the newly sorted order| Number Owned |
- Or print it in this order | Purch. Price |
- Or sort it on some other column | Current Value |
- Or reload the worksheet from disk and start +---------------+

NOTES On Sorting:
* BE SURE to read "Important Notes on Entering/Editing Info."
- Where possible, Scott Numbers should contain ONLY numbers.
- But some Scott numbers have "letter qualifiers" (234a or 634d).
- We recommend you add the qualifier to the Description, and
enter only numbers in the Scott # column.
* This option lets you view your collection in many different
ways. Try one way, then quickly and easily try another.
* If you sort worksheets containing blank lines, these blanks may
appear at the top of the worksheet (unless you sort on numbers).
* Also note that, although Pro~Stamp's sorting process is fast,
the actual speed depends on both: 1) the speed of your PC;
and, 2) the number of stamps in your collection.

Alt-O Options Press Alt-O and Pro~Stamp displays this:
Pro~Stamp File Add Type Condition Sort Options Help
* "Customizing Pro~Stamp" has details. | Load Configuration |
* Alt-O lets you Load User Type/Condition | Edit Options |
and printer codes from ProStamp.Stm. +--------------------+
* It also lets you Edit these options, then
save them to ProStamp.Stm (or not), save them in the current
worsheet (or not), or use them just during this session.

Alt-H / F1 Help Press Alt-H (or F1) and Pro~Stamp displays this:
Pro~Stamp File Add Type Condition Sort Options Help
* To get help, just highlight a | General Instructions |
topic, press to view it. | Editing Lines; Type/Condition |
* Some topics have 2 or more help | Loading or Saving Files |
screens. If so, you'll see | Printing |
something like "1 of 3." | Editing Configuration Options |
- Press Esc to return to your +-------------------------------+
- Press any other key to continue.

Loading and Saving Worksheets 8

Press Alt-F to load or save a worksheet file. Pro~Stamp displays
a menu like this.

Pro~Stamp File Add Type Condition Sort Options Help
| Load File |
| Save File |
| Print |
| Exit to DOS |

Move the highlight to either Load File or Save File. Press .
Pro~Stamp then displays a window like this:
| Load (or Save) Which Worksheet? |
| |
| |
| --------.Stm |
| |
+ [Esc] = Cancel F2 = Directory -----------+

Type in a 1-8 letter file name (extensions are always ".Stm"), or
press F2 Directory to choose a name from a directory of worksheets.

A Note On "Paths"

We designed Pro~Stamp to save and load worksheets to the "current
path" -- the drive and directory you're on when you start
Pro~Stamp. We recommend you stick with this, it's simplest.

* But, you can "activate" a different path--another drive or
directory. Once you do, Pro~Stamp will load and save work-
sheets from/to that path, until you change the path again.
* To "activate" a different path you have to LOAD a worksheet
from that path. But, how did it get there? You copied it there.

* Notice in the window above the line above "--------.Stm" is
blank. This means Pro~Stamp is using the "current" drive/
- Press F2 Directory. Pro~Stamp asks "Which Drive?" Press
A, B, C, etc.
- Pro~Stamp then asks "Which Directory?" Press
for None, or type in a directory name and press .
- Pro~Stamp scans that path for worksheet files. It
then displays a menu with all workseet names.
Highlight the one you want; press to load it.

Now, the next time you Save or Load a file, the line above "-------"
shows the path you chose. All saving/loading will be to that path.

Sound complex? It's much easier to do than read about. Try it.
But, you'll simplify things if you store worksheets on the
drive/directory you keep Pro~Stamp itself.

Printing Worksheets 9

Press Alt-F to print the "current" worksheet -- the one in memory.
Pro~Stamp displays a menu like this. Highlight Print; press .

Pro~Stamp File Add Type Condition Sort Options Help
| Load File |
| Save File |
| Print |
| Exit to DOS |

Pro~Stamp then asks you to press [A]ll or [R]ange.
* Press "A" (All) to print the entire worksheet.
* Press "R" (Range) to print only certain rows.
- Enter the Starting row (eg., 150) and Ending row (eg., 450)
- The Ending row MUST BE greater than the starting row. If
not, Pro~Stamp beeps and asks you to enter the rows again.

