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Current notes, updates, corrections and anything else not mentioned in the
manual or LPMREAD.ME.


Certain combinations of monochrome displays and display adapters in
Leading Edge Model D computers causes the contents of the choice and alert
windows to "disappear". If you encounter this problem on a Leading Edge,
send your disk back with a note and prepaid mailer for a modified copy of
LPM which should work.

LPM111 NOTE (2/5/87)
Changes have been made to the delete record section. Deleting more
records than what exists in the file has been corrected to avoid a program
crash. Also, after deleting a record, the next record in line WILL NOT be
automatically displayed on the screen for possible deletion. The next
record in sequence must be explicitly called up using N)ext or L)ast.

LPM110A NOTE (1/19/87)
The only changes that have been made are cosmetic. 'ESC to exit' has been
changed to 'ESC to cancel'. Hopefully, this will be clearer to some
people. (See below). No other changes have been made as to program

USE of ESC (1/6/87)
Several users have been having problems getting LPM to work properly.
Part of the problem has been related to the use of the ESCAPE key. In
some programs, Escape is used to finish a task. In the Landscape Plant
Manager, Escape is used to CANCEL or bail out of a task. When adding
records, pressing the escape key will cancel the record you have been
entering and erase it from the screen without saving to the file. To
finish adding a record, use Ctrl-Z to finish and get to the "Is this
correct" prompt.

There have been several request for additional data files for use with the
Landscape Plant Manager. However, we have no additional databases
available for distribution. The prime goal of the Landscape Plant Manager
is a learning tool for horticulture students. Part of the learning
process is having the students enter their own personal database; a
"learning by doing" method. We also donot distribute extra databases
inorder to keep costs down. If you are in need of large existing plant
databases, we recommend contacting one of the commercial vendors such as
Terisan, MFE Associates or Landscape Electronics. See the September 1,
1986 issue of American Nurseryman for additional information.

Starting with version 1.05, the program and related library will have a
three or four digit version number in the file name. You will notice that
version 1.05 has a file name of LPM105.COM and LPM105.000. This will
allow you to keep track of different versions as the program is updated
and enhanced.

Note that when searching by criteria, one cannot view or print the list of
plants established by selected criteria until there are FIVE or fewer
plants in the 'Plants found' list. This restriction was established to
encourage students to develop as complete a criteria list as possible
before choosing a particular plant for a landscape site. Also, the
restriction was established to prevent students from printing long lists
of plants based on one or two criteria. You may notice that five plants
along with a criteria template will fit nicely on 2 sheets of paper.
If there is enough demand from registered donors, the author will
implement an option to expanded the viewing/printing restriction.

Current enhancements being incorporated into LPM version 1.xx are the
ability to rebuild damaged index files, export of data files, user defined
printer control and additional prompts where found necessary. Work has
begun on the Macintosh version of the Landscape Plant Manager. Hopefully
it will be available by next summer(1987). Once the Mac version is
complete, features in the Mac version will be transfered back into version
2.0 of the MS-DOS/IBM version. However, be aware it will most likely
require a Color Graphics Adapter.

MAJOR BUG IN VERSION 1.0 (11/10/86)
Through continued testing, a bug was found in the Landscape Plant Manager
that would damage the files. It only occured when adding more than one or
two plants at one time to a file that has been opened and used for a long
period of time. The error has been corrected in version 1.05. Best
advice is to destroy any copies of the version 1.0 program and use version
1.05. Any existing clean data files are usable by version 1.05 and above.
Please inform anyone else you know using version 1.0 of this problem.

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Archive   : PLANTMGR.ZIP
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