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My first paid shareware customer proposed a problem. She has a
recipe database that won't import. But she has lots of recipes in it.
She would like to convert to MM for its added features. MMCONV would help
with this. However the package does not have headers or footers. She
would have to provide --MM and --- on lots of recipes. She provided a
sample output of two recipes.

Based on her sample output, it appears that each recipe has two spaces
between it and the next. And that this does not occur within a recipe.

MARKIT is provided to put --MM and --- to delineate such recipes
automatically. If nothing else, you just have to go through and remove
extra markers rather than typing a bunch in.

If you have a lot of recipes to mark, putting the double blank lines
between and running MARKIT would be quicker than doing your own marking.

??? version 1.01

Dropped naming customer above because I feared I'd embarrassed her.

3/93 - version 1.02

June Hoffman suggested to Carol Gill could add QBOOK headings to
Edna's Cookbooks. I modified MARKIT to support a parameter of -Q or -q to
provide QBOOK headings of: -Begin Recipe Export- and -End Recipe
Export-. Also checks for first line to have Title: in it. If not, it is
added. Extra blank lines are omitted. There is one blank line at the top
of file and one between each formatted recipe.