Notes on Printing
Pro~Stamp assumes your printer is connected to LPT1. When you
begin printing, a window pops up asking you to press:

to Begin, or [D]on't check LPT1
* If you're printer is NOT hooked up to LPT1, press [D]on't
check LPT1. Pro~Scribe wont't check to see if your printer is
on-line, has paper, etc. If you press "D," this is up to you.

Pro~Stamp always prints: 60 lines per page, and all 4 "pages" of
information. Each row contains about 132 characters -- more than
will fit on 8 1/2 x 11" paper.

* This means you need to print in "compressed type" (to fit this
much on 8 1/2 x 11" paper), or on paper 15" wide (132 columns).
- Even with compressed type it may not all fit on 8 1/2 x 11"
paper. Comments may be truncated or appear on the next line.

* Pro~Stamp assumes you want "compressed type." So, the Master
worksheet file (ProStamp.Stm) comes with printer codes to turn
on compressed type for HP LaserJet, Epson or Toshiba printers.

* LaserJet is the "default." If you have a different printer,
or to edit printer codes, press Alt-O Options. Either:
- Press F3 to toggle among the 3 printer codes.
- Or, edit one of the printer codes, and its label. For
example, if you have a LaserJet, you could print in
Landscape rather than Portrait mode. You'll need a
Landscape font for this, and you should specify 8 lines per
inch to fit 60 lines on a page.

* If you want Pro~Stamp to send NO printer codes at all, edit
one and erase the code (press Ctrl-Home).

Customizing Pro~Stamp: Alt-O Options 10

What Alt-O does
Pro~Stamp lets you customize: Three stamp "Types," 3 stamp
"Conditions" PLUS 3 separate printer control codes. You can also
set the maximum size of worksheets (300 - 3000 stamps; Registered
Users Only). Once you edit these, you may save them to:
* The master worksheet, which is loaded each time you run PS.
* The worksheet in memory. This enables you to have different
settings for different subsets of your collection.
* Or both.
* Or neither. Use them during this session only. Don't save 'em.

How does it help me?
Pro~Stamp's Type and Condition menus include many, but not all,
of the types and conditions of stamps a collection may have.
This option lets you add Type and Condition options of your own.

You can also Select or Edit one of 3 printer codes to control how
Pro~Stamp prints your worksheets; also see "Printing Worksheets."

Finally (Registered Users), you can increase the size of your
worksheets as a collection grows. This lets you run Pro~Stamp in
small amounts of RAM memory, and use more as collections grow.

Press Alt-O and you have two options:

Pro~Stamp File Add Type Condition Sort Options Help
* Choose Load Configuration and Pro~Stamp | Load Configuration |
loads Type, Condition and printer codes | Edit Options |
from Pro~Stamp.Stm. +--------------------+

- NOTE: When you run Pro~Stamp, it loads this information.
You only need to load it if: 1) you edited it and want to
restore the master settings from ProStamp.Stm; or, 2) you
loaded a worksheet with different settings and want
to restore the master settings.
- If a worksheet is already loaded, Loading Configuration
REPLACES worksheet settings! If you now save the worksheet,
the new settings will be saved along with the worksheet.

* Choose Edit Options to edit the 3 Type and Condition menu
options. This also lets you: 1) Toggle among 3 different
printer codes; 2) Edit printer codes and their labels; or,
3) change the size of worksheets (300 - 3000 stamps).

continued . . . .

Customizing Pro~Stamp (continued) 11

If you choose Edit Options, Pro~Stamp displays a window like this.
| or Up/Down cursor = change fields Alt-Q = Quit |
| # Stamps 300 Minimum: 300 Maximum: 3000 |
| |
| Type 1 User type #1 |
| Type 2 User type #3 |
| Type 3 User type #3 |
| |
| Condition 1 Cond. #1 |
| Condition 2 Cond. #2 |
| Condition 3 Cond. #3 |
| |
| Active Printer: 1 |
| HP Laser | |
| F2 = Save config. to ProStamp.Stm F3 = Change Printer # |
| Printer codes: To enter Esc, press Esc. For ASCII codes |
| 1-31, hold down the ALT key, enter # on numeric keypad. |

Pro~Stamp highlights the text next to "# Stamps" letting you edit it.
* You can enter about: 15 characters for Type, 8 for Condition.
* Press up or down cursor keys (or ) to change fields.
* Press F2 to Save settings to ProStamp.Stm. They'll then be
loaded each time you run Pro~Stamp.
* Press Alt-Q to quit.

