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Copyright (c) Azimuth Group, Ltd. 1991

-- OPTIMA --

OPTIMA is a management system which helps you:

Plan your work.

Adjust your work when it differs from your plans.

Keep your work on schedule.

Keep your work within budget.

Use your resources effectively.

OPTIMA supports good management practices --

OPTIMA recognizes that all management is heavily dependent on collecting
and using reliable data. OPTIMA helps you get the data necessary to
properly manage your work. It provides the tools to convert data into
useful information. It provides reports to communicate that information
-- requirements and status. It allows you to make timely adjustments and
stay in control.

OPTIMA was written by a manager to satisfy requirements developed during
thirty years of professional experience.

OPTIMA is different from other project management systems--

OPTIMA supports effective planning. You use the OPTIMA Pocket Planner to
organize your data, before you enter it into the computer.

OPTIMA keeps you in control of your resources. You assign priorities to
activities, so that the most important ones will get needed resources
first. OPTIMA uses true resource allocation to ensure that no resource
is scheduled to perform two jobs at a time, whether within a single
project, or among several projects.

OPTIMA distinguishes among three levels of data: activities, objectives,
and notes.

The activity description of 30 characters, plus a supporting narrative of
five 65-character lines, helps separate what makes sense as an activity
from things that are subordinate steps-to-complete that activity.

The assignment of up to five different resource classes to an activity,
recognizes that only a limited number of people can effectively cooperate
to perform an activity.

The maximum of 200 activities per project recognizes the limits in span
of control and how much detail people can comprehend.

Super Projects, which are composed of two or more projects, permit
effective delegation, and allow your project organization to match your
management structure.

OPTIMA allows you to mix 'projects' with on-going office routines, so
that you retain control of all of your resources and your work.

The maximum calendar span of three years assumes that no single project
should last much more than a year, but may be working in each of three
calendar years.

Other OPTIMA features --

OPTIMA provides menu selection of procedures and reports for:

Project planning.

Project analysis and control.

Communicating needed information within the project team and to

OPTIMA provides a unified on-screen form for entering all available
project data.

OPTIMA provides libraries which are used to save data for re-use in
similar projects.

OPTIMA prints the day, date and time on all reports to ensure that you
always know which ones are current.

Getting started with OPTIMA:

For experienced project managers, this manual provides a description of
the capacities, limits and conventions which are used in OPTIMA. Those
who are new to project management will not learn all that must be known
about the subject. For them, this will provide some orientation.

As you read, always remember that all important terms are defined in
GLOSSARY. This format was selected so that you can always go to one
place to learn about a topic, rather than using an index which may
contain many references, that may not all be what you seek.

Practicing with OPTIMA, you will learn to plan projects which make man-
agement and economic sense -- projects which are not too big to compre-
hend and control, and yet too large or too inter-related with other work
to be managed on a desk calendar or in your head. Also, you will learn
all of the features and functions of OPTIMA, how to access them, and when
and how to use them to gain the control indespensible to efficient
project management.

You are now ready to begin learning about OPTIMA. BROWSE, leads you
through OPTIMA via the menus with which you run it. Refer to GLOSSARY
frequently. PLANNING and MANAGE will help you prepare data for your own
project, and then manage it.

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