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PHBK 1.1
Non-TSR Phonebook

Support Shareware!
If you find this, or any shareware program useful, please register
it with the author. To register PHBK 1.1, send $10 to Dave Navarro at
474 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, Ca 95123. Anyone sending $10.01 or more
will recieve a disk with the latest version of PHBK and other useful
utilities written by myself.

About PHBK:
Probably one of the mose useful programs I have ever run accross is the
CARDFILE program distributed by PC-Magazine on their utility disks. I've
used it for years to hold the names and phone numbers of my friends and
relatives. The only problem I really had with it was that it's limited in
the number of records it can hold, the dial function is useless, and I have
a thing against TSR's because I frequently need all available memory to run
memory hungry database programs. I also hated the fact that I never knew
how many records were in each file that I used, or which record I was looking
at, and the editor leaves a lot to be desired.
So, when I got a little time to fiddle around, I wrote a quick and dirty
clone of the cardfile that ran from the DOS command line.
Like CARDFILE, you must include the name of the data file your using,
including the path after the command. Example: PHBK C:\TSR\PHONE.DAT
will invoke the PHBK program and use PHONE.DAT located on drive C: in the
TSR directory. PHBK has been written to use the data file created by CARDFILE
so no conversion is necessary, however, PHBK is limited to 999 records, as
opposed to the 256 record limit in CARDFILE. The rest of the commands are
the essentially the same. The main difference is that any changes you make
to the data file, ie: adding another record, changing or deleting an existing
one, will automatically be saved to the data file.
Remember, once you break the 256 record limit of CARDFILE, it will no
longer be able to read your PHBK data file.
Version 1.1 now prints 3.5"x1" labels. Press F5 and PHBK will print the
top 4 lines (usually reserved for the Address) on a label and advance to the
next label.
I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions or comments, please
feel free to write me, or call me at 408-363-1441.

Future Enhancements:
I hope to add the following enhancements to PHBK within the next 30
days (if I can get a day off):
- Automatically searching for the PHBK.DAT file along your path
- Printing of multiple labels.
- Moving of data window around the screen
- As many records as you have drive space available for
- Shell to DOS
- Creation of PHBK.DAT if file is not found

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Archive   : PHBK11.ZIP
Filename : PHBK.DOC

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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