# Stamps / Size of Worksheets
Changing "# Stamps" here does NOT change the size of the current
worksheet. To do that, immediately save the worksheet then
reload it. When you re-load, Pro~Stamp will allocate more
memory, letting you add more stamps.

Editing printer codes
Press F3 to toggle among 3 printer codes. The number next to
"Active Printer" changes as does the text below it.

Each printer code has 2 parts: 1) a "label" (on the left, HP
Laser here); and, 2) the code Pro~Stamp sends to the printer.

Note the instructions at the bottom of the screen.
* To enter the Escape character (Chr$(27), just press Esc. A
left-pointing arrow appears on your screen ("<" here).
* To enter normal keyboard characters, just type them in.
* To enter characters with Ascii codes below 32, HOLD DOWN the
Alt key, and enter the Ascii number on the NUMERIC KEYPAD.
- For example, an Epson code for compressed print is Escape
15 -- Chr$(27) + Chr$(15). To enter it, press Esc then
hold down Alt and type 15 on the numeric keypad.

Error Messages You Might Get i

We try to prevent most errors from disrupting your work. For
example, Pro~Stamp checks to ensure your printer's ready (LPT1
only) before you start printing. And it checks to see if files
exist, alerting you if you try to load non-existent worksheet files.

Most other errors will probably be due to disk or printer errors:
your printer runs out of paper, the disk drive door is open, or
you run out of disk space while saving a worksheet.

* With most errors, Pro~Stamp sounds an alarm and asks you to
fix the problem and press a key.

* With other errors, Pro~Stamp reports an error number, and tells
you it can't go on. It may be able to restart, depending on
the severity of the error. But you may loose your worksheet.
- This is one reason we urge you to save worksheets often.
If you loose one due to an error, just re-load it.
- If errors recur, please let us know. Tell us the error
number, and describe exactly what you were doing when it

* If major errors occur twice (an error reported on the bottom
of your screen with a message like "Error (##). ....."), we
urge you to EXIT Pro~Stamp and restart it. If possible
save your work first, but it may already be gone.

Here's a summary of most errors you might get. An asterisk after
an error number means Pro~Stamp will probably abort or start over.

24 Timeout (printer may be turned off or off-line)
27 Out of paper
25 Device fault (may be disk/modem/other device error)
57 Device Input/Output error (may be disk/modem/other device error)
68 Device unavailable (not on-line or doesn't exist)

Disk (also see 25, 57, 68 above)
61* Disk full (fatal unless you can change disks)
67* Too many files on disk/directory (fatal unless you change disks)
70 Permission denied (disk is write-protected or file is locked)
71 Disk not ready (drive door open?)
72 Media error (damaged/unformatted/ disk)

Math 6* Overflow. A number is too large.
Memory 7, 14* Out of memory (eliminate TSRs/Device drivers/etc.)
Files 7x Path or File not found or other Path/File error


Pro~Stamp is "user-supported" software -- NOT "freeware." You're
granted a limited license to try PS for a limited period. You
may use it or copy in the manner described below (only). You may
not modify or alter Pro~Stamp in any way without our prior
written approval.

If you ARE a registered user (bless you):
- You've either made a contribution to continue using PS, or
ordered Pro~Stamp from us.
- You're granted a license to use Pro~Stamp for both personal
and business purposes. And we'll try to keep you posted of
enhancements and/or revisions to Pro~Stamp.

If you're NOT a registered user:
- You're granted a limited license to try PS out 10-20 times.
If, after this "demo period," you decide you want to continue
using PS, we ask that you register as described below. Running
PS 10-20 different times should allow you to decide if it's going
to serve you needs. Therefore the "trial period" is 20 PS sessions.

|Each Copy Used In a Corporation, Business, Trade MUST Be Registered.|
This means, if you're using PS for any business purpose or in the
context of conducting business, you are required to register and
submit the registration fee for each copy used. Site Licenses and
multiple-copy discounts are available. Write to the address below.


A Registration & Order form is at the end of this manual.

To register your copy, or order the latest versions, send your
Name, Address, registration fee and comments or suggestions to:

Rob W. Smetana 132 Alpine Terrace San Francisco, Ca. 94117

Bulletin board SYSOPS, computer clubs, and shareware distributors
are encouraged to copy/distribute Pro~Stamp, provided:
(a) Your adds/company name/literature DON'T mention "free," "free
software" or "freeware," misrepresenting user-supported software.
(1) It's distributed Unmodified (All files & Copyright notices intact)
(2) You charge nothing for the software manuals, etc.
You may charge up to $10.00 to cover distribution and handling
(3) You clearly state your fee is NOT payment or registration for
the software
(4) You clearly encourage contributions/registration by stating that
continued use justifies sending contributions to the developer.
(5) You include all files mentioned in ReadMe.BAT including:
Pro~Stamp.Exe, Pro~Stamp.Doc, Pro~Stamp.Psl, Pro~Stamp.Stm, etc.

Three Questions About Registering.... iii



These are good questions. Here's a response. (Our response
applies to user-supported software in general, not just Pro~Stamp.)

Shareware is NOT free software. A better term is "user-supported"
software. Why? Because authors of "shareware" spend long, hard
hours developing and debugging programs, and writing manuals.
They DEPEND on your support (and comments and an occasional "thank
you") to keep going--to justify the time and sweat. You get to "try
it before you buy it," to see if it works and meets your needs.
You get to enjoy the result, at very reasonable prices. And regis-
tering your copy (supporting the author) brings you other benefits
as well. These include (depending on the author and the program):
the latest version often with new, more or better features,
extra "goodies," a printed manual, phone support, updates, etc.

Shareware "works" because people like you (1) are honest; and,
(2) understand authors will stop "sharing" their work if they
receive no support. In short, if you fail to even acknowledge
the contributions authors make, or support their efforts (even
modestly), the well will dry up. The only one to lose will be
you (and the "shareware distributors"). Since you made no
contribution anyway, the developer loses nothing.

In response to the third question, many firms now "sell" user-
supported software (or shareware). They charge you a fee for
their time and the expense of sending you a disk. NONE of the
fee you give them goes to the author of the software. So when you
pay $2-$5.00 for a disk full of software, you're NOT supporting
the person who spent their time developing ideas you're now enjoying.

This product is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind.
The entire risk as to the results and performance of this product
is assumed by you. We warrant only that disk(s) sent you (if
any) is free from physical defects and workmanship under normal
use and service for a period of 90 days from the date shipped.

Our entire liability, and your exclusive remedy, as to the disk
shall be to, at our option, either (1)return the purchase price;
or, (2) replace disks which don't meet our limited warranty.

Neither Pro~Formance nor RWS & Associates, nor any of their
officers or employees shall be held responsible for: failures of
this program to satisfy any needs, damages due to using it, or any
effects this program has on you, your business or operations.

Pro~Stamp, its manual and support files may be modified or changed
from time to time. PS may contain operational inaccuracies or
typographical errors which may be corrected by future versions
if any. Registered users may be notified of available updates.

Programs by Pro~Formance 132 Alpine Ter. San Francisco, Ca. 94117

Professional Scribe (Pro~Scribe) PS Express (PSE)
Pro~Scribe and PSE help you improve anything you write (or help
you improve the writing of others -- your staff, students, etc.)
Pro~Scribe/PSE are used in companies like IBM, Hewlett Packard,
Lockheed, Citibank, Bank of America to improve memos, letters,
manuals, documentation, contracts, promotional material, etc.
* They examine your writing for many types of writing mistakes.
* You can look at results for an entire letter, report, etc.
Or, if you like, they'll look at your writing line-by-line.
* They show suspect problems, and offer suggestions.
* Results are shown numerically, and with several colorful graphs.
* They come with two manuals (in addition to a Quick Ref. Guide)
- One covers basics: To install/run PS, and basic guidelines.
- "Effective, High-Impact Writing" has more writing tips.
* They're colorful, fast, fun, and a terrific value: $35 for both!

How are Pro~Scribe and PSE different? First, PS Express is a RAM-
resident program. That means it's always ready to help when you
need help most--while you're actually writing. Run PSE, then run
your word processor and start writing. Need help? Just press a key.
* When PSE pops up, just mark the text you want PSE to look at.
A window pops up instantly with feedback on your writing.
* PSE is like having an English teacher looking over your
shoulder--gently coaching you as you write.

Pro~Scribe gives you everything PSE does, and much, much more. It
reads files saved by your word processor (or type right into PS).
Like PSE, Pro~Scribe reveals the complexity of your writing and gives:
* Feedback on "Word Wasters" (5 categories of writing errors).
* Three RGL (Running Grade Level) options (line-by-line feedback).
* An option to flag complex words and Word Wasters in each line.
* A Personal Interest score--showing if you write as you speak.

Mail Call (also see P~F Form below) MC Express (MCE)
Mail Call (MC) is a full featured mailing assistant. Add names
to a database, then Browse through them, Search, Print, etc. Print:
* Envelopes (several sizes)
* Mailing Labels (several sizes plus a "roll-your-own-size" option)
1 to 99 copies of each label, 1 to 3 columns across
* Personalized Documents (like "mail merge form letters")
* Reports, Phone books, Appointment schedules, etc.
* Labels with Any text

Mail Call offers UNlimited capacity -- use as many database files
as you want. And its "Mail Merge" option lets you Import or Export
names to files used by word processors or other database programs.

MC Express is a "RAM-resident" program that lets you: 1) print
envelopes while INSIDE your word processor; and, 2) lets you
"write out" names and addresses to a file you can later "import"
into MC (no re-typing). (MCE is optional and works with HP
LaserJets, Original through Series II.)

P~F Form (see Mail Call) Form Design (PFD) // Form Master (PFM)
Form Design and Form Master are a complete form system: form
design, math, print, database and "auto-edit" features all built in.

Design, edit and print forms with P~F Form Design. (samples included)
* Draw lines or boxes, in several styles. Shade areas.
* Math options (+-/*) add "spreadsheet" convenience and accuracy
* Enter text, auto-centered inside boxes if you like
* Quick, easy block options: Copy, Move, Erase, Shading, Repeat
* Vary fonts, type styles, line spacing

Then use either PFD or PFM to fill them out and print them.
* PFM pulls names, addresses, etc. from your database, putting
them right where you want them.
* Auto-Edit lets you quickly skip through a form, editing
just fields you "tagged." For example: On order forms--
Quantity, Description, Price per Unit, Tax, Total.
* Press a key to do all the calculations for you!!

Produce high-quality, professional looking forms in minutes with
an HP LaserJet (+/500/Series II or later). And you DON'T need
expensive LaserJet font cartridges or soft fonts for lines, boxes,
shading, etc. We use the LaserJet's built-in features for these.
"But, I don't have a LaserJet," you say. Not to worry. PFD/PFM
have two other printer options so they work with any printer.

Finally, PFD/PFM will work with the same database files as Mail
Call--letting you can manage most every piece of paper in your office.
Forms: Invoices, Purchase Orders, Personnel Forms, Work
Orders, Work Schedules, Travel or Expense Reports,
Accounting Forms, Application Blanks, etc.
As Well As: Letters, Memos, Envelopes, Mailing Labels, Person-
alized Documents, Reports, Client or Employee lists.

P~F Presents
P~F Presents, a DESKTOP PRESENTATION system, has 3 programs:
P-Screen, PFP and PF Show.

With P-Screen you: (The next page has more on P-Screen)
* Design screens (or "slides").
* Save screens in libraries (or print them or save as Ascii files)

With PFP you:
* Create presentation agendas ("slide shows") which can include:
- Menus which "branch" to various parts of your presentation,
depending on the option your viewer selects. For example:
-- Which product do you want information on?
-- Which topic (in a tutorial) do you want to review?
- Timed slides (PFP pauses, then automatically shows the next)
- Special effects: animation, sound, loops, exploding windows
* Display your presentations, or let others do it by themselves.
A "use monochrome" option lets you display presentations on
virtually any monitor.
* You can also use PF Show to display presentations. It's a
smaller, more efficient way for you, or others to see your
slide shows.

* Sales presentations * Management/Staff briefings
* Training programs * Tutorials or Demos
* Meetings * Highlight product information
* Highlight investment opportunities * Advertise on disk
* Customer information * Tourist guides
* Restaurant guides * Directories (Names, phone #s)
And on and on and . . .

P-Screen (Pro~Formance Screen Design)
P-Screen is a screen: "design," "library/database" and "display"
system all in one. Use it to design screens for programs you write,
or for program demos, prototyping, word processing, batch files, etc.

* Draw/Join lines or boxes, in several styles
* Fill areas with shading, or Paint entire screens or selected areas
* Enter text, auto-centered inside lines or boxes if you like
* Quick, easy block options: Copy, Move, Erase, Shade, Paint, UnDo

* Save screens to or Load screens from Ascii files or Libraries.
Since you can load Ascii files, you can use most any "screen
capture" program to save EXISTING screens to disk. Then, load
them into P-Screen, add color, then save them to a library.
* Libraries give you the convenience of 1 file to store up to 50
screens -- in color, complete with names and descriptions.

Using Libraries in Your Programs, Demos, etc.
* We supply three routines to display your screens. Call one to
read screens from libraries, another to display your screens.
(These routines work with QuickBASIC 4.0 +.)
* It's easy to write programs to access screen libraries.
- You can load and display 1 screen at a time.
- Or load 2 or more screens into arrays, then pop them up instantly.

The Survey Catalyst (TSC; a commercial program, not Shareware)
The Survey Catalyst is for anyone who works with attitude or opinion
surveys. It helps you create surveys in minutes or hours--not days!

* TSC includes a database of thousands of survey items--like
items used in most Fortune 1000 companies' employee surveys.
- You can review items, edit them or add new ones.
- OR, when you see an item you want to add to a survey, just
press a key and add it--fast and simple.
* TSC also comes with dozens of response scales. When you print
surveys, TSC prints the right response scale--automatically.
* And speaking of printing, TSC's many options let you create
"camera-ready" copy--as you want it, fast!
- Group items by Category, by Response Scale, or Randomize them.
- Print response scales Above or Beside items (or not at all).
- Print key punch instructions (or not, it's optional).
- Print a title--at the top or bottom of each page.
- Or, print your survey "to a file"--to dress it up later.

----------------+------[ To Order : : : :]-----+-----------------

____ Copies of Pro~Stamp at $25 per copy ............. $_________

____ Copies of P~F Presents (P-Screen\+ and PFP\+) ... $_________
** $49 per copy ($75 without the Pro~Formance copyright
introducing each presentation. Call about custom options.)

____ Copies of P-Screen: Programmer's Edition ........ $_________
** $25 per copy

____ Copies of Mail Call\+ ........................... $_________
** $45 per copy WITH MC Express MCE works with
HP LaserJets, original through Series II.
** $40 per copy WITHOUT MC Express (MCE)

____ Copies of P~F Form (Both PFD\+ and PFM\+) ....... $_________
** $45 per copy (Note the "packages" below)

____ Copies of Professional Scribe Writing Assistant . $_________
** $35 per copy (Both Pro~Scribe and PS Express)

____ Copies of BOTH P~F Form and Mail Call\+ (17% off) $_________
** $75 for PFD, PFM AND Mail Call and MC Express ($4/shipping)

____ Shoot the works. Send 1 of each .......(25% off) $_________
** $170 for the works (+ $10 shipping)

____ Send information on The Survey Catalyst

For EACH DISK, add $2 shipping/handling (Non-U.S.: $8) $_________

California residents, please add 6.5% tax $_________

Total enclosed........ $_________

(NON-U.S. orders: International Money Orders please. U.S. Funds)
(We reserve the option to adjust registration fees.)
-----------------+-------[ Mail to ]-------+----------------------

Name: _____________________________ Today's Date: ____________

Company: __________________________ Phone: ( ) _____-______

Address: ________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: _________________________________________________
Please make your check payable to: R. W. Smetana Send this to:

Pro~Formance 132 Alpine Terrace San Francisco, CA. 94117
(415) 863-0530 10-5 Pacific time please

Which Pro~Stamp version do you have? (top of screen) _____________
Where did you get your current copy of Pro~Stamp? ________________
My Computer's a:_________________ My Printer's a:________________
My Monitor is: (circle one) Mono / Color

Please use the other side for comments and suggestions.

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